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Overview of Important Medicinal Plants at Fars Province, Iran

Reza E Owfi* and Nosratollah Safaian

Department of Rangeland Management, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University, Sari, Iran

*Corresponding Author:

Reza E Owfi
Department of Rangeland Management
Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University
Sari, Iran
Tel: 00989171120831
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: August 01, 2017; Accepted date: August 07, 2017; Published date: August 15, 2017

Citation: Owfi RE, Safaian N (2017) Overview of Important Medicinal Plants at Fars Province, Iran. Med Aromat Plants 6: 298. doi: 10.4172/2167-0412.1000298

Copyright: © 2017 Owfi RE, et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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Fars province in southern Iran, with an area of 133000 square kilometers is one of the largest provinces of the country. There are different climates in the province that has caused it to be a pioneer at production and use of medicinal plants in the country, as it is the largest exporter of medicinal plants in the country. In this study, an overview of the most important medicinal species in this province has been dealt with. After the source and target data were collected and their accuracy were studied, according to the frequency of data and information contained in this field, the key points were extracted and to facilitate their use, was prepared in tabular form.


Herbs; Medicinal plants; Fars province; Iran


Herbs are the most important products in natural resources which directly have a positive impact on the lives of people. Many of the drugs we use are directly or indirectly from herbal medicinal products. The importance of plants has been evident to humans since ancient times as Egyptians have been expertise from the sixteenth century BC in the extreme use of these plants [1-3].

As expressed before, Egypt, has a long history in terms of research background in this area. From ancient times, Jewish people used these plants too. India also has a very famous old books on herbs called caraca and Susruta. China's oldest medical book is attributed to one of its emperors called Shinon who lived in 2800 BC from 8 to 10th centuries, famous Iranian scientist Avicenna and Razi were shining in this field [4-7]. In Western countries, progress in this science dates back to the early Middle Ages that continues to date and by scientists such as Constantine, Epitome Matthiol, and Dragendroff and so on has been done [8-10]. In Iran, the most comprehensive investigation in this case was conducted by Ali Zargari and the result has been published in five volumes [5]. In Iran, with respect to special geographic locations and different climatic conditions is habitat of many varieties of medicinal plants and In the meantime, the province of Fars province is the most relevant So that, according to the provincial Department of Natural Resources, there are more than 1600 species of medicinal plants in Fars and more than 100 species of them are massively cultivated on 600 hectares of land in the province, of course, the data is not on tree species and the garden. Medicinal plants export from province abroad in 2015 was 48 tons So that the province has become the first exporter of these products in the country. It should be noted that the province with an area of 133000 square kilometers includes 8.1% area of the country which is located in the southern part of the country and holds Three climate in which The North and North West of the province has mountains with snow and rain and the amount of rainfall is over 400 millimeters a year. Central areas with mild winter and hot and dry summer is with annual precipitation of 200 to 400 millimeters. Also, south and South-East holds mild winter and very hot summer with annual precipitation of 100 to 200 millimeters [7]. figure shows the situation of Fars province in Iran (Figure 1).


Figure 1: Situation of Fars province in Iran.

Research Methodology

In this study, following steps were taken to conduct the research.

Gather information and data: Given that there are a lot of resources of medicinal plants, but most of them are a reflection of people's experiences although not certain, but most of them have no formal training in this area and have just inherited and acquired these practices that certainly will be helpful to use the information provided that the information be evaluated with scientific data that has been considered in this study. In addition, the relevant articles and books have also been used. Research is also being conducted by the departments of natural resources, agriculture, the environment and the tribes of Fars province is also considered.

Information and data evaluation: in this regard for other articles, books and academic research there is no problem, but as mentioned before, information about people who have been working on an experimental basis in the field of medicinal plants should be evaluated and just the sort of information that is scientifically acceptable and consistent with their academic issues were used.

Extracting the desired and key data: Due to the large volume of literature on medicinal plants, at this stage, it was launched to extract key data which were useful for getting familiar with province medicinal plants and again to simplify using them, they have been tabulated.


Climatic variations in Fars province has caused a wide range of plants from different families to grow and this factor has had the most for the province to turn to the largest medicinal plants of the country

The Most families of medicinal plants in Fars province include Leguminoseae- Rosaceae- Cruciferae and Umbelliferae.

Many medicinal plants in Fars Province like Crocus sativus-Oryza sativa-Cerasus arium, Citrus limonum are found only in certain parts and their distribution is limited.

Some of medicinal plants Peganum harmala-Punica granatum- Triticum sp . have been widely distributed and are observed in other places too.

Development of production and utilization of medicinal plants is one of the most important ways of creating jobs for local people and it would only be possible with the cooperation of government efficient machination.

Due to the current situation in the province, already the possibility of expanding production of medicinal plants and products is more than before.


In this part, all results have been tabulated according to plants branches and their deviations and also key and detail information of each species have presented subsequently in the Tables 1-5.

Family name Species name Major features of Botany Usable parts Effective substance Health benefits
Anacardiaceae Rhus coriaria Bushy tree-Small fruit-Leaves change into red and green in autumn The whole plant Tannic acid Anti diarrhea-Coagulater
Berberidaceae Berberis vulgaris Spiny bushy tree-Yellow flower and wood Root-Flower-Fruit-Skin of stem and root Berberine-Berbamin-Palmatin-Berberobin Anti diarrhea and bleeding and gingivitis
Cruciferae Brassica napus Herbal-Leaves without trichome–Swollen root Root Vitamins-Minerals Anti scurvy -Diuretic – Treatment of kidney stone
Cruciferae Brassica oleracea Grass- Leaf with trichome Leaf Sulforaphane Anti scurvy – Wound healing
Cruciferae Cheiranthus cheiri Herbal-Narrow Leaves with lots of hairs-Brown yellow flower leaf-seed Quercitin-Quinoline-Glucoquinoline Headache and stuffy nose curing
Cruciferae Descurainia sophia Herbal-Stem Branches at ground level seed Protein-Fat Wound healing-Anti fewer and worm
Cruciferae Nasturtium officinale Herbal-Fleshy leaves - Growing in clear water The whole plant Gluconasturtin-Phenylethyl Mucus producing-Treatment of gout and rheumatism
Cruciferae Raphnus sativus Herbal-Swollen root-White or yellow or violet flower Root-Juice Sulforaphane Whooping cough and rheumatism curing-Treatment of gallbladder stone
Cruciferae Sinapis alba Herbal-Covered with trichome-Yellow flower Seed Sinalbin Diuretic - Laxative
Cucurbitaceae Citrullus vulgaris Bushy-Yellow flower-Fleshy fruit Seed-Fruit Citrullin Diuretic- Anti fever and infection
Cucurbitaceae Cucumis melo Bushy-
Yellow flower
-Fleshy fruit
Seed-Fruit Vitamin A-vitamin C-Cellulose Anti worm - Diuretic
Cucurbitaceae Cucumis sativus Bushy-Stem with roughhairs-Big yellow flower Seed-Fruit Mucilage-Erepsin Dialysis-Diuretic-Anti worm-Hygiene ofskin
Fumariaceae Fumaria parviflora Herbal-Dusty leaves- White flower The whole plant Protopine-Fumoficinaline Sweaty-Appetizer
Geraniaceae Geranium robertianum Herbal-Multi parts leaves-Bad smell The whole plant Ellagic acid-Geranin Diuretic-Constipater-Tonic
Hypericaceae Hypericum perforatum Herbal-StemFeatured numerous longitudinal lines-Oval leaves Twig with flower Hyperin-Hypericin Tonic-Digestive- Pain killer- Anti Bile
Leguminosae Albizzia lebbek Tree without thorns-Flower in white , pink and red Stem-Skin-Root- Albizzin Anti worm - CuringItching Treatment of Asthma
Leguminosae Alhagi camelorum Herbal-Barbed stem Manna Melezitose Laxative- Medications sweetener
Leguminosae Arachis hypogaea Herbal-yellow flower Fruit Oleic acid-Palmitic acid Camphor oil supply
Leguminosae Cercis siliquastrum Beautiful bushy tree-beautiful and purple flower Flower-Leaf-Skin   Constipater-CuringBronchitis
Leguminosae Faba vulgaris Herbal-Big and white flower Flower-Fruit-Seed Proteoze-Vicilin Legumalin tonic-CuringFatigue- Anti paroxysm
Leguminosae Glycyrrhizia glabra herbal- yellow and violet flower Rhizome-Root Glycyrrhizin-Glycyrrhizic acid Curingcough and inflammation of stomach
Leguminosae Lens culinaris Herbal-White and small flower Seed Amidone Anti inflammation
Leguminosae Medicago sativa Herbal-Big blue and violet flower Twig Asparagine-Leuzin-Arginin Curing rickets
Leguminosae Melilotus officinalis Herbal-Yellow small and aromatic flower – Trichomeless fruit Twig with flowers Coumarin-Melilotic acid Diuretic – Curing chest pain
Leguminosae Phasaeolus vulgaris Herbal-Flower in white and yellow Skin-Fruit-Seed Arginine-Fazin Curingdiabetes
Leguminosae Pisum sativum Herbal Seed Legumolin-Vicilin-Legumin Diuretic
Leguminosae Trigonella foenum-graecum Herbal- Single and yellow flower Seed- Stem Trigonellin-Nicotinic acid Tonic -Softener
Leguminosae Vicia sativa Herbal-Violet flower Seed Vicin-Legumalin-Legumin Curingmeasles and smallpox and inflammation
Magnoliaceae Chimonanthus fragrans Bushy tree –Flower herbaceous inlemon- Jar likefruit Root Calycanthin Stomach tonic
Malvaceae Althaea officinalis Herbal-Stem with trichome-Long , Spindle like root Root-Flower-Leaf Mucilage Softener -Curingskin irritation
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus globolus Tree- firm wood Leaf Eucalyptic acid-Eucalyptol Disinfectant –Constipater-Anti fever
Myrtaceae Myrtus communis Evergreen bushy tree-Leather leaves-Big and white flower Leaf-Fruit-Flower Myrtidana-Tannin-Linolein Disinfectant
Papaveraceae Papaver rhoeas Herbal-Leaf with trichome- Single and red flower Petal Papaveric acid CuringInsomnia-Laxative
Punicaceae Punica granatum Bushy tree-
Rugged and firm stem-
Multiple Spiny twig
Leaf-Flower-Root Punicatanic acid- CuringLoss of appetite and diarrhea and hemorrhage and anemia
Ranunculaceae Aquilegia vulgaris Herbal- The upper surface of the leaves dusty-Blue and purpleF flower- Fruit with seed Hydrogen cyanide Sweaty-Diuretic- Anti scurvy
Ranunculaceae Consolida regalis Herbal- Beautiful blue and whiteflower Seed Delsoline-Delcozine-kaempferol Strong aperient- Skin irritative
Ranunculaceae Nigella sativa Herbal-Multi parts leaves-Flowerin white Seed Nigellone-Melantin-Melantigentin Aperient- Anti worm
Rhamnaceae Zizyphus jujuba Bushy tree
-Small and yellow green flower
Fruit Zizyphutanic acid-Zizynic acid Laxative
Rosaceae Amygdalus communis Tree- Plain and oval leaf-
Pink flower
Flower-Skin-Fruit-Seed kernel Albuminoid-Amygdolinozid Anti-bile
DiureticCuringcough -Aperient
Rosaceae Armeniaca vulgaris Tree-
Big , white and pink flower
Seed Kernel- -Fruit Conglotin-pangamic acid Constipater-Dialysis
Rosaceae Cerasus arium Long living tree -Aspheric fruit Fruit Folic acid-Choline HygieneSkin- Treatment of kidney
Rosaceae Cerarus vulgaris Bushy tree-With lots of shoots-Aspheric fruit Fruit Folic acid-Choline Curing Kidney and liver diseases.
Rosaceae Fragaria vesca Bushy tree-White flower Leaf-Rhizome-Fruit Tannin- Glucoside Curing Shortness of breath –Dialysis-Curing bodyhypothermia and diarrhea.
Rosaceae Malus orientalis Bushy tree-Upper levelleaf with trichome-Big, white and pink flower Leaf-Fruit-Stem skin Phlorizin- phloritin Diuretic-Constipater –Anti fever
Rosaceae Mespilus germanica Spiny bushy tree-Big flower in white and pink Fruit-Leaf Malic acid-Tannin- Citric acid-Tartaric acid Constipater-Curing hemorrhage
Rosaceae Persica vulgaris Bushy tree-Narrow and long leaf Fruit-Skin-Flower--Leaf Amygdalin-Conglotin Aperient-Skin hygiene-Anti fever
Rosaceae Prunus sativum Tree-Big fruit Fruit Pyranose Tonic-Curing gout and rheumatism
Rosaceae Pyrus communis Bushy tree- White and pink flower Stem-Fruit-Leaf-Skin Arbutin-phlorizin Constipater-Diuretic- Sedative
Rosaceae Rose canina Bushy tree-Flower in white and pink Leaf-Flower Tannin-Malic acid-Citric acid CuringBloody diarrhea and kidney inflammation – Anti scurvy
Rosaceae Rose gallica Spiny bushy tree-flower inred and aromatic Flower bud Cyanine Constipater-Curing Hemorrhage-Skin hygiene
Rutaceae Citrus bigaradia Evergreen tree-aromatic and thick and juicy petal Leaf-Flower_Fruit Stachydrin-Hesperidin Digesting - Antiparoxysm
Rutaceae Citrus limonum Small tree-Strong root in white-Spiny twig Fruit Camphen-Limonen-Geraniol-Citral Increasing white globules-Anti rheumatism and asthma
Rutaceae Citrus sinensis Small tree-White flower with weak smell Fruit Diastase-Citric acid-Malic acid Antiseptic - Mucus producing
Tamaricaceae Tamarix gallica Tree-Narrow and dark green leaf-Dark red branch Manna-Skin Scoline-Gallic acid Constipater-Diuretic -Appetizer
Umbelliferae Anethum graveolens Herbal-White root-Small and yellow flower Leaf-Fruit Limonene-Carvon-phellandren Anti nausea and stomach ache
Umbelliferae Apium graveolens Herbal—Small flower in whitegreen The whole plant Apiine-Apiiose Diuretic-Anti bloating
Umbelliferae Carum carvi Herbal-White pink smallflower Stem-Leaf-Fruit Wax-Mucilage-Carvon-Dihydrocarveol Diuretic-Anti bloating and paroxysm
Umbelliferae Coriandrom sativum Herbal-Full of leaves in green-Big and white flower Seed Phellandren-Coriandrol Diuretic-Anti bloating and paroxysm
Umbelliferae Daucus carota Herbal-Small flower inyellow Root-Fruit Limonin Diuretic-Skin hygiene
Umbelliferae Foeniculum vulgare Herbal-Aromatic - Yellow flower Root-Leaf-Fruit Anethol-Estragol-phenone-phellandren Diuretic-Sedation
Umbelliferae Frula gumosa Stem-Thick Flower inyellow –Leaf with trichome Plant juice Cadinen-Cadinol-Umbelliferon Anti paroxysm and stomachache
Umbelliferae Heracleum persicum Herbal-Aromatic-flowerWhite Root-Stem-Flower Butyrate Methylic-Butyrate ethylic-Acetate Anti-bloating
Umbelliferae Petroselinum crispum Herbal-Small and green
Root-Stem-Flower Apiiosid-Apiiose-Apiine Diuretic-CuringShortness of breath andhepatitis
Umbelliferae Pimpinella anisum Herbal-flowerSmallin white Fruit Anisic acid-Methyl chavi bloatingAnti
Violaceae Viola odorata Herbal-Heartlike Leaf-Single violet flower-Frout with trichome Flower -Leaf-Root-Seed Violin Softener-Sweaty_Mucus producing
Vitaceae Vitis vinifera Climber tree –Knotted stem Plant jouce-Fruit-Leaf Succilic acid-Vitin-Glucolic acid Tonic-Constipater-Diuretic-Anti fever blister
Zygophyllaceae Peganum harmala Herbal-Full of green leaves-Big white flower Seed Harmin-Harmalin-Harmalol Sleep cousing-Sweaty-Anti worm
Zygophyllaceae Tribulus terrestris Herbal-Stem with hairs Root-Fruit Leaf-Seed Resin-Polyphenol-Arabinose Tonic- Appetizer- Bladder and kidney stone exertion-Blood pressure reduction

Table 1: Fars Province important medicinal plants. Spermatophytes Division-Angiosperms. (Subdivision-Dicotyledons Class-Dialypetalaes Subdivision).

Family name Species name Major features of Botany Usable parts Effective substance Health benefits
Lobiateae Melissa officinalis Herbal-Sharp tip leaf-White flower Shoot-Leaf Citronel-Citral Curing paroxysm and dizziness
Lobiateae Mentha piperata Herbal-With rhizome and stolon Flowering shoot-Leaf Tannin-Menthol-Isomenthol Anti bloating
Lobiateae Mentha pulegium Herbal-Cylindrical appereance Aerial parts of the plant Pectin-Resin-Pulegiun Anti bloating - Disinfectant
Lobiateae Ocimum basilicum Herbal-Sharp tip leaf – White flower Whole of the plant Estragol-Ocimune Curing dizziness and nausea and cough
Lobiateae Satureia hortensis Herbal- stem color darker than leaves Aerial parts of the plant Citrosol-Ursolic acid Diuretic-Anti bloating
Plantaginaceae Plantago major Herbal-Nervure Throughout the leaf Leaf-Root-Seed mucilage Dialysis-Curing Diarrhea and asthma
Plumbaginaceae Plumbago europaea Herbal-Leaves aspheric at base, other leaves sharp tip and narrow - Light blue flower Root Tannin-Amidone-Plumbagin-Gallic acid Aperient
Volerianaceae Voleriana officinalis Herbal-Aromatic white pink flower- With Rhizome-plenty of roots Root-Rhizome Tannin-Valerinic acid-Valerin Curing bloating and epilepsy y and paroxysm

Table 2: Important medicinal plants in Fars province(Spermatophytes Division-Angiosperms Subdivision-Dicotyledons Class-Sympetalaes Subdivision).

Family name Species name Major features of Botany Usable parts Effective substance Health benefits
Chenopodiaceae Spinacia oleraceae Herbal-Triangular leaf Leaf Spinacine-Neoxanthin-Violaxanthin Curing asthma, constipation and rheumatism
Elaeagnaceae Elaeagnus angostifolia Tree-
Small flower
Leaf-Dried fruit Amino acids Constipater-Anti fever
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia helioscopia Herbal-
Small red flower
Euphorbon-Euphorbic acid Aperient
Fagaceae Quercus tourn Tree-Aspheric female flower- hanging male flower Leaf-
Tannin-Galotanic acid-Digallic acid Curing tuberculosis and hemorrhage and rickets
Juglandaceae Juglans regia Tree-Hanging male flower-Vertical female flower Wood-
-           Leaf
Juglon-Citric acid-Gallic acid-Digallic acid CuringDiabetes and tuberculosis –Anti worm
Moraceae Ficus carica Tree-Rough leaf Fruit-
Vitamin C-Betacarotene Aperient- Anti parasite
Moraceae Morus alba Tree-Light green leaf Fruit Resveratrol-Tannin Laxative - Curing chest pain
Moraceae Morus nigra Tree-Dark green leaf Fruit-
Gallic acid-Ellagic acid-Anthocyanin Anti worm- Curing sore throat
Platanaceae Platanus orientalis Tree-White trunk Skin-
Tannin-phenol Curing skin rash and voicehoarseness
Polygonaceae Rumex acetosa Herbal-Sharp tip leaf- Small flower Leaf-
Remicin Curing Gingivitis
Salicaceae Salix alba Tree- Silver white leaf-Surface of the leaf with white hairs Skin Salicid-Helicin-Salicozid Anti fever-Anti paroxysm

Table 3: Important medicinal plants in Fars province (Spermatophytes Division-Angiosperms Subdivision-Dicotyledons Class-Monochlamideaes Subdivision).

Family name Species name Major features of Botany Usable parts Effective substance Health benefits
Amarylliaceae Narcissus tazetta White flower and aromatic- Narrow and long leaf Bulb Narcinin-Tazenin  
Asparagaceae Asparagus officinalis Herbal- Squamous leaf –With rhizome Rhizome-Root Coniferin-Asparaguse Curing hepatitis-Diuretic
Graminaceae Avena sativa Herbal- Long fruit Bud-Seed Vitamin A-E-B - Betaglucan Diuretic - Laxative –Wound healing
Graminaceae Hordeum vulgare Herbal- Rough and intermittent leaf Bud-Seed Albuminoid –Diastase-Enzyme-Amylose Anti fever-Diuretic-CuringDiarrhea and nephritis
Graminaceae Oryza sativa Herbal-Annual- Large and narrow leaf Seed Amidone-Niacin-Thiamin-Riboflavin Curing diarrhea and ulcers
Graminaceae Secale cereale Herbal- Rough and wide leaf Bud-seed Amidone-Secalose Laxative-Softener
Graminaceae Triticum sp H-erbal-Annual Bud-seed Gluten-Amidone-Cellulose Curing asthma and inflammation-Anti poison
Iridaceae Crocus sativus Herbal-Hard bulb-violet flower Stigula -Style Crocin-Crocetin Curing toothache
Iridaceae Iris florentina Herbal-With rhizomeLarge , fragrant and white flower Rhizome Ascorbic acid-Iridine-Irigenin Diuretic-Aperient-Curingwhooping cough –Anti worm
Liliaceae Allium capa Herbal Bulb Citric acid-Anthocyanin Antiseptic- Diuretic-Curing diabetes
Liliaceae Allium porrum Herbal- Band and wide leaf Bulb-Leaf Hemolysin- Maltase Curing Indigestion, obesity and joint pain
Liliaceae Allium sativum Herbal- White flower Bulb Allyl-Allylpropylle Disinfectant-Anti worm- Decreasing blood pressure
Palmaceae Phonix dactylifera Tree-Big trunk- Big leaf Fruit Mucilage-Glucose Curing cough and chest pain

Table 4: important medicinal plant in Fars province(Spermatophytes Division-Angiosperms Subdivision-Monocotyledons Class).

Family name Species name Major features of Botany Usable parts Effective material Health benefits
Cupressaceae Cupressus sempervirens Tree-Very small and triangular leaf-Smooth and red grey trunk Wood-Fruit Tannin-Essence Vasoconstrictor
-Curing diarrhea and bleeding .
Pinaceae Pinus silvestris Tree-Fractured and redSkin trunk Seed-Bud Coniferylic acid Curing cough-

Table 5: Important medicinal plants in Fars province(Spermatophytes Division-Gymnosperms Subdivision).


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