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Geodynamic Zones as Receptors of Solar and Techno Pathogenic Influences on Living Systems: Possible Ways to Neutralize Biopathogenic Radiation

Anatolii Pavlenko1,2*

1Open International University of Human Development Ukraine, Ukraine

2LLS Spinor International, 1, Sviatoshinska sq., Kyiv, 03115, Ukraine

*Corresponding Author:
Anatolii Pavlenko
LLS Spinor International
Sviatoshinska sq., Kyiv
03115, Ukraine
Tel: +380 44 452 88 66, +38 066 109 73 82
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: February 17, 2016; Accepted date: February 23, 2017; Published date: February 28, 2017

Citation: Pavlenko A (2017) Geodynamic Zones as Receptors of Solar and Techno Pathogenic Influences on Living Systems: Possible Ways to Neutralize Biopathogenic Radiation. J Geogr Nat Disast 7:188. doi: 10.4172/2167- 0587.1000188

Copyright: © 2017 Pavlenko A. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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There are an invisible hazards in the wireless age associated with mobile phones, monitors of personal computers, base stations for mobile phones, geopathic zones and others. The article that you are about to read may surprise you because it looks at problems whose origin is little known and which are rarely taken into account. These problems are real and it is logical to think that the recent and large-scale multiplication of antennas and wind turbines with their earthing in pathogenic zones induce fields which modify the natural equilibrium of the soil and have effects on the biosphere. The development of new technologies, such as wind turbines or antennas, such as mobile telephony, induce new forms of pollution that spread through soil faults and can have a negative impact on the health of humans and animals. In the article we share our experience which led us to understand the link between some of these installations and the disorders observed in humans or animals and then to propose ways to correct the situation. Device for detecting the state of ''physical vacuum'' is proposed.


Geopathogenic zones of the Earth; Physical vacuum; Torsion field


This article is a fascinating story of scientific detection, that the answers to these and other tough questions, and tell stories about the alarming state of neglect, corporate manipulation, for example, the specific absorption rate of electromagnetic radiation, and others. Hazard researchers have long been interested in examining the physical characteristics of so called ''the physical vacuum''. First of all, we must give a definition of the physical vacuum.

What are the properties of the vacuum, the absolute nothingness? So far, the physicists have assumed that it is impossible to directly access the characteristics of the ground state of an empty space.

An empty space around us is not as empty as one might think. Clearly, the quantum vacuum is not empty space; it is a significant element of the Universe. Just how significant we can only guess, but even a conservative guess would admit that it goes far beyond the significance attributed to the vacuum in the classical theories. These theories have already accepted that the behavior of elementary particles is influenced by the vacuum. Current research at the growing edge of science suggests that interactions between the vacuum and the observable world of macro-level objects are fundamental for our understanding of the nature of reality. Anatoly Akimov, Shipov GI and co-workers developed a sophisticated theory of the "physical vacuum" [1-3].

Let us assume that we managed to eliminate all elementary particles from this volume and screen it so that no particles from outside could get inside. However, even in this case, according to the modern physics, we cannot claim that the considered object is empty. So-called a virtual electron-positron pairs can occur in arbitrary points of this space volume. Matter objects – electron-positron pairs cannot be generated from nothing. Only matter can generate them, and if we do not register it in the indicated space, then this is some specific matter that cannot be observed in its ordinary state. This specific matter was called the physical vacuum. In addition to electron-positron pair generation, the physical vacuum proves itself by the number of experimentally observed phenomena.

Presently Ukrainian and Russian teams consider the physical vacuum as a universal torsion-wave carrying medium. The torsion field (TF) is said to fill all of space isotropically, including its matter component. It has a quantal structure that is unobservable in nondisturbed states. However, the violations of vacuum symmetry and invariance create different, and in principle observable, states.

Now, a team of physicists has succeeded in doing just that [4,5].

They demonstrated a first direct observation of the so-called physical vacuum fluctuations by using short light pulses while employing highly precise optical measurement techniques (Figure 1).


Figure 1: Physical vacuum fluctuation.

Two forthcoming European Physical Journal D papers challenge established wisdom about the nature of the physical vacuum. In one paper, Marcel Urban from the University of Paris-Sud, located in Orsay, France and his colleagues identified a quantum level mechanism for interpreting vacuum as being filled with pairs of virtual particles with fluctuating energy values. In other words the vacuum fluctuations may be thought of as a flickering of the quantum.

It is known that any item shown in the world, including living creatures, polarizes the physical vacuum. The degree of vacuum polarization and the shape of it depend on many factors. It may be subject to another article.

The scheme of polarization of the physical vacuum by a single electron is given in the book by Roger Penrose [6]. But such the virtual particles can have a measurable collective effect.

The picture of physical vacuum polarization is shown in Figure 2. This polarization of the physical vacuum is carried out, for example, by TVs, monitors, and other electronic gadgets. The action produces a charge polarization of the vacuum, as prescribed by quantum electrodynamics.


Figure 2: Physical vacuum polarization.

The positive (red-virtual positrons) and negative (blue-virtual electrons) regions are distributed in space and they change constantly at high speed.

It is of note that the numerous recent scientific studies performed by independent laboratories in various universities in the world have confirmed a detrimental effect of radiation such as from base station of mobile phone and mobile phones on the human body. The studies conducted within the industry of mobile phones are based on measurement of SAR (specific absorption rate) and as a rule they contradict the above-mentioned results or cast doubt on them. SAR is considered as an official standard for measuring the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from mobile phones on human brains. In fact this model is based on physics but not biology. In this model the human brain is simulated by a solution of salts. In the industry of mobile phones SAR measurements are used for checking the levels of exposure of human beings to EMR generated by mobile phones. So, the recommendations adopted in the industry of mobile phones are as follows: any technology used to ensure safety of mobile phones shall decrease SAR values determined on the basis of this (rather arbitrary) human brain model [7].

However, the biologists do not consider SAR measurements as an accurate representation of mobile phone EMR effects on the human brain in real life. As an alternative of SAR the increasing number of scientists uses the biological systems for evaluation of harmful effects of mobile phone EMR. One of the studies that can be considered as a rigorous scientific test is the research conducted under the guidance of Glen Rein in the Research Quantum laboratory. In these studies human DNAs have been investigated as according to the assertion of the researchers they react to both "classical electromagnetic fields" and "non-classical ones". Allusion to "non-classical" electromagnetic fields shows that these scientists-biophysicists could step aside from the orthodox way of thinking. The idea that had defined the direction of these investigations was based on an assumption of a significant role of quantum phenomena in implementation of possibilities to be proved.

In the above-mentioned works the positive moment is a reference to "non-classical" electromagnetic fields though their physical nature has not been disclosed. In our opinion the "non-classical" electromagnetic fields are torsion fields that consist of virtual particles-virtual electrons and positrons and other virtual particles. Torsion fields of any object contain information about elemental and quantitative composition of its matter and structure including a component that represent information about the spin state of this matter (rotation parameters: precession and nutation, which change in the processes of interaction of TF. Therefore the TF are also called "informational" ones [8]. Hereafter we will acquaint the readers with the theme of the virtual particles and their effects on the human body with the available for us consistency and fullness.

The remainder of this paper first presents Research Methods, Base Stations of Mobile Phones– Sources of Technopathogenic Emissions, Methods of Protection from the Adverse Effect of Antennae of Base Stations of Mobile Phones, Retransmitters and Wind Generators on Live Things, "Vernada - Geo"- protection against negative influence of torsion fields, Wi-Fi, as well as geopathogenic zones. Summary and conclusion are presented in the last section.

Materials and Methods

The invisible hazards in the wireless age

Techno pathogenic effect - a set of factors and processes that have any kind of negative effect or impact on living organisms resulting from scientific and technological progress of mankind. In our work we focus on the part of our accumulated material on the subject, illustrate a further impact of base stations of mobile phones on a living through the geodynamic zones and the geopathogenic zones of the Earth. The geodynamic zone of the Earth are solar receptors and techno pathogenic influences. The components of the vortex of solar radiation affect the Earth and have a significant impact on the change in the electron emission devices mark the transition from the sunlit side of the Earth in shadow. The Sun during the day irradiates extensive ultra high flow Earth, and at night on the shaded side of the Earth stream is the result of the interaction of solar radiation vortex with the core of the Earth [9].

It was determined by LLC "Spinor International" (Ukraine), SARL "Tellus" (France) and Association «Prosantel» (France) [10,11], that the installation of masts base stations (Figure 3) and wind turbines at the intersection of the fault zones, which is a natural migration of groundwater, or geopathogenic zone, causes the appearance of artificial radiation of these zones and the spread of radiation occurs along areas faults or discontinuities along the axial in the soil. Constant exposure to natural and artificial radiations can cause changes in behavior, the state of aggression or depression (sometimes to the point of suicide), constant fatigue, sleep problems, partial loss of memory, problems with concentration, stress. All electronic devices generate like natural cosmogenic fields - technical TF [12]. Large amount of free radicals produces in the body under their influence. To prevent a negative impact on the living need to harmonize the physical vacuum. The action of these harmonization devices is based on the elimination of the asymmetry of physical vacuum components. The simple harmonizing device consists of several elements, which were recorded the left and the right TF before. We have developed the device of the physical vacuum harmonization. When the device is a plug in the powerline network the physical vacuum is harmonized. It is necessary to pay much attention to theoretical issues of influence of technical TF on the human body and alive and biomedical research, one of the main areas of studing natural and technical torsion fields must be brought to a new level.


Figure 3: Base station of mobile phone.

The author with colleagues worked in France 2005.

The article [13] provides 5 examples of the negative impact of base stations on humans and animals, and a manner which they were protected from the negative impact on them. We will give one of them.

Breeding of dairy cows in the Vosges

The situation in livestock farming had deteriorated from 2002 onwards; In 3 years the farmer had lost 76 cows and calves, the leukocyte count had increased, milk production decreased as well as fertility; The calves remained rickety, the cows no longer wanted to enter the trading-room, and were nervous; The manure settled in the pit. No explanation was found in food, health or genetics; The situation was catastrophic and veterinarians and animal husbandry organizations knew only what to propose.

No explanation was found in food, health or genetics; the situation was catastrophic and veterinarians and animal husbandry organizations knew only what to propose.

The author's expertise showed that the problems were related to the position of the building on the same fault as a pylon with antennas located at 3.4 km and a high voltage transformer located next to the breeding.

The detrimental effects of the pylon, the transformer and some electrical equipment of the milking plant were neutralized in June 2005 by the protective devices. The effect was immediate: the cows returned smoothly to the milking parlor where they remained calm, the slurry returned to liquid after a week, the rate of leukocytes decreased and milk production increased. The loss of calves and cows had stopped and the situation returned to normal in the fall.

Such knowledge is essential to a complete understanding of these events, particularly ability of TF cause damage and destruction.

TF are created by a spin (angular momentum of quantum particles) or by a form; They are of two kinds:

The static TF created by the shape of the object (eg, menhir, pylon, pyramid). There are right or left torsion fields.

The dynamic TF appearing in the presence of electromagnetic fields and which are also called torsion component of electromagnetic waves.

Other examples of the base stations negative effects on the living. To date, it is not known how to quantify the torsion fields, which makes it difficult to study them. “Vega 12U” device was developed in Ukraine which is able to detect the presence of torsion fields, but without a sign of the field. Now we are working on the problem of determining the sign of the TF.

Russian Academician Vlail Kaznatcheev studied the physical interaction between TF and the biological elements (cells, bacteria, etc.) at the Institute of Clinical Experimental Medicine and the World Institute of Cosmic Anthropology (Novosibirsk, Russia) [14]. He found the negative influence of the left torsion fields on the cells; on the contrary, the right torsion fields appeared to him favorable to the living.

Practice shows that, for animals, long-term exposure to left TF can cause behavioral problems: aggressiveness and cannibalism in pigs or poultry, increase in leukocytes in milk, mastitis, the reproductive problems and other diseases in the cows, unexplained death of animals...

In humans, this exposure can cause a bad sleep, inexplicable fatigue even after a seemingly good sleep, headache, premature aging ets.

For people who are psychologically fragile, this can cause the behavioral problems: aggressiveness, anxiety, depression.

Research methods

Consider the case of a pylon bearing relay antennas; according to the theory of torsion fields, the long cylinder constituted by the pylon creates in the upper and lower part of the left TF even if the electrical equipment is not connected. The crossing of faults where the water flows also creates torsion fields and if the pylon is placed on this crossing, the torsion fields will be amplified. The experiments showed that the problems were linked to the position of the buildings at the intersection of faults where water circulates, causing nuisances of a natural origin.

The researchers believe that their proposed enhancement of the power of vacuum fluctuations can have profound implications for understanding Casimir and Van der Waals forces and it may even be used for applications in quantum information processing and other emerging quantum technologies.

VEGA-12U geophysical anomaly indicator

It is intended for determining the location of geophysical anomalies (GPZ) in the form of diverse nets and spots, for example Hartmann and Curry grid, the changes of the electromagnetic component of the geomagnetic field of the Earth in the diapason of 5÷10 kHz, sensitivity spanning from one to hundreds of picovolt. As the output parameter of the device, the integral of the phase shift on the analyzed frequency is used. Considering the fact that GPZ have a torsion nature, Spinor International employees developed the way to employ VEGA-12U to indicate TF.

VEGA-12U (Figure 4) is a highly sensitive selective electro magnetometer. The device is designed as a portable measuring sensor with visual indication and a power supply unit connected to it with a cable.


Figure 4: Devise VEGA-12U.

The VEGA-12U device is designed to:

– Detect the geophysical anomalies (the geopathic zones) known as Hartmann and Curry grid in apartments, in offices and on industrial premises;

–Detect the indoors anomalies of unknown origin, constituting spots, strips, three-dimensional objects (phantoms);

–Explore the karst caverns, faults, geological heterogeneities of the ground, water veins, which are powerful geopathic zones;

– To explore the «aura» of animate and the inanimate objects.

Base stations of mobile phones – Sources of technopathogenic emissions

The adverse effect of the natural techno genic zones which are the geodynamic and the micro geodynamic zones is enhanced by the present-day anthropogenic exposure. The aim of the research conducted in France was to corroborate the negative impact of the natural techno genic zones of the Earth constituting a complex dynamic structure, whose peculiarities are only now becoming known in a fuller measure, on all live things. The extent of the intensification of the modern anthropogenic impact on all live things with their interaction with the natural techno genic zones of the Earth is of interest. The French and the Ukrainian scientists have established that if the grounding of the mast of receiving and transmitting antennae for mobile phones and grounding of wind generators and some other electric devices is made in the place of intercrossing of the geodynamic or the micro geodynamic zones in the state of expansion (when water circulates through them) or in the left field of the Hartmann grid, this causes the an enhanced left TF to appear. The field expands through the system of geodynamic zones for distances spanning for tens of kilometers. The oil and the gas pipes, dry beds of rivers and streams, any extensive heterogeneity in soil can also serve as a “torsion waveguide”.

Figure 5 presents a model of a base station of mobile phones built in accordance with the long stem model where the length significantly exceeds its diameter. At the foundation of the base station and on its top there is a high-intensity enhanced torsion field propagating axially in all directions.


Figure 5: Model of mobile phone base station [5].

Damage components

Unfortunately, the scientific data accumulated by the present time is not enough to explain the majority of the objectively existing biological phenomena connected with influence of TF on a human; therefore it is only possible to make a number of assumptions on the phenomenological level.

It was earlier believed that the control on all levels of organization of a bio object is conducted by weak electromagnetic (EM) fields and TFs activating or deactivating various processes.

TFs of TV sets, mobile phones, base stations of mobile phones, the geopathogenic zones of the Earth, as well as diverse symbols indented on a metal or a dielectric material, as well as permanent magnets may be the emitters of such sort, forming weak but determined torsion control signals on the level of organs, tissues and cells. The mentioned weak determined signals are a modifying factor of a low intensity with a wide range of biological action. Among the many hypotheses and conjectures about the mechanism of the adverse effect of torsion fields on living organisms is the hypothesis of free radicals.

A free radical is an electrically charged particle, as a free radical lacks an electron. In order to become a stable particle, the free radicals must “steal” this lacking electron from another molecule. When the electron has been stolen, for example, from a bacterium, its molecular structure has been damaged, which leads to its death. When there are no bacteria left to be destroyed and when there is not enough electrons which can be obtained from antioxidants to stabilize the number of excessive free radicals, the free radicals then proceed to the single sources they can steal electrons from – to healthy cells. As a result, the healthy cells are damaged and perish from the loss of electrons stolen by the free radicals; then an additional signal is sent to the immune system to receive further help. This creates a continuous autoimmune reaction (creation of more free radicals) which leads to the chronic inflammation and tissue damage which is usually called oxidative stress.

The chronic overproduction of free radicals by the immune system causes such inflammatory diseases as arthritis, atherosclerosis, infarction, type 2 diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis, asthma, inflammatory bowel diseases etc.

Methods of protection from the adverse effect of antennae of base stations of mobile phones, retransmitters and wind generators on live things

Besides the known techno genic factors to which natural techno genic zones adversely influencing human health belong, a new one has occurred, that requires keen attention in connection with the growing coverage of the territories of developed countries with mobile communication.

The adverse effect of natural techno genic zones which represent geodynamic and micro geodynamic zones is enhanced by the presentday anthropogenic influence.

The aim of the research was to corroborate the growth of the negative impact of the natural techno genic zones of the Earth constituting a complex dynamic structure, whose peculiarities are only now becoming known in a fuller measure, on all live things. The extent of the intensification of the modern anthropogenic impact on all live things with their interaction with the natural techno genic zones of the Earth is of interest.

Research conducted by The Prosantel Association (France), SARL Tellus (France) and Spinor International LLC (Ukraine) found the following. If the grounding of the mast of receiving and transmitting antennae for mobile phones, wind generators and some other electric devices is made in the place of intercrossing of geodynamic or micro geodynamic zones in the state of expansion (when water circulates through them), this causes an enhanced left TF to appear. The field expands through the system of geodynamic zones for distances spanning for tens of kilometers.

It is becoming clear that topologic enhancement of the left TF on a macroscopic level takes place. The enhancement of the left TF in this case can be explained taking into account one of the known laws of TF interaction according to which TF attracts thins similar to itself. The left TF existing in the mentioned places attracts the left field created by the masts of antennae etc. Antennae masts are geometric figures whose diameter is significantly less than its height and therefore, in accordance with A. Ye. Akimov’s models generate the left torsion field.

Below we give some examples of the adverse effect of the left torsion field on people and animal which manifested them in France.

A young girl after having moved to a new flat started having difficulties sleeping and chronic fatigue. Hair started falling out from a part of her head. The doctor explained all this with the stress at work. In fact, as it was established later, the flat was in the house situated at the intercrossing of the geodynamic zones of expansion with a strong left TF.

One more example, a woman, a mother of two, moved the house. In the new house she had three miscarriages. The doctor could not establish the cause for this. He referred her to a geo biology specialist who established that the house was situated in the geo pathogenic zone.

For example, in the zones with a strong left TF pigs start getting sick and being aggressive. They begin to bite each other. Under normal circumstances it is impossible.

Cows that happened to be in the left TF get ill, the milk quality gets lower. On an animal farm situated at the intercrossing of the geodynamic zones in Brittany in western France, cows were constantly getting ill; the milk quality was significantly lower than the norm, which led to financial losses.

If earlier the effect on human and animal organisms in the geo pathogenic zones (GPZ) was to some degree gradual, now numerous cases of very quick influence of the natural techno genic GPZ on human and animal organisms are observed, and it is being connected with the impact of a new techno genic factor.

All the attempts to treat the cows brought no results. The change of fodder and equipment did not change the situation. 10 new healthy cows were bought. In a week they also got ill. The main problems of this farm were due to the location of this farm at an intercrossing of the geodynamic zones in the state of expansion with water circulating through them. The farm exists for a long time. Serious problems, however, started appearing only in the recent years. This also is connected with the emergence of a techno genic factor in the GPZ – the left TF. This TF has been caused by the mounting of antennae for mobile phones in the place of intercrossing of the geodynamic zones.

In order to eliminate the adverse effect of the left TF on human and animal health,

“Spinor International” (Ukraine) and the Prosantel Association (France) developed a number of efficient protective devices based on the concept of safe electronics. It builds not only on the ideas of shielding or protecting a human from the harmful effect of EMF and their torsion component, but also on a totally new approach taking account of the geometric peculiarities of human-made fields.

The protective devices make it possible to transform the negative effect of the influence into the positive one, i.e., they invert the TF. To this end, the protective devices are placed in the particular locations on the pylons of base stations or on the grounding of the base station (Figure 6). The protective effect significantly increases when the protective devices developed by the Prosantel Association (France) and the FORPOST-1 device developed by Spinor International (Ukraine) are used jointly.


Figure 6: Protective devices developed by the Prosantel Association (France) and Spinor International (Ukraine).

Such milk quality parameter as white blood count is controlled on French farms weekly. This is an objective factor which makes it possible to estimate the efficiency of the protective device.

After the protective devices were installed on an animal farm, white blood count normalized within one to two weeks. Pigs and cows stop getting sick.

People’s general physical and mental state and sleep improve. Sometimes some diseases cure without medicines.

Vernada device (Figure 7) neutralizes the zones of the left torsion field which arose as a result of the mounting of a base station, and thus protects humans and other live beings of their negative influence.


Figure 7: The Vernada device.

In order to neutralize the negative influence, the device should be installed next to the pylon of the base station (wind generator) at the depth of 40 to 50 cm in one of the so called “points of force” situated at the intercrossing of two “left” geopathogenic zones. In the case of the Vernada device has been installed correctly, it neutralizes the zones of the left torsion field caused by the mounting a base station or wind generator. More detailed information can be found.

"Vernada - Geo" - protection against negative influence of torsion fields, Wi-Fi, as well as geopathogenic zones in premises

The device Vernada - Geo (Figure 8) neutralizes the influence of radiation of torsion fields of the Wi-Fi router, router, wireless networks, as well as the geopathogenic zones in apartments, offices and other premises, thus protecting human persons against harmful effect of torsion radiation [15-17]. The device comprises a plastic housing in which there is the inverter, and a network indication system. At switching on the device, inversion of the left torsion field to the right one by the phase conductor of the network takes place, this leads to formation of the right torsion field, and as a reaction to such event there is a substantial decrease in the level of torsion radiation from Wi-Fi and the geopathogenic zones at the territory where as a power lead the said phase conductor is present.


Figure 8: The Vernada - Geo device.

The fact that the Wi-Fi networks are harmful for the human body is already reported by the foreign media, the recent studies of Ukrainian scientists confirm those data. However, the problem of harmful effect of this technology practically never has been raised at the State level - constant debates go about the cellular network communication, though a clear health threat from electromagnetic and torsion radiation of mobile tubes makes very few people to give up such convenient communication means. In its turn, in conjunction with the Wi-Fi promoting wireless technology, the users believe in its total safety. However, it is not so.

New, environmentally friendly, and still economically viable solutions are therefore required urgently. Vernada - Geo fulfills this requirement in an outstanding way.


Human settlements have an impact on the physical environment; they change locally the properties of the soil and, through it, have effects on humans and animals.

The relay antennas, the wind turbines and possibly other an electrical installations (transformers, pylons, motors, etc.) may present a danger to the health of living beings several kilometers away if they are at the intersection of the fault zones used for the circulation of water. The fault is the way of transmission of these "geotechnopathogenic" nuisances.

Sustainable exposure to these nuisances can cause the dysfunctions of the body and the behavioral problems or diseases in humans and animals.

The geomorphological study from the geological and topographical maps makes it possible to identify if electrical installations and the place where the nuisances occur are located on the same fault zone.

The installation of protections Vernada device or plug - in Vernada - Geo device in network of the base station supply generally makes it possible to correct nuisances.


A genuine safety torsion field stadart needs to be established to serve as a basis for future regulatory decisions. Since the specific absorption rate alone does not measure biological effects on humans, it does not serve the safety needs of consumers.

Sciensists, medicine and goverments must move immediately and aggresssively with the goal of minimizing the impact of torsion fields on children, pregnant women and adults.

One agency must be designated as the lead agency for protecting people who use wireless communication devices.


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