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Journal of Accounting & Marketing

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Humanity Diffusion

Chandra Mohan S* and Ramana DV

Department of Management Studies, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, India

*Corresponding Author:
Chandra Mohan S
Department of Management Studies
Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, India
Tel: 0877 228 9412
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: February 02, 2016; Accepted Date: February 18, 2016; Published Date: February 24, 2016

Citation: Chandra Mohan S, Ramana DV (2016) Humanity Diffusion. J Account Mark 5:156. doi: 10.4172/2168-9601.1000156

Copyright: © 2016 Chandra Mohan S, et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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The words from our holy epic Mahabharata reveals the fundamental rights of a human being and emphasizes the need of humanity at parts of life. The one which encounters the necessity of mankind and the perception around the word secularism has become senseless when and where it created a ground of mess accumulating geographies with massacres. The basic question arises in the minds of the people when, the same species become vulnerable with their attitude, behavior and means of doing. This clarity will be explained through the holy epic Geetha (Bhagavad Geetha) very clearly. People now with this kind of societal phenomena one thing we should get clarify is, who is behind this heinous crimes whether the god or human being?


Humanity; Species; Attitude; Sense

Road Map

The recent consecutive attacks executed by the militants (ISIS) at several parts of the world with some valueless practices over the same species depict the humanitical grounds of the human beings with a sense of derogatory value system. The sects which have spreader along the borders and into the hearts of the mankind’s making people cannibal, creating human slaughters to get relief in the form of domination and devastation. Humanity has been diffused among the people as the replica of innovation diffusion in marketing management. The concept which generally explains the nature and purchase perception of the people on new entries. The designations assigned to them are, innovators, early adopters, early majority, later majority and laggards with the share of 2.5, 13.5, 34, 34 and 16 respectively. This classification explains the percentage of people adopt any innovation with respect to their nature of buying. In similar the society is also facing severe kind of designative harassments, where people are showing their negative side of personality with some unacceptable actions.

The reason behind this automatically inflicts the fundamental right of Dharma which is with some value and incredibility. This is the time to rethink on the side of human beings faith and belief system. My part of doing here as a fellow member of the same species is, to make people aware of the present generation’s ferocious attitude.

Correction Required

The humanitical grounds are been divided into five individual classes, such as; Integrity, Belief, Humanity, Transparency and Justice.

The main support to this write up is the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau). It also reveals some demographical influences which are really become vulnerable right now in the society. The main areas of this section areas follows.


At present the most number of registered crimes are committed by the juveniles and adults. What forcing them to do like this is a big question mark, because most of them were post graduates and engineering graduates and the reason to go like this are, luxurious life style, recklessness, fearless future, family background, economical constrains and lack of guidance. In my opinion the generation gap clearly depicting the importance and relevance of value system with discipline and dedication.


The societal aspects like gender inequality, violence, social system and dominance really addressed at the places where they generally disturb some fundamental clues of the people. It has become a common share to everyone instead of disbursing among. This situation is creating a panic disease like generational syndrome where it directly reflects on the generations. The rate of share in all the duties like, crime, affection, love, hate, harassment and even at harmony. A man can practice all these at the same level a woman can also do the same. The state of admiring and adoring has become an unknown zone of mannerism. The common error here has become a default trend failure for generations.


Where a bold head is generating plenty of opportunities for many like, hair transplantations’, wig and beautician arts why can’t a religion can also be an opportunity for many who are intend to intensify inferiors. The present class of religion deeply reveals the concerns of the system.


Caste system with some political color and internal critics fighting hard to survive as one of the main column of society. The main system which is in place of addressing some communities becomes centre for developing communalism. The art of getting things done by others has a default practice of prohibition by the parties here.

A common man who is in with a kind of perception to survive and to lead the life gets discrimination as gift for life. The main reason for this in India and abroad is power and greed in my opinion.

By taking some of the insights, I tried distinguishing the personalities with some class name and classification. It commonly includes all the sections of the people due respect to their attitude and ascent. The designations occupied by the respective social classes are explained in Table 1.

Proposed Designation of People Deteriorating Values Class
Betrayers = 2.5% = Integrity
Accused = 13.5% = Belief
Culprits = 34 % = Transparency
Miscreants = 34% and = Humanity and
Sects = 16% = Justice

Table 1: Designations occupied by the respective social classes.

My sincere appeal to everyone from here is, the ground which we are all living has been polluted with many isms like; Feudalism, tribalism, Terrorism, Naxalism, Communalism, Racism and casteism by ignoring and neglecting the one very important and fundamental ism is mannerism. The unfortunate thing which we are neglecting is mannerism. Unless we inject this into the minds of the people it is hard to be here for longer times.

The graphical representation of the explanation was showed in the following Figure 1.


Figure 1: Graphical representation.

The designations occupied by the respective social classes are explained as below;

Betrayers = 2.5%, accused = 13.5%, culprits = 34 %, miscreants = 34% and sects = 16%.

Here are the some interesting insights to include and to interpret with the present discussion. The data reveals some fundamental value system failures as human being people are committing. Report downloaded from the NCRB official site. The Data was provided in the Table 2.

Infanticide 82
Other Murder of Children 1657
Abetment of Suicide 215
Buying of Girls for Prostitution 6
Exposure and Abandonment 930
Foeticide 221
Kidnapping and Abduction of Children 28167
Other Crimes against Children 13037
Procuration of Minor Girls 1224
Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 222
Rape of Children 12363
Selling of Girls for Prostitution 100
Total Crimes against Children 58224

Table 2: Data form NCRB


The present generation is reeling under the helm of distress due to many of the reasons. The main reason to get this situation may be with distinct parts of socio economical circumstances but, the negligence played by the strategic people along with the changing trend now created a war zone like society. The generations are now in a situation of doldrums. At least to reduce the severity it is the responsibility of everyone in the society. Being the great mind and child of this holy land protecting and preserving the integrity, dignity and culture and heritage is also the responsibility of everybody.

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