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Continuous or Discrete

Cusack PTE*

BScE, DULE, 1641 Sandy Point Rd. Saint John, NB E2K 5E8 Canada

*Corresponding Author:
Cusack PTE
1641 Sandy Point Rd. Saint John
NB E2K 5E8 Canada
Tel: (506) 214-3313
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: January 17, 2017; Accepted Date: February 17, 2017; Published Date: February 28, 2017

Citation: Cusack PTE (2017) Continuous or Discrete? J Generalized Lie Theory Appl 11:257. doi:10.4172/1736-4337.1000257

Copyright: © 2017 Cusack PTE. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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In this paper, I attempt to answer the philosophical problem of is the Universe Continuous or Discrete. The answer is that it both ant the same time. It is the tension between these that create the phenomena that the human mind perceives as reality. The method used to decipher this perplexing and complex problem is solved by using Astrotheology Mathematics. It has wider implications in the very nature of God and light.


Astrotheology; Discrete; Continuous; y=y’


The philosophical question that is answered by Astrotheology Mathematics is: Is the universe fundamentally conscious or discrete? The answer is simple: y=y’. What this means is that the derivative or tangent has a finite value. It is therefore discrete. The function y=e-t is continuous. I could go into a whole lot of mathematics, but really the answer is no more complicated than that. So the answer as to whether the universe is continuous or discrete is that it is both at one. The universe exits s where y=y’, where the continuous meets the discrete. So for those of you who like experimental mathematics, I will provide some more math tob flesh out this paper.

The physical world is squeezed Energy. Mass precipitates where the resistance to mass is overcome. Fundamentally, Mass is a wave, which are continuous, as we know from Schrodinger’s equation. But, unless the human mind were tuned to the frequency that it is (31.8 Hz =discrete), humans would not be able to precede the universe. If there is no one to preface it, does it really exist? I won’t be answering that question here (Figure 1).


Figure 1: Astrotheology graph.

We know from the Astrotheology graph that the continuous function, Ln (Natural Logarithm) is continuous, We also know from Astrotheology, that tits derivative at t=1 (discrete) is 1 (discrete). The universe pops into exitance when Mass is formed. This occurs when the distance to Mass formation, Rm=cuz) is overcome. A continuous number subtract a continuous number gives a continuous answer. So how do we get a finite Mass.

The answer lies in calculus. Here it is:


This reduces to e=M^4/18


M^4=-e^1 +1=1.8591


M=116.77 (Figure 2).


Figure 2: Elements in the periodic table.


M=116 (Elements in the periodic table.)

Mass, therefore, is discrete.

So, e^1=M^4/18=(116.77)^4/18=1.0304=Ln (e^t)=Ln (1.0304)

t=1.614~1.618 Golden Mean. This is a root of the Energy -time parabola.

We know from Astrotheology Mathematics,


When E=1 , t=Pi.

When t=Pi, E=1/Pi=31.8 Hz (The Human Mind Frequency)

Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am”.

I am is God’s name. I think, is (1/Pi )Hz




t=Pi, E=1/Pi

Where did the 0.77 go?

0.77/116.77=0.659~6.52 =G (less nuclear forces)


0.7/116.77=0.166=1/6 6 is evil, so its inverse is God.

Continuing with the calculus,

Integral Integral Ntegral Ln x=1/[3x^3]

When x=e^x,


So, 1/6 is an important number.

Consider the distance equation:

s=vi +1/2at^2


s=(1/2 a^2t)^4=C^0.25=D^4


1/31.9 Hz=D=0.133=space=4/3



Ln D=0.8657~0.866=sin 60 degrees.

This is the value of the Superforce when the universe pops into existence.

Now, 1/D^4=1/Pi

D^4=Pi (Continuous) E=1/t

1/1=1 (Discrete Energy and Discrete Time))

Pi=1/Pi (Continuous Energy and Continuous time)

So if we take t=1 and Pi, and E=1 and Pi,

The area subtended bt t=1, and Pi is:

Integral Ln x =Integral e^x

Ln x=e^x

e^(Ln x)=x=e^e^x

Let x=Pi:



6.6-0.86=57.4~1 rad=t




E^(1/2.14)=1.59~1/6 again.

So let’s look at the fundamental equation of the universe:


Consider that E is continuous and t is discrete.

We already know,

S=|E||t|sin theta




Space, therefore is Continuous. We already know Mass is Discrete.

Mass/ space=Density=rho

Rho=D/C=1/C=1/sin theta at 60 degrees, as we’ve shown, the critical value for the Superforce, we have,


Yet, from Astrotheology, we know that Density is 127. So,

1.27(sin theta)=1.09

1/1.09=1/6 =the inverse of Evil or equal to God

God is D/C=y/y’=1

“ God is one” when y=y’. God is also Pi. (Continuous).

So, we see that God=D/ (space)

=D/ |E||t|sin theta

1/cos theta=1/sin theta

So, sin theta=cos theta, where theta=45 degrees

1/sqrt2=sin 45=cos 45

G0O=MAGoG is the seventh letter, and MA 13-1=CO=15-3=12

Gog and Magog are sin =cos=0./707.

God=1/ sin theta=1/ Superforce

Superfore=1/sin theta=1/6

Sin theta=6


Revelation is the 27 th book of the New Testament.

The 7 th verse is:

“ He is coming on the clouds, the one they had pierced.” =Jesus Second Coming!

So let’s consider more calculus.


(1/Pi)-(2t-1)=Pi Aside y=t^2-t-1 y’=2t-1




(dE/dt)^2-(dE/dt)-1=0 when t=1.618 G.M.

When E=0 as we see, then angular momentum is conserved. It angular momentum that causes gravity- the spin.

We know that

G=Pi/ (Ln 1.618).

Pi is continuous; Ln Ln (1.618) is Discrete.


=Ln (e-t)

Let t=Pi

E^(-Pi)Ln 0.0432)=Pi

G=continuous /Discrete=y/y’=0/1=1

0=1=Pi=G*Ln (1.618)=3.13~Pi

=1/31.9 Hz (Discrete)

So, Pi=1/Pi

God=Pi; the human mind =31.8 Hz


I think, therefore I AM.

That is the end of the argument. However, I provide some more math that may shed some more light on the problem.

A discrete particle in a an ordinary water wave bobs up and down. It need not communicate with its neighbour. Of course, the particles or atoms of water are discrete, but the apparent effect is continuous. The human mid is tuned to pick up on the signal of the continuous. The human mind is discrete, but picks up on the continuous (Figure 3).


Figure 3: Combination of Energy and time.

The combination of Energy and time produce the affect of a wave that is fundamentally discrete (0 or 1). The effect is continuous, the sine wave. We can think that music is the concert that is produced iby individual notes.

The human mind is discrete at 1/Pi=31.8 Hz. The “music” it picks up on is the continuous concrete of the universe.

Applying some Math to this concept,

Our familiar formula is:


E=Work W=F*d

=sin theta* (s

=sin theta * |E||t||cos theta.

Therefore E=sin theta * cos theta.

Since sin =cos at 45 degrees,

E=sin ^2 (theta)


E=-SQRT (t)

=sqrt (sin ^2 t)

E=-sin t

=INTEGRAL- cos t


Let’s continue with a relation:

E=sqrt (-t)

|<u,v>| / ||u|| ||v|<=1

Let it eaual 1.

|<u,v>| = ||u|| ||v||

Replace u=E, v=t

|<E,t>|= s/ cos theta


|<E,t>= w/E=4/3 /1=4/3=0.1334=s


So, continuing,

E=sqrt 4/ sqrt 3=2/sqrt3=115.47=1/sin theat=1/sin 60 degrees\


1/sin theta=1/[1/sin theta]=1=sin^2 theta

Sin theta=1


The continuous Schrodinger’s Equation describing Mass at the lowest level, is:

Phi=|F||E| sin theta

=(sin theta) (1) (sion theta)

=sin ^2 theta *!


Phi=1=dE/dt Discrete - the alpha

The Superforce is F=sin theta.

Phi=F X E

The continuous meets the discrete at the most elemental level of mass.

If we consider that Energy is conserved, the net E=0.

But E=sin ^2 theta=0

Theta=Pi =the Omega

Jesus called Himself the alpha and the Omega in Revelation 27.18=base e

From Eulers, and the equation of the circle,we know that:

sin^2 theta +cos ^2 theta=R^2

Let theta=Pi/2=90 degrees



So “1” is Discrete. On the number line, Continuous and Discrete meet at the Golden Mean:



If we take t=1.618= Continuous,


Continuous and Discrete meet.


Roots, t=1.618

The derivative,

2t-1 plugged in to this equation:




The General Judgement is Matthew, Chapter 25. Matthew is the first book of the New Testament.


Dt/dt=1 Discrete

S=|E|t|sin theta= Continuous



The Universe exists where v=a=s

It is where Discrete meets Continuous.

C+C=D (Euler’s Identity)



Cusack’s Laws of Continuous and Discrete:


C * C=C


D *D=D





D=C * C









Finally, from the basics of Calculus, consider the Ln function at t=1, E=0, De/dt=1:

-t+ deltaE/Delta t=t

[-t + deltaE]/ Delta E={[delta t)-t}/ Delta t

0=Lim E?0 (t+delta t}/Delta E

0=1/1=Delta E/Delta t


T=1, E=0, De/Dt=1

i.e., The ln function.

The Father and I are 1.

1 is Discrete, Infinity is Continuous.

The question is the Universe continuous or discrete? Is the same as asking Is light a wave or a particle? The answer to both questions is it is both. The particle, as in a water wave, bob up and down, producing a continuous effect that is perceived by the discrete human mind. The universe we perceive is both continuous and discrete at the same time. Otherwise, we would not perceive it [1].


Ergo, the universe is neither exclusively Discrete nor continuous, but both to be perceived by the Human Mind. God is Discrete/Continuous which is 1. The most elementary particles are described by Schrodinger’s Equation, phi=1.


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