Yoga, Counseling and Physical therapy

Unmanaged chronic disease or stress can have harmful effects on the physical and psychological health of individuals like obesity, diabetes, Endocrine, hormonal disorders. Many people start yoga because of depression, hypertension, heart disease, substance abuse, obesity and gastrointestinal disorders. Through the yoga people are getting drastic changes in health system.

 The right type of physical activity can help stave off many age-related health problems obesity related problems. That can help you overcome pain, gain and maintain movement, and preserve your independence—often helping to avoid the need for surgery or long-term use of prescription drugs. Research shows that improvements in physical function and strengths are possible in your 65s, 75s, and even 85s and older with an appropriate exercise program and yoga. Appropriate physical activity routine is one of the best ways to prevention of obesity and chronic disorders.

  • Controlling of Obesity and mental health through Yoga
  • Pathophysiology and therapeutic strategies
  • Psychophysiological Effects of Hatha Yoga
  • Effect of yoga on quality of life
  • Council on Nutrition and physical activity
  • Benefits of physical therapy

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