Waste Water Management

There are numerous wastewater treatment technologies. A wastewater treatment train can consist of a primary clarifier system to remove solid and floating materials, a secondary treatment system consisting of an aeration basin followed by flocculation and sedimentation or an activated sludge system and a secondary clarifier, a tertiary biological nitrogen removal system, and a final disinfection process. The aeration basin/activated sludge system removes organic material by growing bacteria (activated sludge). The secondary clarifier removes the activated sludge from the water. The tertiary system, although not always included due to costs, is becoming more prevalent to remove nitrogen and phosphorus and to disinfect the water before discharge to a surface water stream or ocean outfall.

  • Stream Pollution and Recovery
  • Water Quality Classification
  • Small Waterborne Waste Water Disposal
  • Small Waste Water Disposal Systems for Unsuitable Soils or Sites
  • Water Conservation
  • Final product-generating enterprises
  • Livestock production systems

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