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A World Program against Obesity: “The Frias Program”

Rogelio Frias-Mendoza*
Owner of American Kitchens, Mississipi 490-1 Col. Del valle, San Pedro, Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
*Corresponding Author: Rogelio Frias-Mendoza, Owner of American Kitchens, Mississipi 490-1 Col. Del Valle, San Pedro, Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Tel: 811794 1324, Email: [email protected]

Received Date: Dec 20, 2017 / Accepted Date: Feb 01, 2018 / Published Date: Feb 08, 2018


Reducing an individual’s weight is a matter of visiting a nutritionist and following a plan, reducing the weight of a whole society, country or world is a completely different topic that needs a special program in order to be achieved. As we all know, obesity has become the largest threat to the health and economy of the countries that suffer this malady. Much has been recommended by governments and health agencies who mention that, to reduce the weight of a society or a country as a whole, we all need to eat less calories and move more, but unfortunately, this recommendation has not contributed to reduce even a gram in the weight of the population of the obese countries, instead, it has allowed a daily progress of this pandemia, increasing the expenses in health services and medicines, that in the present day are hard to sustain. Reducing the weight of an obese society is not easy task due to the many interests that compose the problem, but in fact it is very possible. This is the reason I began working on designing A World Program against Obesity: The Frias Program, with sole purpose of accomplishing this highly important task. This program is composed by 7 revolutions which are described as follows:

Keywords: Education; Restriction; Regulation; Tax; Industrial; Media and personal


According to the statistics of the OMS, the global prevalence of obesity grew 100% from 1980 to 2008. In 2014, more than 1.9 billion people over 20 years old were overweight, and 600 million were obese.

To this day, 2.8 million people die every year due to overweight and obesity, and according to the OMS, by 2030, 7 million people in the world will die due to what they call, “Non transmissible diseases”.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health, where the cause is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories spent.

This wouldn’t be such a problem if it were just like the above definition, but obesity leads the society to deeper problems like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases amongst other maladies. In America, in countries like USA and Mexico, around 70% of the population is obese and overweight, and according to the WHO by 2030 in Mexico, this problem will increase by 20%. Now, even knowing this striking information, we have not begun to do something important to avoid it. Here is my question: What has to occur to our countries, societies and governments in terms of health and economy, to change?

• Overpass our hospitals and clinics capacity?

• Reduce the medicines and services availability?

• Make health budgets impossible to achieve?

• Significantly reduce the productivity of our labor force? Or just,

• Leave our people lying in a bed forever?

These are the questions that made me begin working on designing a program to affront the obesity problem that has invaded the world, and that in summary, I describe as follows:

“The frias program”

Nothing will change if we do not make change happen and, in terms of obesity, there are too many immediate changes that need to be done if we want to avoid this problem grow consistently and become unsustainable.

The 7 revolutions

Educative revolution for infections: Antibiotics; For obesity: Education. Much has been said that in order to control a person’s weight, societies, or maybe even the whole world, have to eat better and move more but: Can we do that without being educated on “how to eat correctly”?

While for a calorimetric bomb a calorie is just a thermic unit, no matter its source; For the body, a calorie is expressed in the potential it has as a “fat production unit” (its metabolic factor), and it depends on many conditions like:

• The type of food it comes from (raw, natural, industrialized, refined, etc.).

• The metabolic influence the food provides.

• The nutrient density of the food.

• The fiber content.

• Type of carbohydrates (Natural or refined).

• The liveliness of the food: Bioelectric condition (electron and photon content).

Metabolic condition.

• The characteristic of the personal microbiota, and


For this reason, in terms of nutrition, health and obesity, education is the mother of all revolutions and, no society or country can be successful, if education is lacking in every field. In order to reduce obesity in a whole country, continent or even worldwide, I propose the following from the education point of view:

• To include nutrition courses in all scholar levels from kindergarten to high school. This, in order for our population to learn from early childhood, about proper feeding and nutrition; To get in touch with healthy food, to know it, get used to its flavors and aromas, and learn the health benefits it brings when we consume it primarily. Childhood is the right age to establish good feeding habits. Knowledge and consciousness on this topic will last for a lifetime and will be passed on to next generations. Not only students must receive this education, but teachers, personnel and parents of every school as well, in order to synchronize the learning’s between schools and homes.

• In order to stimulate a person to drink water instead of sodas, all schools should have purified water supply available. Cero calorie water is not the same as cero calorie sodas, while one is alkaline, healthy and necessary for correct body function; the other is acidic and contains toxic chemicals that contribute to destabilize our organism [1]. One of the most important things in an efficient anti-obesity program is, not only to replace sodas and sweetened canned juices for water, but to adopt the habit of drinking water as a way to hydrate.

• Stipulate during school periods, minimum one hour of exercise 5 days a week, not only for students, but teachers and personnel as well.

• Include the nutrition subject in a wide and deep level in all health related careers related (medicine, nursing, dentistry). It sounds like irony and against all reason that professionals that are supposed to look after our health, lack knowledge in nutrition since this is the most important topic when we talk about health and disease prevention.

Restrictive revolution

Eating fruits and vegetables is not the whole point to acquire good health and weight: “Replace junk food for fruits and vegetables” is the right one:

• Why do we want our society to get educated in feeding and nutrition, if we are surrounded by junk and fast foods everywhere we go and by every advertisement we read?

• How are we going to manage to eat well if we are misinformed in labels and advertisements lie?

In order to control this, while scholars are being educated in nutrition and healthy feeding habits, my program proposes that in all schools and universities, dead, bad, refined, acidic, colored, unnatural, obeso genic fast foods and it’s advertisements, be replaced for “real”, live, healthy, fresh, natural and diverse healthy ones; The proper nutrition our cells are designed to receive [2]. The main problem we have seen with anti-obesity programs around the world, and the reason why they usually fail, is due to a very simple fact: Health leaders tend to consider that all calories are the same, no matter if they come from French fries, hot dogs and sandwiches or, from broccoli and natural unprocessed foods. Another big problem is who will determine which foods are good for our health and weight and which ones are not, in order to decide the replacement. This is pointed out because we still hear professionals saying that:

• “Morning cold cereals (with milk and fruits) are just fine as the first meal of the day”, without considering that most (or all) are made of GMO and refined grains, which are high in sugars, starch (carbohydrate), colorants, sodium and low fiber. Besides that, milk also contains sugar (Lactose), hormones, residues of antibiotics and pesticides, and fruits also offer sugar as well in the form of fructose and glucose, so?

• “Cow’s milk is good for health, to avoid osteoporosis and to get electrolytes”, without considering it was designed for another species which their newborns are immediately separated from their mothers, to make their milk reach out to our glasses and morning breakfast plates. Milk also contains recombinant hormones, Casein (a long chained protein difficult to digest), pesticides, antibiotic residues and microorganisms resistant to antibiotics like E. coli.

• “Hydrogenated products like margarine are healthier than butter to our cardiovascular system”, without considering that, these transformed fats, will end in the nucleus, nucleolus, cytoplasm and cell walls, prone to produce cancer in the future.

• “Commercial oils are ok for cooking”, without considering that all of them have been refined, killed (dead), colored, partially hydrogenated and by that time, partially rancid. Besides, most of the commercial oils (corn, soy and canola) are genetically modified which means plenty of pesticides.

• “Sugar free sodas or cero calorie ones are ok to avoid weight gain, overweight and obesity and, sport drinks are excellent for rehydration”, without considering that; besides being diuretic, they contain exo-toxins, caffeine, colorants, phosphoric acid, and sometimes brominated vegetable oil (carcinogenic).

In order to confirm what I am saying, you can check that, when you visit a school that is under an anti-obesity program (Nutritionist recommended) and they are serving what they call “the healthy nutritional plan to students”, you can see they continue offering milk, canned juices (high in fructose corn sugars, colorants), packed yogurts (high in sugars, hydrogenated fats and/or oils and, GMO oils), margarine instead butter, white bread, sausages (high in colorants, gluten, artificial components and nitrites), fried potatoes, mashed potatoes, patties, light sodas, jelly, pastries, rarely water and, some fruits and vegetables that are normally left behind because they are not as sweet as the food they are used to.

We must take into account that the food industry is so influential and needed of sales, that, it is legally difficult to eliminate many of the products schools offer to their students. That is the reason why, I suggest requesting the service of a holistic nutrition professional team that is not compromised to any industry, only to cellular health. And to have this job done individually or locally, we must begin ASAP, our own restrictive revolution against obesity.

In most schools around the world, there are people selling snacks in the surroundings. They must be invited to sell only healthy food (or leave), and to attend to a talk given by the school holistic nutritionist [3], who will explain them about the anti-obesity program that has started and why their cooperation will be of utmost importance.

Legislative revolution

Even if our society has been educated in nutrition, now eating correctly and obesity incidence has dropped substantially in countries where an efficient anti-obesity program has been adopted, we still continue having a big problem hidden in food. When not organic food is consumed, even if they are healthy, (natural, unprocessed, raw, etc.) they can be made of GMO products (like soy, corn, wheat, oil) and contain hormones, pesticides residues, x-rays for sterilization, edulcorants (high fructose corn syrup), artificial sweetener (exotoxins), colorants, refined salt, fluoride in water, amongst others, that should be controlled and legislated to avoid their use in our food preparation. Good weight not necessarily means good health, and if the products signaled above are included in the food we commonly consume, sooner or later our health will be affected and lost [4].

Not only sugars cause obesity but every product that contributes to reduce metabolism and affect the gut’s micro biota. At the end of the day what we need to achieve in our society is health, and what this revolution proposes as an integral campaign against obesity and prohealth, is to legislate against the use of every toxic and anti-metabolic product that affects it, if we want to reduce the increment of the incidence of maladies like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and others, that are now in red light [5].

In the meantime, let’s begin reading the labels of the products we consume, check out the internet and get to know about them. Let’s become, as a society, our own teachers, in order to protect our health, and once wakened up and with our eyes wide open, start buying foods free of the toxics and processes above mentioned remembering that: 100% natural in terms of healthy food means nothing, because white sugar (glucose and fructose), white flour, refined salt, refined oils, pasteurized milk and sweetened-oiled yogurts, amongst others, fit in this classification, that’s why there is so much confusion in this field that we must be aware of [6].

Tax revolution

Once we are educated Nutrition wise, and healthy food is easily available to our society, we need to make all these good products affordable: How?

Adding an extra tax to all those products that induce overweight, obesity and health impacts, and reduce taxes or even subsidy all healthy products. What does this mean?:

High reduction in social expenses, medical services, medicines, doctor’s visits, treatments materials, surgery parlor time, much less absenteeism and a significant increment in work productivity [7].

By the time this happens, “let’s vote on the shelves” and, with our updated knowledge we have acquired already, start avoiding nonsuitable foods, replace sodas for water, replace junk food for fresh organic fruits and vegetables, choose vegetable raw oils (coconut for cooking, olive for salads), vegetable milks (instead of pasteurized and other species milk), practice exercise, rest and sleep enough, breathe fresh air (physically and emotionally), pay attention to our micro biota, take some sun, be happy and keep stress at bay [8].

Food industry revolution

Those who make us sick must pay. If we want to improve the state of our health as a nation and to overcome obesity significantly, “reformulate” is the most important word to consider. The refining process, the amount of chemicals, colorants, hormones, pesticides, GMO and unnatural products that integrate our modern food, which our cells were not designed to eat, is not acceptable anymore for our sick population. Revolution in this matter is urgent and necessary if we don’t want to keep forward getting worse [9].

Food industry and agriculture practices, needs to be reformulated “right now”. They offer products that lead to disease instead of health, and should no longer be allowed to. We can’t produce health if we are making disease. Agricultural practices need to find a way as soon as possible to produce clean food free of pesticides that are known cause cancer physically and ecologically [10-12]. Cosmetic industry has contributed to damage our bodies utilizing dangerous products to our health and also other industries such as mining, paints, plastic, tobacco, textile and most of our modern industries, in which oil plays an important role, being part of not only the sickness of our people, but of our planet as well. We must create consciousness in our government agencies (FDA, COFEPRIS, etc.) to act seriously and urgently free of economic interests and pressures, to change this situation because, if we don’t do it now or as ASAP voluntarily, we will be doing it out of urgent necessity and maybe by then it will be too late.

Media revolution

Amongst many problems our society is facing nowadays that have lead it to obesity and disease, it is media advertisements which has contributed to prepare kids psychologically and addictively for being the consumers of the present and the future of the type of food they are advertising. According to the Alliance for Alimentary Health, 90% of the food advertised in media is not a healthy one and this situation plays an important role in determining the health and weight of our societies in the future (NCI). According to a USA congress report about infant television (1990), by the time a person reaches 18, it has spent between 10,000 to 15,000 hours watching TV, and seen about 200,000 advertisements (one every 5 minutes), most of them related to non-healthy foods, emotive and obeso genic. According to Kaiser Foundation (2004), the food industry has spent about 15,000 million dollars in advertisements, directed mainly to kids, preparing them for the present and future wealth of the companies.

We need to pay close attention to this seriously and what I propose in this matter, is that the advertisements of this kind of products (sodas, pastas, cold cereals, pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs, instant soups, macaroni and so many more), start being announced in TV, after 9 P.M. when the kids are asleep. We must remember that if we want to face and control this pandemic enemy, we need to be under a real effective program against obesity. That is why this and the other 6 revolutions I propose in my program against obesity: “The Frias Program” will be completely necessary if we want to get significant results.

Personal (own) revolution

It is a reality that social obesity day by day is invading more parts of the world. Just in Mexico by 2030, obesity is expected to increase by 20%, going from today’s 70% to 84% (World Health Organization). This means that it will be very probable that you, me and plenty of more citizens; now thin, will become obese by that time or before, if we don’t pay attention by now to the magnitude of the problem that we are facing today as a society, and being conscious of the kind and quality of the food we must produce and consume. Our weight in the future will depend; individually and as a whole society, on the nutritional education we receive in the present, beginning since early childhood, and in the price and availability of quality products around us.

While our health agencies react (hopefully not to late), by designing and applying efficient programs that match the level of the problem, we must start our own revolution taking the lead of our health by reading books about nutrition, inviting nutritionist to our groups to make awareness and learn from them, go to conferences in that field and share our enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

We must remember that the difference between a society that simply eats and the one who knows how to eat healthy is the level of education they have and the healthy food available for them to purchase.

Some Other Considerations


When science and branding get together, they create marvelous things economy wise where the purpose is to achieve incredible sales levels, no matter if they write lies on labels or not.

Labels were designed to lie or at least, not required to say the truth or complete information. The information labels provide in the products we consume, never reach the promises they offer on health improvement, and a clear example is, while all of them say in some way or another they are healthy, low in calories, fortified with vitamins and minerals, with antioxidants, such and such, the obesity and not transmissible diseases epidemic we are facing as a society nowadays, does not reflect this information. Labels catch us through emotions (Granny’s recipe, homemade, Mom’s taste, 100 % natural, etc.), colors and free extra grams “in big words” and, once we start consuming the product, salt, texture, oils/fats, coloring, smell and the infallible monosodic glutamate, make the rest of the story: Addiction, consumption, profits and disease.

Labels are not required to notify if a product is Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) or contain it in any form, nor if it contains hormones, sodium fluoride, pesticides, antibiotic residues, acrylamides, dioxins, heterocyclic amines, and thousands of more toxins we are surrounded by, and when it mentions to contain “brominated vegetable oil”, hydrogenated oils, saccharine and aspartame, artificial carcinogenic colors and glutamates, amongst many more, authorities just do nothing. It is urgent to control this as part of an efficient antiobesity and health program that really works and, what I propose regarding labeling is:

• Lies are not permitted.

• Use information, not emotions.

• As in cigarette boxes, add something like:

“This product is hazardous to your health. It may lead the consumer to obesity, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease”.

• Besides sugar content, mention the whole calorie content of the product (The sum of starches, oils/fats and protein).

• Introduce in all food labels, the “Health Traffic Light” proposed by myself (Different from the English version called: Nutritional Traffic Light), in which according to the color of the light we can immediately know if the product is healthy or not, independent of its calorie content. In the English version, just referring to one point: The lesser the energy content (calories), the better it is (Green), meaning that products like bananas, figs, dates and honey are not healthy, so they will be tagged with “Red” or, not appropriated. In my proposal, the healthier, most natural, high nutrient density and raw the energy product is, the better will be and therefore tagged “Green”, and on the other hand, the more artificial, synthetic, unnatural substances a product contains (no mater its calorie content), the worse they are and their color will be “Red”.

• “An artificial low calorie” product will never mean it is a healthy one. “Natural, unprocessed high calorie products”, will never mean they are an unhealthy one.

• How can natural foods like oranges, bananas, figs, prunes, grapes, dates, honey, molasses and a long list, be considered unhealthy because of their high carbohydrate content, and cero calorie sodas aren’t?

• In my program not only the individual’s weight is important, but their overall health as well. Health goes first than weight. Losing weight against health is a big mistake that always must be considered.


Why is exercise so important?

Exercise means oxygen, oxygen means metabolism and metabolism means calorie burning. The benefits we obtain when exercise are:

• Burn calories.

• Accelerates metabolism.

• Get more oxygen to cells.

• Helps Lymphatic circulation.

• Reduces stress.

• Alkalize (When in moderation).

• Produces neurotransmitters (endorphins, serotonin and melatonin).

• Muscle and bone strength.

• Produces vitamin D (When practiced under the sun).

• Make us sweat (Toxins liberation)

• Improves bowel movement.

• Strengthens the immune system.

• Helps produce better microbiota.

• Produces thirst (means drink more water).

• Reduces anxiety and depression.

• Invites us to speak to ourselves (means meditation) and,

• When practicing, we stop eating.

Scholar, Community and Familiar Food Garden Areas


This program proposes that every school (kindergarten and primaries), must have a food growing area, where fruits, vegetables and herbs are produced year around. This, with the purpose that all children (in their small school society) get closely in touch with the practice of growing fresh food, touch it, smell it, eat it, look after it, watch its transformation, know nature, love it and transform it into their best ally.


If we teach children how to grow their own food, in the future they will become a healthy community, gathered in city areas, consuming and trading their products, teaching the rest of the population the benefits they have in terms of a healthy life, becoming complementary teachers being example to our society.


If we teach kids how to grow food on their own, in the future they will be able to develop a familiar, low scale home production of organic fruits and vegetables (Kitchen gardens), and share or sell their surplus to others.

Parks and Programs


For a social antiobesity program, it is recommended that our cities have safe and well maintained parks where people can practice walking, jogging and use of outdoor gym equipment. Those parks must have clean water supply for people and pets.


It is important that our society or municipality organizes weekend sessions of different disciplines like: Yoga, Qi-gong, stretching, aerobics or some other practices that provide strength, health and movement allowing burning calories in enjoyable and peaceful environments.

There must be organized community programs in nutrition, feeding and food preparation for all ages and gender to create culture and consciousness in the population.

Restaurants and menus

In accordance to the global antiobesity program, every restaurant, coffee shop and fast food chains, should offer healthy options of main courses, desserts and beverages on their menus.

They also must avoid the use and supply of hydrogenated oils like margarines and refined oils, and they must always use fresh ingredients, including oils, as it is a common practice for the fast food restaurants to keep using their oils for years, (which is good for their economy, but not for the consumer’s health).

Breast milk banks

For babies, breast feeding during their first six months of life is crucial, and for the mother it is emotionally healthy and calorie burning effective. Breast milk, besides providing immune protection against pathogens, also provides nutrients, love and peacefulness to the baby due to the direct contact to the mother. Human milk is the only one that provides omega 3, which is necessary for brain development and intelligence. Breast milk is the best gift a baby can receive when consumed unprocessed from its own species. Nowadays, stress, lack of time, excessive work, and plenty of duties, has made Mom’s stop producing milk earlier, being detrimental for the baby’s health. This is now being considered a public health problem. In order to help to overcome this situation, milk banks (Deposits) should be created. Ensuring breast milk consumption for a minimum period of six months to our babies will mean health in the future for them, for the mother and for our society as a whole.

Pre-Gestational Mom’s Weight and the Future Baby Weight

Obese mothers commonly produce obese babies and, an obese newborn child, is more prone to continue being overweight during lifetime, needing to be constantly on diets. I recommend every couple once engaged, to take a mandatory nutrition course specialized in feeding and nutrition, as part of the legal requirements to get married. This, with the purpose to prepare them in how to control their nutrition and health in the future and start with an adequate weight before getting pregnant and during pregnancy as well.

The baby formula

Have you read a baby formula’s label lately? Formula is the last option for a baby to be fed. It will be considered just when mother has stopped her breast milk production, or milk banks are not available, why?

• Milk formulas are made from a species completely different to us: Cows.

• Milk from formula has been pasteurized.

• It is sourced from cows that are injected with cancer inducing, recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH).

• The rBGH, increases the production of another hormone named “Insulin Like Hormone”, which is a cancer promoting one, and is not destroyed by pasteurization.

• Artificially sweetened, industries use High Fructose Corn Sugar (which makes babies overweight).

• It Contains genetically modified, refined and partially hydrogenated oils (corn, soy, canola).

• Some contain monosodic glutamate (Exotoxin), to increase appetite.

• Because it comes from cow’s milk, formulas contain a type of protein (Casein) which has a different constitution than breast milk, being more difficult for a baby to digest, causing gut problems, allergies, mucus and ear and throat infections.

• Due to what cows are fed, and the mastitis milk overproduction causes, formulas contain pesticides and antibiotics remnants.

• And finally, babies’ formulas can transmit salmonellosis and E. coli to infants if the manufacturing process is incorrect, or once the container is opened are not well maintained.

In case breast milk is not available, try to use goat milk instead (more simple protein) of cows milk, and the sooner we can feed them natural fresh solid food, the better for babies to feel comfortable.


Obesity is considered an epidemic, but in fact it is a pandemic that has invaded the world, causing all countries affected to feel completely lost in its solution.

Obesity is not a problem of calorie quantity, but of calorie quality and lack of movement product of a lack of education. We will not be successful if we continue saying: Eat less and move more. We need to understand that obesity is not a person’s fault, but a food quality issue due to the food industry going for cheaper and more synthetic food ingredients, which they always consider more important for economic reasons than for consumer’s health. The best thing we can do to begin an effective antiobesity program is to educate (teach) children in nutrition and food matters. They are the adults of the future and an educated society in this field will be a healthier one, cheaper to maintain.

Doctors must have much more knowledge about nutrition in the same way they know about medicines and symptoms. The medicine study programs don’t consider nutrition an important subject for health. Health is not business, disease is. It is not comprehensible that Doctors; who are supposed to be in charge of our health, have very limited knowledge, if any, on nutrition.

“Medicines were made to correct symptoms; Food was designed to prevent the causes of symptoms”

Food industries have a big compromise: Reformulate or Die, to stop killing us. National health agencies have a big compromise: Become a part of the solution and stop being part of the problem, but how?: Controlling the ingredients that compose our food, most of them toxic and dangerous to our health.

Governments have a big challenge: Stop being static against this huge problem, implementing real changes in this way:

• Through the education system, educate the population in nutrition, healthy feeding habits and healthy lifestyle (Including exercise programs and being aware that emotional obesity do exists) starting from kindergarten, up to the health and medicine faculties.

• Controlling effectively all the toxic substances our food is made of and considering that small parts per million (PPM) of these substances don’t mean they are not highly toxic. In time, they accumulate in our bodies, leading our society to disease, and the cost of the solution will be impossible to pay if we don’t begin to act immediately.

• Be the promotors to make healthy food affordable and easily available to all.

• Make obesogenic and hazardous food more expensive first hand (More taxes) than healthy ones, and control its availability mainly in schools. In reality non-healthy food is more expensive at the end of the day although we don’t realize it, because the effects they cause in the consumers health, cost billions of dollars annually to our government health systems.

• Make a real control in the kind of toxic, unhealthy, metabolism affecting and disease causing ingredients that are included in our foods.

• Promote scholar and city gardens, for teaching and encouraging our kids and society to produce our own food, and spread the knowledge to all.

• Create parks and gyms where people can happily go to walk and exercise, and make sure purified water supply exists.

Nutritionists have a big challenge: They need to have a social view of their career and as a professional group, feel more responsible for our society’s health. They must be empowered to defend the principles of health they were taught and apply them for a common wellbeing. If they have to shout, shout, understanding always that for health, nutrition comes first.

Society once educated, has the biggest challenge: Continue practicing the good eating habits once learned, and transmit them to all and to generations to come.


Citation: Frias-Mendoza R (2018) A World Program against Obesity: “The Frias Program”. J Nutr Disorders Ther 8: 223. DOI: 10.4172/2161-0509.1000223

Copyright: © 2018 Frias-Mendoza R. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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