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Gods and Dimensions which are Related with our Question of how to Find Gods and where are they | OMICS International
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Journal of Astrophysics & Aerospace Technology
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Gods and Dimensions which are Related with our Question of how to Find Gods and where are they

Kunal Dhananjay Jadhav*

Department of mechanical engineering, SRM University, Chennai, India

*Corresponding Author:
Kunal Dhananjay Jadhav
Department of mechanical engineering, SRM University, Chennai, India
Tel: 044 2745 5510
E-mail:[email protected]

Received Date: May 15, 2015; Accepted Date: June 22, 2015; Published Date: June 29, 2015

Citation: Jadhav KD (2015) Gods and Dimensions which are Related with our Question of how to Find Gods and where are they. J Astrophys Aerospace Technol 3: 116. doi: 10.4172/2329-6542.1000116

Copyright: © 2015 Jadhav KD, et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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This editorial is about notion of a similarity between gods and dimension. A step to understand who are they and why they exist. This editorial will let you understand, how to reach for perceiving the gods. Gods are somewhat dimensionless characters which exist but we can’t see with our naked eyes. So let us begin our notion to perceive what gods are. It is an acute war between religion and science of understanding the extraordinary concept of gods. On the behalf of religion Gods are nothing but a pure soul from heaven who helps us in need. What if the science proves that the gods are the images of higher dimensions which we’re not able to conceive due to alien to the dimensions known to us? It is our firm belief that gods are soul and we can’t see them, but if what this proves wrong anytime? We need to clinch a step forward in order to say these things as they are sounding very nonsensical.


Gods; Dimensions; Higher dimensions civilizations; Mutiny between religion and science


It is my hearty honor to discuss the mystery behind gods and dimensions. Gods are nothing but supernatural beings of higher dimensions which humans can’t perceive. We can likely feel gods if have an access to higher dimensions or if we are able to beat time.

Gods are the figures which travel from the speed of light in higher dimensions. As the speed increases time lags behind, time lags behind is the pre conceived theory that we all know. Gods can communicate through dimensions. They are superior to us. They have a common access to all the dimensions, whether higher to low or low to higher.

We all live in three dimensional worlds where we can feel the time as the fourth physical dimension. Gods live in the world where they have more than us. Consider space as an area of research, it sis ever expanding and we don’t know where it ends. Space is an area where we have more than four physical dimensions. May the gods be the ordinary people of different galaxies?

That have an access to travel to foreign galaxies means, they could travel from one place to other irrespective of medium in between because they have an access to dimensions. Our main worry is to know how one can travel from higher dimension to lower dimension. Is it possible?

We can only travel from higher dimension to lower dimension if we can conceive the knowledge of getting into higher one. A higher order dimension is one which can be treated as the world which we are not familiar with. So our main aim is to identify the mystery of higher dimension and reach the gods as soon as possible.

Key notions

This is majorly given to signify that how does a three dimensional world is connected to the higher ones. We can conceive a string in which all the dimensions starting from the least moves to the highest. Common to all of them is a string which passes through all. This string you can refer to as warm hole or a passage to enter into the higher dimensions. By conceiving the notion of dimensions like this we can easily understand the relation of higher dimension world to us. As a part of assumption we can assume that gods are in the world of 8 dimensions and we are in 4, so we are lagging behind them by 4. We need to catch them if we have to see them. But our speed of advancement should be more than them because they are also chasing someone who are their gods and are in higher dimensions than them.

Need for higher dimensions

The major questions should arise in your minds that why higher dimensions are necessary. What are the needs of higher dimensions? The answer lies within ourselves; we need dimensions to make our work easier. The role of dimensions in our life is not only to conceive or workout higher order problems, but it is something secretly related to life. Dimensions can give us the answer of how our civilization had evolved over the past years from 0 dimensions to four that we can today conceive. Dimension can reveal the answers of the most hidden facts that are kept hidebound such as aliens and their existence, black holes etc. Dimensions are somewhat hypothetical answers of how we reached to the fourth dimensional changing world yet to be discovered properly.

Evidence of more than three dimensions

The proof of more than three dimensions can be seen in the general theory of relativity by Sir Albert Einstein. The fourth dimension being the space time which the scientist told about. Then The Theory of Kaluza and Klein came which extended the theory of general relativity to five dimensions. Maxwell’s derivation of more than three dimensional equations is also the greatest clue for us. Experimentally we know there are six leptons – electron, muon, tauon, and there three neutrinos are believed to be existed in a 12D space time dimensions. Only one lepton electron is existed in 6D space; therefore we need at least 12 dimensions to accommodate the six leptons. The existence of various sub atomic particles like higgs bosons which also gives us the evidence of having their existence in more than three dimensions. Due to these small particles that exist in higher dimensions and are evenly spread in space, we can consider our universe to be of 5, 6 or 11 dimensions. It is true on the physicists’ part to think that there are more dimensions than we perceive because we have proven evidences from various theories (Table 1).

Evidences or theories Name Dimensional analysis
General relativity Albert Einstein 4 Dimension space time
Gravity and Electromagnetism Theodor, Kaluza and Oscar 5 Dimensional general relativity
Superstring theory Matt Williams Universe of 10 dimensions

Table 1: Extraordinary scientists suggest us that there is a possibility of higher dimensions

The above evidences given by some of the extraordinary scientists suggest us that there is a possibility of higher dimensions. So we can infer that as the time will pass by, the human race will evolve to get access to these higher dimensions and could find the mystery of gods and their existence in future.

Role of speed of light

What a great thing it would be if someone would actually be able to travel with the speed of light. It is necessary on the fact to know what the reason is behind to travel with the speed of light. As mentioned above that there is a string or path through which we can travel to higher dimensions, can actually be travelled with the speed of light. With such a high speed we can actually explore dimensions more than we conceive. With such a high speed we can observe that the time actually gets reduced in relation to us as we are in higher dimension which is one dimension higher than time. So actually our first discovery is the speed of light by which we can beat time. Now we can change time backwards or front because we are faster than it. This is primarily the philosophy on which the gods can move in any time which they want because they have full access on it.

Significance of gravity

Gravity that was firstly discovered by Sir Isaac newton is also primarily plays a great role in communication from higher dimensions to lower dimensions. The supreme gods which are in the higher dimensions can use gravity as their mode of communication. Being a fact that, gravity can actually cross physical dimensions because it is present everywhere in the universe. No light, no wave can actually cause physical dimensions but gravity can. So this mysterious force that was discovered had actually to do something with these higher dimensions anomalies. The notion of gravity was not clearly understood by us, at this point of time we can understand that it was discovered to reveal the mystery of this universe to find actual gods and who they are and why do we exist.

Why we exist?

This is the major question that comes in our minds frequently. The answer is that we are here so as to understand the definition of life, someone is controlling us to make us know what is meaning of real life is. Higher dimensions people control lower dimensions people and want them to understand what life is. Their main role is to see whether we are living life on our own or as the rules say us to live. There is someone who is constantly looking upon us, to make sure whether we are going in right way or wrong way. The main aim of human race is to evolve as the time passes by, but evolution does not mean to just do whatever we want. We have been sent here to understand something which is hidden somewhere. Everyone is sent to search the truth of life by someone who has already found the thing which was hidden by their successive civilizations. The answer of existence lies within us. Our body soul and mind is governed by some supernatural figure which we refer to as god or beings of higher dimensions to be fair. They want us to know something and try to follow them. They want to help us so that we could find a better world than this, as this world is immortal and will be finished in some years (1-6).

End notes

In my end notes I would like to confer that dimensions and gods truly have some relation in hand, this makes us feel that we are in a state of an Enigma which we need to open up and try to reach zenith.


Therefore I conclude by saying that we can still reach gods if we unravel the mystery of dimensions. It is to our prior knowledge that gods are immortal and humans are mortal. Who knows whether this mystery of birth and death is solved by conceiving the knowledge of dimensions successfully?


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