Yoga and Natural Therapies

Lifestyle changes are recommended as treatment for adults at risk for Diabetic and metabolic syndrome, although adoption of new behavioral patterns is limited. This Metabolic Syndrome can lead to life threatening major risk factors such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetic, obesity and thyroid disease. Till now the management of metabolic syndrome is limited only up to the use of drugs that correct dyslipidemia, blood pressure and hyperglycemia. In this regards the Yoga and Natural therapies based line of management with the help of diet, yoga, meditation and with the use of natural herbs, can establish a mile stone in the management of metabolic syndrome. By using natural herbs and remedies ailments develop due to the presence of intoxicants which are removed. Then automatically people will cures from their diseases and makes bodies strong and glowing.

  • Yoga-based diabetes management
  • Occupational therapy
  • Natural remedies for metabolic syndrome
  • Herbal phosphodiesterase inhibitors
  • Alternative natural sweeteners for diabetes

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