Walking and Climbing Robots

Intelligent robot to move flexibly and reliably across a variety of ground surfaces, such as wheels, crawlers, legs, etc. to support crawling, rolling, walking, climbing, jumping, etc. types of movement. The application fields of such locomotion mechanisms are naturally restricted, depending on the condition of the ground. In order to have good mobility over uneven and rough terrain a legged robot seems to be a good solution because legged locomotion is mechanically superior to wheeled or tracked locomotion over a variety of soil conditions and certainly superior for crossing obstacles. In addition, the potential is enormous for wall and pipe climbing robots that can work in extremely hazardous environments, such as atomic energy, chemical compounds, high-rise buildings and large ships. The focus on developing such robots has intensified while novel and bio-inspired solutions for complex and very diverse applications have been anticipated by means of significant progress in VI this area of robotics and the supporting technologies such as, bio-inspired actuators, light and strong composite smart materials, reliable adhesion mechanisms, modular and reconfigurable structures, intelligent sensors, etc. Some wall climbing robots are in use in industry today to clean high-rise buildings, and to perform inspections in dangerous environments such as storage tanks for petroleum industries and nuclear power plants.

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