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Economic Value of the Actual Cycle Crisis-Model for New Generation of Social Media | OMICS International
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Economic Value of the Actual Cycle Crisis-Model for New Generation of Social Media

Luisetto M*

Mauro Luisetto, Pharm D, Pharmacologist, European Specialist in Laboratory Medicine, Hospital Pharmacist’s Manager, Italy

*Corresponding Author:
Luisetto M, Pharm D
Pharmacologist, European Specialist in Laboratory Medicine
Hospital Pharmacist’s Manager, Italy
Tel: +393402479620
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: January 16, 2017; Accepted Date: January 18, 2017; Published Date: January 25, 2017

Citation: Luisetto M (2017) Economic Value of the Actual Cycle Crisis-Model for New Generation of Social Media. Bus Eco J 8: e108. doi: 10.4172/2151-6219. 1000e108

Copyright: © 2017 Luisetto M. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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Economy; Crisis; Recession; Politics; Management; Social media; Searching motors


According the World Economic Outlook October 2016: “The decline in the growth of global value chains has also played an important part in the observed slowdown. The findings suggest that addressing the general weak-ness in economic activity [1], especially in investment, will stimulate trade, which in turn could help strengthen productivity and growth.”

In website we can see that “Western and European countries host the lion’s share of the world’s millionaires. Some 78 percent of the world’s millionaires reside in Europe or North America, with nearly half of these millionaires calling the United State home. The only non-Western nations with a significant share of millionaires: the industrial powerhouses Japan, China, and Taiwan.” And that “A small share of the world’s millionaire population holds a large majority of world millionaire wealth” [2].

Starting from today economic distribuition of resource we can see a concentration in few subject or company more than past.

In the actual economic cycle with great recession we can see a great opportunity in a new kind of economy [3]. Middle and lower class are under great lowering and the poor are under great development.

The differentiation between economic and financiary world is a real fact and the financiary world is heavy controlling the real economy but it results in a world economic crisis Without real growth [4].

But this classes need a new protection systems in this periods: we think in example that an usefull instrument can be a specific social media oriented on economic demand of this classes to cover the gap with upper classes: we think a specific searching motor or a kind of social network that gives to the user a real help in everyday life problems.( works, banks, school, university , family support , house policy , healthcare and other) [5].

We think that this specific kind of market is a great opportunity for investors or managers interested in developing this kind of ICT instrument. The number of user it will be very high and the same the value of the market to cover.

When we search on classic searching motors a product in first result we can see the product that the algorithm in use posts.

But if we change that algorithm we can find for example the product with the lower cost, or with better condition. For acquiring a service, an house, or a car, or an insurance.

The same specific social media can help the user in consulting activity or to choose the best condition for buying [6].

The sharing principles can be used to reduce costs for some service (cars, holidays and many other) with high reduction in total costs.

We can also easy observe that the diffusion of social media is concentrated in advanced nation and this fact due to the high availability of resource [7].

In this countries in last centuries we have see a continuous expansions of economy linked to the techonolgy.

Tools. (more communications, more knowledge, more information , more chances ), not linked to the only avaiabiity of raw materials or geographic favorable condItions.

We can say according a mathematical function related with the information management.

Discussion and Conclusion

So we can see that there is a great market segment to introduce a new social media oriented specifically on the need off middle class or lower class. The sharing economy principles can be used in advantages of this economic class.

In example we can have since a 70 % in reduction of total costs using the right instrument to support their life. But to do it there is the need of the right instrument with the right power and efficiency.

The e- commerce is under an exponential development specific new Social media are powerful tools and can useful be the right one for this work. If we change the algorithm we can have the modify we search related to the middle –lower classes.

As are used commonly mathematics derivatives functions to create financial profits the same way we can think mathematical function or informatics programs people oriented ( and not banking oriented) [8].

We have today many website organized to give single response: ecommerce, e health, e- travel e-learning and other service but have not until today a completive instrument to adeguately manage all life need.

Specific new Social media are powerful tools and can useful be the right one for this work. If we change the algorithm we can have the modify we search with the right approach [9]. A social media with independence from market utility, certified and verified to trust the user. A powerful management tool to adequately manage the actual economic crisis for the people Under great pressure.


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