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Adulthood Cruelty; A Psycho-analysis under PBC Syndrome

Manashi Singha*

Vidyasagar School of Social Work, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

*Corresponding Author:
Manashi Singha
Vidyasagar School of Social Work
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Tel: +919477815216
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: June 24, 2016; Accepted date: August 01, 2016; Published date: August 09, 2016

Citation: Singha M (2016) Adulthood Cruelty; A Psycho-analysis under PBC Syndrome. J Health Edu Res Dev 4: 181. doi: 10.4172/2380-5439.10001816

Copyright: © 2016 Manashi S. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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Today’s world is much more competitive than previous socialization and living and livelihood. Modern interchanging socialization being enhances various difficulties where person always face different type of pressure within relationship whatever personal (professional, marital, survival) or interpersonal texture of thinking and feeling and reciprocal behavior. Adulthood Cruelty arises and accumulated under a streaming anxiety stress where compromises with substance environment being install retaliation in mind setup. Developmental Psychology may opened up the passage of scientific study of persons attitude where psychological anticipation being veil out of particular human character, behavior and probable deviation on endangerment. When particular person beings change over the course of his/ her life within short but sustainable time zone (few days/few weeks/few months) require positive mental support without making any gesture on his/her usual appreciation because he/she may carries PBC Syndrome in unconscious mind set up.


The prime objective of this study is to find out the causes and the factors behind extreme cruelty of an adult personality. The specification of cruelty carries by the socially diverted persons or mentally adulterate under surrounding environment or helpless methodology for living and livelihood or willing choice of shortcut living and livelihood. But how appreciable good and self-established personalities become victim in PBC Syndrome? And why post-marital personalities arise as a sadistic killer with extreme cruelty? Identify the causes behind being another objective of this study.


The background of this article was an experimental knowledge of psychological management on different ageing educated (Secondary and higher) adult personality from different socio-economic status who were involved with extreme cruelty. The personality behavior of three male and one female adult age between 30-45 years educated (Secondary and higher) and self-established married Participant were anticipated and making interaction. The factor (Client existence) identified as nonclinical experiment. The first Participant was convicted for homicidal case against his girlfriend. The second and the third Participants were accused for brutal homicidal case against own Daughter and sister who bound by under cast marital relationship ignoring family consensus. The only female Participant was convicted for homicidal case against own Husband for cross sexual friendship.

All the Participants were selected on the basis of the present and past personality behavior and cooperative motivation under the presence/absence of personality makeover and anxiety exposure.


Personality leads person’s behavior. In this psychological study involves a rage of humanities field, such as personality development or cognitive personality and makeover personality behavior on adulthood or post-marital adulthood within socialization. It arises on participant’s personality behavior especially on past and present veil beneath experiences and interpretation on substance cruelty towards humanities being identify as adulthood “point blank cruelty or PBC”.

Now question why adult become experiencing point blank cruelty (PBC)?

This particular Psychological observation on participants being appear that when a personality make self-committed decision to overcome another personality or terminate other personality from the way of his/her exert appreciation then that decision making personality leads his/her mind setup on a sadistic thinking in the point of darkness brutality towards Mind Circulation Flows (MCF) and disburse reciprocal behavior that become a point blank cruelty or PBC.

When PBC transform into a Syndrome?

Cruelty is a natural instinct of adulthood character included with personality soon after Hormonal secretion towards sexual transformation in maturation that stirs sexual desire in rage coition. From another angel it may say that sexual arousal and physical intimacy never fulfill without Cruelty and its trusted application on substance under the process of personality development.

Remarkable, Sex is a magical feeling to adulthood personality under cooperative coition within true appreciation. It may be a biological panacea on high scale of stress involvement or in unorthodox Cruelty.

Ironically this Cruelty experiences anything to "take responsibility" for trust one whatever relationship (sexual norm) being diverted towards multiple relationship (more than one sexual existence) for the cause of reluctant or avoidance or may negligence in post sexual experience or adulthood relationship. Meanwhile these types of behavioral approach induce extra-care motivation in personality desires or responsible commitment. If personality motivation being involve in sexual resuscitation through secondary "take over responsibility" and seeking trust. Then impairing changes in mood, energy, thinking, and behavior (Bipolar disorder) stir emerging relationship under silent anxiety attack. Most of time person trapped for such dual “take over responsibility” where commitments on agreed (spouse) responsibility after post-marital relationship making extraorientation of demand under humanities and socialization that silently engulf the original personality. In repercussion, motivation in thinking, feeling and decision making personality substantially accumulate anxiety stress in mind circulation flows that create single way thinking in the point of darkness brutality under “Pressure Circulation Flows” and arise as PBC Syndrome.

What are the Symptoms in PBC Syndrome?

In this Psychological study on PBC Syndrome being identify few specific symptoms under the anticipation of personality behavior and personality motivation.


• Introvert on socialization.

• Inconsistent Sexuality or Hyper sexuality

• Carry firm mental state on determination

• Carry promiscuous sensitivity

• Carry either negative sexual arousal (impotency) or bold sexual arousal

• Carry submerge dual personality

• Carry calm, gentle and innocence looking personality

• Carry exceptional control over feeling

• Carry good looking physical health

• Carry multiple personality disorder.

Remember, People cannot victim in PBC Syndrome until at least five symptoms associated in personality behavior and motivation. More specifically say when at least five symptoms among the above list being accumulate in one personality then the particular person become a victim in PBC Syndrome.

Moreover, person who are calm, gentle and innocent looking personality being carries larger probability to fall in PBC Syndrome. It happen because human beings change over the course of their life in mature adulthood or in a marriage relationship where Commitment on post marriage begin with trust to take any responsibility whatever it sexually availability or responsive activities or romantic love making, personality (mostly female partner) did make the crucial mistake in assessment of adulthood relationship on post marital adulthood texture and go forward as their own motivation involvement and initiate basic platform for PBC syndrome.

How does the PBC syndrome progress?

It appears in analysis on personality motivation and personality behavior in which “committed responsibility” during adulthood stage or in post-marital relationship making extra-orientation of demand and “takeover responsibility” occasionally converted as monotonous perception before partner’s appreciable intra-personal and interpersonal relationship (family relationship) where spouse mostly reclaim “take way responsibility. The contrast in personality begin with these anything to take responsibility and committed responsibility and emotional trust being slide away person’s emotional and physical need for sex and gratification behind the adjustment on substance socialization and relationship (personal, spouse etc.) and the balance of personality motivation enforce under family planning in which personality motivation leads into single way thinking that associated preliminary stage of PBC syndrome.

It also appears that persons (guys)in adulthood or post marital environment make completed marital relationship in the meaning of family planning (parenthood) mostly looses importance on relationship in the sense of substance sexual need or emotional relation being motivated on trusted sheltering sexual resuscitation and personality gradually installing multiple anxiety stress in mind setup where mind circulation flows accumulated single way thinking in substance environment and personality disburse extreme cruelty on trusted partner.

Person once face or experiences anything like PBC Syndrome then the particular personality behavior become more introvertness to carry “trusted responsibility" until it disburse on extreme exploration. Most surprising information arise on behavioral analysis that person gets back almost normal feeling after PBC exploration or cruelty exposure.

What are the factors causes behind the PBC syndrome?

The study on PBC syndrome tries to find out the factors behind the causes of exploring extreme cruelty under appreciable personality behavior and trusted Motivation within humanities and socialization. Factors causes behind the PBC syndrome identify as bellow:-

• Genetic factors

Family relationship factors

• Peers Factors

• Substance environment factors

Financial stress factors

• Personality Development factors

• Anatomical factors

Functionally, the above factors are articulated with number of subordinate text, texture and tenor on tentative personality relationship in substance socialization.

Genetic factors

• Parents Background History

• Medication during Pregnancy

Family relationship factors

• Sister-in-law, brother-in-law influence

• Maternal Uncle, Cousin Uncle influence

• Step mother/ father influence

• Spouse associated influence.

Peers factors

• Friendship recreational appreciation factors

• Friendship relations appreciation factors

• Friendship commitment factors

Substance environment factor

• Teachers and teaching cognition factor

• Mass Media and digital media cognition factor

• Text Paperback cognition factor

Financial stress factors

• Current Account Earning

• Balance of Income and Expenses

• Fixed Resource Background

• Moveable Fund allocation

Personality development factors

• Ordinal Status

• Education

• Language

• Society and Culture

• Religion and Tradition

Anatomical factors

• History of Pregnancy Delivery

• Disease and Disabilities

Physical growth and structure

The most important information arise on this particular study of adulthood personality behavior and personality motivation in cruelty exposure where major personality (participants) make an exposure that they experiencing sex or sexual desire with external personality (excluding committed one) and involve with take over commitment relation to carry responsibility. Their committed responsibility (family obligation) discriminating on reciprocal trust that scanning under cross friendship sexual relationship.

The adulthood personality arise as victim in early PBC syndrome due to fear for cross sexual exposure in the sense of experiencing sex or desire for making sex where personality motivation being trusted and possessive on relationship and claiming the same from the counterpart. But expectation on trusted relationship appear as breach of trust and personality face or experiences anything to "take responsibility" on commitment and silently install anxiety in mind set up which accumulate amount of stress that gradually involves distorted or misinterpreted real perception on emotional need or sexual resuscitation in post marital innings or mature adulthood and in familiar personality exposure. Basically some kind of fear for such exposure makes assumption in MCF and personality cover-up under multiple personality Disorder such as ETD or Bipolar Disorder or similar like Schizophrenia and fouling on real personality behavior. In result person unable to come out or unable to find out second option for distorted thinking or feeling paralysis that make alleviation of subsequent stress and become a victim on PBC syndrome.


The study on adulthood personality motivation and post marital Psychological behavior on trusted surrounding substance make exposure of veil beneath the need or desire of Physical and emotional sexual relationship. And its repercussion on ignorance or in sexual resuscitation through secondary trusted commitment is being analysis under the light of background information where past and present mental health compares with personality development and cognitive installation.

It is an appreciation on study of Adulthood Human personality behavior towards socialization under relationship being tuff task to find out the real cause behind the Adulthood extreme Cruelty disbursement within surrounding environment through the different cognitive foundation in which personality development acc-umulate motivation that penetrating well buildup relationship among the spouse and spouses veil beneath obligation, responsibility and commitment.

How is PBC syndrome diagnosed?

Basically PBC syndrome is a Psychological issue where Anatomical influence on personality development and mental health care never being denied. During the management of PBC syndrome it emphasis on “real value diagnosis” through the incite observation of personality behavior. On early stage of PBC syndrome when personality going through multiple behavior changes on substance relationship and submerge anxiety make disturbance on Motivation being suspected under prevention diagnosis process. The entire diagnosis process of PBC Syndrome may divide in three steps like;-

First medical examination: Generally the first step in diagnosis process on suspected personality needs to examine by a doctor and pursuance specialist for making confirm about the non-existence of any Sevier Anatomical disorder.

Second psychological counseling: Then particular personality need to treatment under joint coordination of a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist where Psychologist doing Counseling on mental health care and make assessment that either particular personality carries PBC syndrome or not. If yes, then the particular personality better need to Hospitalize under closely monitoring and medication that these complications can be treated to get cure soon.

Third apply therapy: Particular personality first suspected and after examination by a doctor it very much needed Psychological Counseling within a few days to prevent larger scale anxiety installation in mind setup. The supportive care and Therapy is the most important part of this (PBC syndrome) treatment where affected person get back confidence for making confrontation before arise issue or problems.


In conclusion of this study on Adulthood Cruelty make vast exposure on human’s sexual resuscitation under secondary “takeover responsibility”. Where agreed “committed responsibility” towards demand orientation or emotional negligence in frustration on bad feeling under sexual resuscitation being associated early stage of PBC Syndrome for the cause of unhappiness.

Adulthood maturation is a line of compromise where personality independently make decision on living and livelihood under variable cognition that install through the journey from infant to adolescence being explore as personality development. Developmental psychology examines the influences of nature and nurture in the way of development of humanities.

This study observes that personality that carries inconsistent sexuality easily fall in higher scale of anxiety stress under committed responsibility about their spouses’ reclaim thoughts, feelings, habits; likes and dislikes accumulate early stage of PBC Syndrome.

Etiologically PBC syndrome carries early or acute stage and recurrent stage of mental illness within substance environment. On early or acute stage possibility of prevention depend how to make behavioral motivation under close assessment during associated relationship going through demand orientation of personality behavior. It also says that PBC syndrome arise through the fluctuated motivation in substance family relationship where demand factor became a stimulating agent for anxiety stress accumulation.

At the end of this study of Adulthood cruelty exposure on comprehensive sex, sexual desire or sexual resuscitation within adulthood maturation and post marital adulthood relationship under the PBC Syndrome being appear that aggressive personality carries less probability to be a victim on such Psychological Disorder.


Sexual resuscitation=It is a psychological healing of individual’s sexual desire fulfillment along with mental satisfactions through secondary takeover responsibility or cross marital friendship.

Real value diagnosis=Diagnosis on early stage of PBC Syndrome.

Mind circulation flows (MCF)=It is a psychological matter of individual’s mind setup where average personality development influencing on performance that have no termination on wants and desire under circular flows.

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