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Anal Fistula | Germany| PDF | PPT| Case Reports | Symptoms | Treatment

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Anal Fistula

  • Anal Fistula

    Anal Fistula the management of convoluted anal fistula remains a test for specialists and a baffling issue for patients. Treatment expects to cure the condition, with seepage of the related contaminated organ abscess and annihilation of the fistula tract. The greater part of perianal diseases are either idiopathic or crypto-glandular in inception. All techniques for fistula repair depend on the disposal of the fistula interior opening to the anal gland. Anorectal abscess and the fistula that it may bring about, are long-term processes, initially portrayed toward the start of the recorded medical history, as a component of the ''Corpus Hippocraticum'' in a treatise termed ''On Fistulae''.

  • Anal Fistula

    Fistulas, auxiliary to these procedures are named complex and require the utilization of nonstandard systems for management. Classification of Anal Fistula The four main classes of fistulas are: 1) Intersphincteric 2) Transsphincteric 3) Suprasphincteric 4) Extrasphincte. The most regular giving grumblings of patients a anal fistula are swelling, agony and release. The previous two manifestations are normally connected with a abscess, when the outside or optional opening has shut or has neglected to create Anal fistula may be mistaken for suppurative hidradenitis and pilonidal sinus and the specialist should be mindful so as to make the right determination.

  • Anal Fistula

    The advancement of rectal flap technique would be appealing with less sphincter muscle to be divided. Avoidance of contour defects. A few types of setons used are the Ayurveda-medicated thread, braided sutures, thread, rubber band, Penrose drains, and cable tie seton, Seton material should be non-absorbable, from non-slippage material, comfortable and least irritant for the patient and equally effective in causing focal reaction in the track, leading to fibrosis. beside these procedures, fistulotomy, fistulectomy and AMF with seton have also been used as new techniques for fistula treatment. The search for the effective treatments, not compromising continence has led to the development of the following techniques: 1) Anal fistula plug 2) Ligation of the intersphincteric fistula tract (LIFT) 3) Fibrin glue 4) VAAFT

  • Anal Fistula

    The Health Care Utilization Project (HCUP), since 1979, has recorded only inpatient procedures through its discharge data from the National Inpatient Sample. Data from a 1979 Ambulatory Care Survey of the National Center of Health Statistics listed 24�000 individuals with the diagnosis of fistula-in-ano. This corresponds to the incidence of 8.6 per hundred thousand per year reported by Sainio in 1984 in the city of Helskini. Another similarity seen in these studies is the 2:1 ratio of men to women in both the US and Finland. A more current analysis of data from Europe has been performed by Zanotti in 2007, where queries of databases in the Germany and Italy showed an incidence ranging from 1.04 per 10�000 in Spain to 2.32 per 10�000 in Italy. These numbers are considerably higher than those reported from Finland in the 1980s.

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