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Demon chip - Polarised biometrics based on DSP and RFID | OMICS International
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Journal of Forensic Research

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Demon chip - Polarised biometrics based on DSP and RFID

Zoltan Papp*

Senior Systems Engineer, Diplomat, Miskolc, Hungary

*Corresponding Author:
Zoltan Papp (Author of pocketFIT)
Senior Systems Engineer, Diplomat
Miskolc, Hungary
Tel: +36 30 724 4609
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: July 06, 2015 Accepted Date: August 24, 2015 Published Date: August 27, 2015

Citation: Papp Z (2015) Demon Chip - Polarised Biometrics Based on DSP and RFID. J Forensic Res 6:306. doi:10.4172/2157-7145.1000306

Copyright: © 2015 Papp Z. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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To be or not to be. Overall, if you are looking for a buzzword and the essence of it, it is about the metaphysics of 3D space and business. The buzzword I definitely recommend to you is cross lateral reflexive thinking multi-dimensional space wise and sol-u-tion~sol-i-ton which is called the Cantillation. This very much enables the development of quantum gravitation within the respected system. You can, indeed, gain information from off the air (ether) by listening to your own or others voice intonation by cantillating by its sound intonation. The pronunciation of the words. This is very similar to lower and upper harmonics and technology also used in multi-layer sound mapping for compression or applied by a philharmonic orchestra for example. You will be a guru of the field. Some more examples of solitons (also called as solitude or solitary wave, on the pronunciation, boing ~ Boeing (not the same) Zoli ~ soli (as in solarium, Sun bathing)


Electro-chemistry; Accumulators; Batteries; Solitons; Standing wave; Polarization, chemistry; Adiabatic processes; Material composition; Spanish flu; Fusion; Convergence; Carrier waves; Voynich-code; Enigma disc based coding; Metaphysics; Energetics; Resonance; Egyptian Hieroglyphs; Demons; Drones; II-nd World War; Matrix movie

Mini Review

This coding/decoding of information in the ether works also for any type of information/media in the ether. Meaning that chemical or any kind of physical, spiritual entity can resonate that indeed shall be bared in mind. The intermediate stages of this process occur in less than almost a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a second, and are not observable. Note: Please note the torque force/events in time/space that this creates and its influence in practice. As per Kw in car’s engines or microwave torsional power transmission as in transformers, flux converters also applying Lorentz force basically. For example, if the assumption you think, say or do (events) was true, then something will happen, meaning that what you have said, thought, did or happen was actually true indeed. So the equation (flux gate) dropped, got vaporized. Personal relationships, the economy and order must be bared in mind obviously [1-8].

• On quantum teleportation and diabolic practices

• Lorentz force

• Full article on mesons

Polarization (electrochemistry)

• Fume polarization (electrochemistry) demonstration WMH (matter/life) waves

These effects (WMH) are generally referred to as fume in the 3D computer graphics world [9-12].

Adiabatic process

• Electromagnetic vortexes and environmental compatibility

• Quiton/perceptron physics by U.S. Army material command

• The Electromagnetic fields (EMF) project of WHO

Basically, what we are talking about is, that if we reflect “received” and sensed information in a 3D space then, we can achieve absolute information content of a given 3D field in our environment around us. Why is this? If we mirror (negate) the information that we receive in our environment around us, then, we will have the absolute information content, that in turn can be used to make any other decision or reply. It means that the person or “processor”, modem in charge of receiving the information in the given 3D space is in full command of the information that it has received, perceived or sensed. As such, you can use this 3D reflective cantillation technique as an interpreter to emulate artificial intelligence basically, meaning, self-created intelligence from an absolute knowledge set received in a given 3D field in your environment around you.

This interpretive technique, in turn can be used for abuse and mass manipulation as Nazi Babylonians did, not to mention manifestation of this skill in soap and leather lamp skin manufacturing from humans [Der Spiegel magazine, October 20th 1997].

Due to your voice and presence interacts and being reactively active in the 3D aether (Coulomb charge field) in which we exist. You cannot just make your life better by Feng shui like order around you that will make these electrochemically active electromagnetic waves (like a battery or power converter) converge the way you want, but also actively command them. Ever wondered about those “abracadabra” magic words in cartoons and ancient sci-fi movies? Or talking to flowers and plants? You can also try saying this out loud or whispering as if you were praying [13-15].

“Whorl calibration per spins, X-es, RFID per democracy”, this way, you set your own consciousness as well as the 3D field with which you interact and exist in. This also means, that you can say that you want to be “released from evil” as if you were praying indeed. So magic words and praying does work indeed! Movies are not made up from nothing indeed either. Who would buy into message-less empty trash? No one! [16-19].


Please note that the above text is provided 'AS IS'. The above text's purpose is educational and shall not be misunderstood. The author made its best effort in the preparation of the above text to be a concise and informative text and to be easily understood. Copying, publishing, or distributing of the pocketFIT and FIT book material without expressed written explicit permission by the author is prohibited.


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