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Book Review of Faith vs. Fact-Why Science and Religion are Incompatible

Samuel A Nigro*

Department of Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Ohio, USA

*Corresponding Author:
Samuel A Nigro
Department of Psychiatry
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Ohio, USA
Tel: 216 932-0575
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: January 23, 2017; Accepted date: January 31, 2017; Published date: February 09, 2017

Citation: Nigro SA (2017) Book Review of Faith vs. Fact-Why Science and Religion are Incompatible. Clin Exp Psychol 3:148. doi: 10.4172/2471-2701.1000148

Copyright: © 2017 Nigro SA. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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From the Back Cover of the Book: “In this provocative book, evolutionary biologist Jerry A. Coyne lays out in clear, dispassionate detail why the toolkit of science, based on reason and empirical study, is reliable, while that of religion--including faith, dogma and revelation- -leads to incorrect, untestable, or conflicting conclusions”.

That quote expresses what the book tries to accomplish: the deification of science and satanizing of religion. It attempts to convince by a flood of logical fallacies, tactical definitions, historical distortions, monomaniacal evolutionary cant, and pontifical dogmatizing. As Coyne writes, “Nobody is more convincing than a liar who believes his own lies” (Page No. 180).

My review will briefly describe how the book fails?

“Religion gave Rise to Science [NOT]” (Page No. 211)

That science came from the Church is denied by Coyne’s weak ramblings that fail to reference Stanley Jaki’s work [1]. Physicist and Theologian Jaki clarifies the “false starts” of science in China and Islamic countries and confirms the Christian “linearity” and “evolution” of Parisians, Bishop Nicholas Oresme and John Buridan, who gave us today’s science. This was in contrast to the intellectual science-aborting stagnation of non-Christian re-birthing/circularity beliefs. (The Church has had personal linear evolutionary change-of-state called “death” for millenia--now best scientifically called “recompression to the Pre- Big Bang”. That individual life and all existence have a beginningprocessing- to-an-end which can be studied, is the insight of the Church which led to “science”).

The Big Bang Accepted without Pre-Big Bang

Not to use the Big Bang as evidence of a “pre-Big Bang” is as incredible as claiming “something can come from nothing”. I came up with the term “Statimuum” [2] instead of Eternity or Infinity. Statimuum is the “immediacy” of the point of the Big Bang which immediately contains 13.8 billion years of our space/time continuum universe still unfolding. The “singularity” of Stephen Hawking requires it “a point of space/time curvature infinity at gravitational collapse” and I add: “a recompression back to the Pre-Big Bang and a new ‘universe’ of Heaven, Purgatory or hell” (The Church has had “multiverses” for centuries).

Religion causes Harm

The book’s one-sided promulgation of negative events associated with religion is anti-historical and un-academic. Church benefits to the state continue: In 2010, there were 2.6 million children in 6980 catholic schools saving public schools approximately $18 billion dollars. This does not include 230 colleges and universities. The Catholic Church also provided 625 hospitals – one of five hospital beds in the US are in the Catholic hospital system serving over 35 million admitted patients annually and over 98 million patients in outpatient care. The cost to operate Catholic hospitals is about $100 billion dollars yearly of which 10% is unreimbursed donation by the Church. Catholic Social Service Agencies provide 2.3 billion dollars per year for down-and-outers in our society. This all is provided by some 20,000 churches supported by about 68 million Catholics. Continuing, the military support given by the Catholic schools and universities, results in about 520,000 Catholic families in the military, 204,000 Catholics in reserves, and 66,000 Catholics in government service overseas, and 29,000 Catholics are patients in the Veterans Administration.

These are actual facts, and reparations may be justly demanded. It is not unreasonable to project backwards, at least 100 years for the Catholic Church’s contribution to American society from which the state benefited. Monies should be paid for these past services and for each year in the future. For each student each year, $1000 (which is about 1/4th actual cost) should be paid to the Church including students from every Catholic school that has closed (For 2010, the “each student” public service reparation would be $2.6 billion dollars—generalizing for 100 years, the Church is owed $2.6 trillion dollars for primary and secondary schools alone). The reparation for the 230 colleges and universities should be $10,000 for each student for each completed year since the founding of each institution. For each patient ever served in or at Catholic hospitals, $2500 should be paid to the Church. In fact, these numbers are a dramatic under payment. Everyone should figure out just what the state did not have to do because of the social benefits from the Church. And the Church should have the biggest flag sale in history: atheists will buy them by the dozen--$1000 apiece and we promise never to fly the flag again –nor mention “God” in a public venue unless historical quotes of statesmen such as the “Universal Invocation” anywhere and everywhere on public grounds [3]. Military movies which extol the state should be prohibited on church grounds as all “state promoting” books, literature, lectures et al linked to implementation of “separation of church and state” both ways. Churched kids should be helped to stay out of the states’ military, postal services and government bureaucracies. The closing of the Archdiocese for the Military Services would save the Church some money too.

Denial of the Birth of America

America must truthfully be seen as religiously based or the Founders would not have included “no interference with the free exercise of religion” into the First Amendment. The Christian life and character of the civil institutions of the united states by Morris details religion for the founders [4]. To ignore and deny the benefits of religion to the Founders is criminal. The Founders knew that transcendent “religious” people were necessary for America to survive. They obviously wanted those free in the First Amendment to help citizens follow the ten commandments.

Not that it was easy. The founders of America even argued about whose pastor would be the one to open Congress for the first time. They were so divided in religious sentiments that they could not agree until Mr. Samuel Adams rose and moved for a well-known respected Episcopalian Clergyman. And on the 7th day of September, 1774, he read the 31st Psalm which was the collect for that day. John Adams wrote: “This was the first morning after a horrible rumor of the cannonade of Boston. I never saw a greater effect produced on an audience. It seemed as if Heaven had ordained that Psalm to be read on that morning. It had an excellent effect on everybody here and I must beg you to read that Psalm”. Then, gratefully, the book reproduces it for the edification of all on Page 247. It ought to be read every day by everyone. Quote after quote in the book proves the “good faith” (with the emphasis on “faith”) arguing which went on and on in the Lord’s name, all knowing they had to hammer out a way of life that was the Christian offering of love, freedom and sacrifice.

Then there is Congress’ appropriation after the outbreak of the Revolution – to purchase, (guess what)... “As duly described on the first order of Thursday, September 11, 1777, the founders realized it was too costly to print the desired 30,000 Bibles so they authorized the purchase of 20,000 copies by import” (Page No. 252).

George Washington issued many orders always sounding Christian themes. In an indirect acknowledgement of intrauterine life, there is even an admonition to respect the unborn! “The fate of unborn millions will now depend under God, on the courage and conduct of the Army...” from general order of July 1776 (Page No. 342).

The prayerfulness of George Washington is described vividly. One cannot be moved more than the “The Scene at Valley Forge” (Page 356) about the prayerful George Washington under overwhelming pressure: While the American Army was at Valley Forge, Isaac Potts strolled up a creek that ran through his farm, and, walking quietly through the woods, he heard the tones of a solemn voice, and, looking around, saw Washington’s horse tied to a sapling. In a thicket nearby was Washington, on his knees, in earnest prayer. Like Moses, Mr. Potts felt he was on holy ground and retired unobserved. He returned home and, on entering the room of his wife, burst into tears and informed her what he had seen and heard and exclaimed, “If there is anyone on earth whom the Lord it will harken to, it is George Washington; and I feel a presentiment that under such a commander there can be no doubt of our establishing independence and that God in his providence has willed it so”.

There is much more about the prayerfulness of George Washington who must have prayed almost always! His “Maxims When A Boy” (Page 614-615) deserves universal promulgation every year to all children in every school (change to “Maxims When A Child”).

Of especial interest to Catholics is the sermon at the Philadelphia Cathedral Mass Celebration attended by Washington, the Congress, and many others shortly after the British surrender at Yorktown on September 17, 1781 (pages 592-595). I add that the Catholic role (by the French especially) for America winning the Revolutionary War was crucial (There even were likely more priests with the French forces than Protestant pastors with the Americans at Yorktown): the French Fleet under Comte de Grasse controlling the sea; the 5,500 French soldiers under general Comte de Rochambeau with artillery (the Americans had no artillery); and British General Lord Cornwallis trying to surrender to French General Marquis de Lafayette instead of General Washington. No wonder they all went to celebrate a Catholic Mass afterwards as seemingly the first celebratory event at the end of the Revolutionary War, with George Washington specifically thanking “a nation in which the Roman Catholic religion is professed”.

Coyne’s book denies the Christian basis for all: the early colonies, the State Constitutions, the Federal Constitution, acts and scenes of the Army of the Revolution, government chaplains, the women of the revolution, capitol scenes, American Courts, and eminent judges.

Again, this is how things were in the days prior to the electronocelluloid print culture of philosophical, moral, and Christian degrading--rendering suggestible American youth and scientists today to be religiously unfit for, or traitors to, the Founders. Without a doubt, we would be better off if the press and media today had never been brought into existence; or excluded from the “free press” of the First Amendment; or maybe all journalists and editors should read this, The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States by Morris to learn how America was created and how it can survive. Reinstituting Sigma Delta Chi’s Code of Ethics/Canons of Journalism might help [5]. Scientists need to read it too.

The Unscientific Lack of Scientific Criticism of Evolution

Speaking for scientists, Krauss and Dawkins in Scientific American announce that “teaching is seduction”, an insulting unphilosophical anti-theological anti-scientific self-discrediting statement if there ever was one [6]. Like Coyne, they create straw religious men by their open admission of immorality. Obviously, science needs a moral value regardless of truth value, or else we would have radiation everywhere to enhance evolution; or some damn fool would explode a bomb on the moon to see how it wobbles; or another scientist would try to take over the evolutionary process (at which time it would not be evolution any more) because he believes people should be designed and certified instead of born free and able to discover that they were born to return to the Statimuum by love and transcendence. Some of us just do not seduce so easily and have higher standards for evidence especially when the “truth” seems transparently weak; when probabilities are so incredibly low; when scientific facts tend to change every five years at least; and when evolution itself is readily accepted--even after cogent criticism, for example, as in my articles, “Charles Darwin’s Bicentenary: Time for a ‘Celebration’ or an Inquest?” and “Why Evolutionary Theories are Unbelievable” [7,8]. Incontrovertibly, the acceptance and promotion of contraception and abortion is so contradictory to evolution that it is reasonable to say that anti-life scientists do not really believe Darwin.

“Evolution” for believers: However you act in this life is what will be done to you in the Afterlife magnified by at least 1000. In the Statimuum, your every evil will be massively received as justice “payback” in return, permanently if mortal, Purgatorily if venial. If in Hell, it will be a never-ending infernal recycling of self-created selfannihilation by your own sins turned against yourself. If in Purgatory, it will be a restoring reliving resynthesis of one’s reparable sins sacrificially being done to oneself. And, if in Heaven, it will be a true, one, good and beautiful ecstasy proportional to your love and your own lived truth, oneness, goodness and beauty, but also embracing the deserved “I won it all” transcendence of all the Statimuum. This is real evolution. You can occasionally get a touch of it at Mass or in a spiritual moment as “you are there/everywhere without time and space!” [9].

Overlooked Evidence

The scientific process, as grandiosely used by atheists like Coyne, ignores or dismisses the trivium, the quadrivium, ancient Greek virtue, Christian virtue, Godel’s Theories of Undecidability and Incompleteness, power, hate, love, pheromones, sex, angels, transcendence, truth, oneness, good, beauty, life, sacrifice, virtue, humanity, freedom, and death without fear--all necessary to understand human linear existence returning to the Statimuum instead of recycling circle fantasies going nowhere. Religion says “There is more than all this craziness”; “Jesus is a two-by-four up side the head”; and “justice will occur”. It may be that humans have genes which make one’s brain search and live for self-meaning beyond the nihilism of arrogant know-it-all atheists who think they know more than the Vatican Library.

Also ignored is the evidence for Adam and Eve. Dr. Dennis Bonnette [10] has elaborated on the updated genetics possibilities as well as the philosophical and theological aspects.

Science itself may be the culprit at times: The earth’s geomagnetism is the major factor in climate stability. Geomagnetism is due to the rotation and flow of the earth’s iron molten core which is linked to all atmospheric variables and all life. So when it comes to adverse human actions, are you ready for this? There are 20 physical particle accelerators in the world, all between 35 and 56 degrees North latitude and all but one in the United States and Europe. Each is a massive collection of electrified magnetized steel. These huge geomagnetic environmental abscesses create an unnatural imbalance on the planet like nothing else ever considered! The impact on the earth’s geomagnetism is likely immense. The scientific community should be doing everything it can to undo the collective impact and imbalance of these monstrous magnetic boils on the planet. Such consideration is unlikely--given the dishonesty of scientists when they are emotional about something, such as these particle accelerators or God. Nevertheless, not to consider the potential harm to the climate by these monstrosities is foolish. The massive “supercollider” in Switzerland comes to mind. Might it be worse on the planet than huge oil spills? I was near Switzerland when they started it, and I “felt” it in bewilderment. Without a doubt, global warming and earthquakes have worsened more since this latest supercollider opened. Supercollider effects on increasing natural precession of the earth’s equinoxes are also of concern and could screw up the climate worse than carbon emissions ever could. Scientists may have killed the earth as they deify themselves, kill millions by abortion, contracept evolution and natural selection, do their anti-human experiments, turn humans into technical robots, and preen/proclaim how great they all are.

Coyne Quotes the Nicene Creed in Totality (page 50). I offer it clarified as:

“A Scientist’s Nicene Profession of Faith” [11]: I believe in one ultimate Triune Personification(s) of:

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, the Father, the Almighty, the Personification of Life; the being and maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen. I believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the Personification of Liberty, the unique Freedom of the Triune, the eternal spontaneous part of life, ultimate Freedom from ultimate Energy, Spontaneity from ascendancy, an intrinsic identity with Life, one in being with the Father. Through him all things were made through free spontaneous Liberty in the organizing continuum of Life. For our human energy and for our future synthesis He came from the ultimate synthesis; by the power of the Pursuit of Happiness by relationship the Personification of Liberty was born of the Virgin Mary, as all genuine liberty is born without entropic sexuality, and Liberty became human. For our sake, however, Liberty was crucified under Pontius Pilate, as all liberty is stifled by intractable authority, entropized by anti-life actions, or devitalized by neutral non-commitment. Liberty suffered, died, and disappeared from visible reality, but, in no time at all, liberty rose again, as He shall always rise again as described in prophetic Writings; He ascended to the highest synthesis and rejoined Life. He will come again in glory to embrace all creatures, A Liberating synthesis which will have no end. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Personification of the Pursuit of Happiness by conscious relationship and by aware interaction, the Lord, the giver and personalizer of Life, the unique Interactional Pattern of the Triune, who proceeds from paternal Life and filial Liberty. With the Father and the Son he is worshipped and glorified. He has spoken through the prophets by their Words which describe happinesspursuing relationships. I believe in one holy Catholic and apostolic Church--the Phylum of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I acknowledge one baptism which establishes my relationship with the Triune, by which entropy may be converted to higher synthesis. I look for the transformation of human entropy, and the Infinite Embracing into the Absolute Statimuum awaiting us.



Faith vs. Fact is fun and interesting in its patent hostility and ignorance of religion. The author should look in the mirror. The book is another atheist scientific schlemmbesserung which will hurt more people than it helps. I recommend my “Theogeocalculus” which clarifies faith and facts by a contemporary understanding of Natural Law [12]. Coyne should criticize “science” as he did “religion” and then criticize “the press and media” as he did “religion”--both books would be a lot bigger than Faith vs. Fact. Finally, check out [13] to find out the extremely disturbing lack of truth and virtue among scientists (This is a Hoot!).


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