Water Parasites

The most normally reportable RWI is diarrhoea caused by Water  parasites, like Cryptosporidium and flagellated protozoan internal organ is. flagellated protozoan intestinalis is additionally a standard parasite found in drink. each Cryptosporidium associate degreed flagellated protozoan intestinalis area unit found within the faecal matter of an infected person or animal.Relevant Conferences:

World Congress on Mycotoxins February 27-28, 2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands, 9th International Virology Congress and Expo March 13-15, 2017 London, UK, 10th World Congress on Virology and Mycology May 11-12, 2017 Singapore, International Conference On Microbial Engineering May 29-31, 2017 Beijing, China, Global Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference June 19-20, 2017 London, UK, International Conference on Fungal Diseases & Control September 25-26, 2017 Dubai, UAE, 7th Annual Congress on Clinical Microbiology September 25-26, 2017 Chicago, USA,   2nd International Conference and Expo on Water Microbiology & Novel Technologies August 28-30, 2017 Philadelphia, USA, 

  • Parasites and pollutants in the aquatic environment.
  • Environmental parasitology
  • Fish Diseases/parasitology
  • Host-Parasite Interactions

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