Women and Aging

Aging women make up a significant proportion of the world's population and their numbers are growing. Worldwide, there are some 123 women for every 100 men aged 60 and over. The common problems faced by the elderly women are Menopause, decrease in bone density, Breast and Cervical Cancers. After menopause, women tend to lose bone mass at an accelerated rate, which can lead to osteoporosis

 The number of women age 60 and over will increase from about 336 million in 2000 to just over 1 billion in 2050. Women outnumber men in older age groups and this imbalance increases with age. 

  • Aging and Menopause
  • Aging and Breast Cancer
  • Aging and Cervical Cancer
  • Aging and Brain Health
  • Aging and Vitamin deficiency

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