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The Great Cosmic Sea of Reality the Dark Matter Fractal Field - A Conceptual Premise of the Structure and Functional Dynamics of Our Universe

Fulton Johns T*

Decathlon Dental, 614 Mabry Hood Road, #201 Knoxville, TN 37932, USA

*Corresponding Author:
Fulton Johns T
Decathlon Dental, 614 Mabry Hood Road
#201 Knoxville, TN 37932, USA
Tel: (865) 675-3773
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: March 23, 2017 Accepted Date: April 22, 2017 Published Date: April 27, 2017

Citation: Johns F (2017) The Great Cosmic Sea of Reality the Dark Matter Fractal Field - A Conceptual Premise of the Structure and Functional Dynamics of Our Universe. J Astrophys Aerospace Technol 5: 142. doi:10.4172/2329-6542.1000142

Copyright: © 2017 Johns F. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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“There is always more than meets the eye in a fractal frame of reference”. Almost three quarters of our globe is home to another world we are only beginning to understand. Yet, what has been very obvious from our earliest investigation of the sea is that it reveals a complex reality alien to us, the sea is a world in and of itself. Though it provides the very fabric of existence of the life it sustains, the combined network of oceans that blankets our planet go unnoticed by its inhabitants due to its scale and the fact that these waters are the very space (i.e. fluid) these life forms live in and navigate through moment by moment. As it is with the sea life, so it is in our world; we like our marine counterparts fail to notice the sea of our own reality. The space we occupy and live in is empty, to our everyday sensory perceptions, until of course we feel the wind on our face. Only then do we become aware that something unseen actually exists. The five senses we possess are incapable of detecting the extremes of both microscopic and cosmic scales, yet they do exist. This is the fundamental point I want you to remember as you read my theory.


Cosmic Sea; Dark Matter; Dark Energy; Fractal; Scalar; Universe


In this paper, I will attempt to explain very difficult concepts that do in fact have the foundation of scientific studies over several decades. The paper will explain how the work of several scientists have put different pieces of the puzzle in place but presumably none of them individually was able to see the bigger picture their piece of the puzzle reveals. This paper will show that the evolution of our planet and its biosphere, which has been well established, is linked and actively evolving with our Cosmos through a complex network of powerful morphic fields at all scales. The Earth, like the nucleus of an atom, sits seemingly adrift in an abyss of the Cosmic Sea yet under its control and is a very small part of a much larger evolutionary process of our reality. I will share intuitive ideas or theories that I believe best explain the known facts proven by scientific evidence of the nature of the fabric of our Cosmic Sea in which we coexist with each other and other worlds, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial.

The Theory

The Dark Matter Fractal Field Theory (DMFFT) is better understood by explaining the scale of influence that I believe the evidence suggests that it has. This is why many times I refer to it as The Cosmic Dark Matter Fractal Field Theory (CDMFFT). Now, if you know anything about our Universe you know that it is a very large place full of billions of galaxies and trillions of stars all of which are very similar to our galaxy the Milky Way and our star the Sun, in fact an ever-expanding place that is getting larger all the time. This is the very large Macro scale in which the CDMFF has influence.

There is another scale that it in fact operates more elegantly in and that is in the very small arena well below the size of atoms called the Planck scale (1 × 10-35).

That encompasses the entire Universe from the very large Macro Scale to the unimaginably small Planck Scale. Like the Higgs Field, also a scalar field recently discovered at the CERN particle accelerator in Europe, which is believed to be responsible for giving mass to highly accelerated particles, the CDMF Field is a scalar field because it also has a sphere of influence at all scales (levels) of our reality.

Visit this website to understand scale of size [1]. Now that you understand the scope of the CDMFF the next important part to understand is the signature of that influence which makes its presence identifiable. This signature is unmistakable once you are familiar with it and its characteristics. This signature is the Fractal forms of structure found throughout nature and at all scales. The Fractal was named and first described by Benoit Mandelbrot and above all, to Mandelbrot, Fractal meant self-similar. Self-similarity is symmetry across scale it implies recursion, pattern inside of pattern like Russian nested dolls. The works he produced describing the recursive nesting doll nature of these geometric shapes and patterns of repetition of wonder are voluminous and I encourage you to look at the YouTube videos to gain a better understanding of Fractal theory [2]. However, for our purposes think of Fractals as a self-similar pattern that repeats itself at multiple scales of observation in a recursive nesting fashion much like holding up a mirror and looking into another mirror behind you. This Fractal recursive theme is repeated in nature not only in forms and shapes in clouds, mountains, the human lung or circulatory system (morphology) but even in the sounds of a heartbeat, the seeming chaotic sounds of electromagnetic waves and harmonics of those energy waves. Fractals are in fact ubiquitous anywhere you look and at many different scales. That is in fact why I believe there is a common unifying force at work directing this nested recursive pattern called Fractals at all levels of our reality. Thereby, the name fractal field in the name of the CDMFF theory.

The next part to this theory is concerning the source and origin of the Fractal Field and that would require a tremendous energy source with a ubiquitous presence reaching across the Cosmos at the Macro and as well as the Planck level of our reality. There is only one source that fills that order in known science. It is the Dark Matter that has been found to account for almost 21% of the mass of the total Universe and along with what I believe to be its energy source Dark Energy which accounts for 75% of the mass of the Universe. The problem with this as the source is that, as far as we can tell, Dark Matter/Dark Energy does not seem to interact with ordinary matter (Baryonic matter).

This means that only about 4% of the entire Universe consists of Baryonic matter which means ordinary matter that makes up everything from you and me to everything else we see and can measure in some way, is spread pretty thin in our reality.

There is a lot going on underneath our perception responsible for the form, function, and the evolution of both animate and inanimate objects. The best word picture for this concept is a Christmas tree. If you saw the Christmas tree at night from a distance and knew nothing about it; you would see a triangular pattern of lights suspended in the black of night. You would never see the very structure of the tree that gives it that shape. The lights represent Baryonic matter of our Universe the tree the Dark Matter/Dark Energy that gives our Universe its apparent form and structure.

I will now begin to explain and reference the supporting work of other scientists and researchers who have found linking discoveries that dovetail nicely into the CDMFF Theory.

What Proofs Exist to Support the CDMF Field?

There are several authors of books that I will share excerpts of their written as well as spoken words since I have watched several lectures by these same scientists also published articles of more recent on-going research. The first of these is Dr. Bruce Lipton. His life's work centers around the cell membrane as an active controller of the cell’s genetic readout as it respond to its environment. This is accomplished through the over 100,000 cell membrane receptor/effecter switches he described in his early research with stem cells in the late 1960's and early 70's; his recent book written for the lay public is called the "Biology of Belief " and is well worth your time. One of the central themes of his work centers on the action of energy fields, not just molecules, acting as an activating signal of the many and varied cell membrane switches that are responsible for the cell membrane function as well as growth and epigenetic responses to ever changing environmental conditions. There are many different energy fields at work which I believe are propagated within and sometimes amplified by resonate frequencies of the CDMFF. The major impact of Dr. Lipton's work on my theory is that these fields are not just some fly by night Idea; they literally have a physical influence on the biology in the biosphere with which they interact a conclusion his research and evidence strongly supports.

This Cosmic Sea I speak of is what I believe cosmologist now call Dark Matter/Dark Energy. It is what early investigators called another less descriptive name the Vacuum space, Ground State or Zero Point Field. My preference, a more descriptive name, is The Dark Matter Fractal Field for reasons that will become obvious; however, we are talking about the same phenomena.

Statement from the book "The Field"

"At our most elemental, we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge. Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness, the alpha and the omega of our existence. There is no ‘me’ and ‘not-me’ duality to our bodies in relation to the universe, but one underlying energy field. This field is responsible for our mind’s highest functions, the information source guiding the growth of our bodies. It is our brain, our heart, our memory – indeed, a blueprint of the world for all time. The field is the force, rather than germs or genes, that finally determines whether we are healthy or ill, the force which must be tapped in order to heal. We are attached and engaged, indivisible from our world, and our only fundamental truth is our relationship with it. ‘The field,’ as Einstein once succinctly put it, ‘is the only reality." [3].

And this: "As the pioneers of quantum physics peered into the very heart of matter, they were astounded by what they saw. The tiniest bits of matter weren’t even matter, as we know it, not even a set something, but sometimes one thing, sometimes something quite different. And even stranger, they were often many possible things all at the same time. But most significantly these subatomic particles had no meaning in isolation, but only in relationship with everything else. At the most elemental, matter couldn't be chopped up into self-contained little units, but was completely indivisible. You could only understand the universe as a dynamic web of interconnection" [4].

The work of Dr. Hal Puthoff of Stanford University (SRI)

"With Hal’s theory, a particle is always a particle but its state just seems indeterminate because it is constantly interacting with this background energy field. Another quality of subatomic particles such as electrons taken as a given in quantum theory is ‘nonlocality’ – Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’. This quality may also be accounted for by the Zero Point Field. To Hal, it was analogous to two sticks planted in the sand at the edge of the ocean about to be hit by a rolling wave. If you didn’t know about the wave, and both sticks fell down because of it one after the other, you might think one stick had affected the other at a distance and call that a non-local effect. But what if it were zero-point fluctuation that was the underlying mechanism acting on quantum entities and causing one entity to affect the other? 30 If that were true, it meant every part of the universe could be in touch with every other part instantaneously" [5].

Hal Puthoff along with Bernie Haisch of the Max Planck Institute as well as another mathematician Alfonso Rueda of the California University Long Beach collaborated on a paper that was printed in 1994 by Physical Review [6].

"Once Bernie had received Rueda’s calculations, he contacted Hal Puthoff, and the three of them decided to work together. Bernie wrote it up as a very long paper. After some foot-dragging, Physical Review, a very prestigious mainstream physics journal, published the paper unchanged in February, 1994.34 The paper demonstrated that the property of inertia possessed by all objects in the physical universe was simply resistance to being accelerated through the Zero Point Field. In their paper they showed that inertia is what is termed a Lorentz force – a force that slows particles moving through a magnetic field. In this instance, the magnetic field is a component of the Zero Point Field, reacting with the charged subatomic particles. The larger the object, the more particles it contains and the more it is held stationary by the field. What this was basically saying is that the corporeal stuff we call matter and to which all physicists since Newton have attributed an innate mass was an illusion. All that was happening was that this background sea of energy was opposing acceleration by gripping on to the subatomic particles whenever you pushed on an object. Mass, in their eyes, was a ‘bookkeeping’ device, a ‘temporary place holder’ for a more general quantum vacuum reaction effect." 35 Hal and Bernie also realized that their discovery had a bearing on Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2. The equation has always implied that energy (one distinct physical entity in the universe) turns into mass (another distinct physical entity). They now saw that the relationship of mass to energy was more a statement about the energy of quarks and electrons in what we call matter caused by interaction with the Zero Point Field fluctuations. What they were all getting at, in the mild-mannered, neutral language of physics, was that matter is not a fundamental property of physics. The Einstein equation was simply a recipe for the amount of energy necessary to create the appearance of mass. It means that there aren’t two fundamental physical entities – something material and another immaterial – but only one: energy. Everything in your world, anything you hold in your hand, no matter how dense, how heavy, how large, on its most fundamental level boils down to a collection of electric charges interacting with a background sea of electromagnetic and other energetic fields – a kind of electromagnetic drag force. As they would write later, mass was not equivalent to energy; mass was energy. 36 Or, even more fundamentally, there is no mass. There is only charge" [7].

This paper implies that our reality is a result of a type of phase transition; from energy to mass. They leave out the last step and that is matter and it's transformation to an organized condensate whole producing emergent properties of form and function presumably by way of Quantum fields.

This Quantum Fields (QFT) are then organized by way of Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) and then I believe propagated by way of CDMFF's creating cascades of fractal iterations of Coherent Domains in nested recursive fashion forming what we know as ordinary matter. The work of Physicist Giuseppe Vitiello reveals strong evidence of this:

"The isomorphism between dissipative systems, fractal self similarity and electrodynamics towards an integrated vision of nature by Giuseppe Vitiello".

In electrodynamics there is a mutual exchange of energy and momentum between the matter field and the electromagnetic field and the total energy and momentum are conserved. For a constant magnetic field and harmonic scalar potential, electrodynamics is shown to be isomorph to a system of damped/amplified harmonic oscillators. These can be described by squeezed coherent states which in turn are isomorph to self-similar fractal structures. Under the said conditions of constant magnetic field and harmonic scalar potential, electrodynamics is thus isomorph to fractal self-similar structures and squeezed coherent states. At a quantum level, dissipation induces noncommutative geometry with the squeezing parameter playing a relevant role. Ubiquity of fractals in Nature and relevance of coherent states and electromagnetic interaction point to a unified, integrated vision of Nature."

Also consider this work done by Nobel Laruet Luc Montagnier who by careful protocol proved that the DNA of certain virus and bacteria could emit Electromagnetic Signals (EMS) and transmit the information to duplicate the DNA into a separate vile of sterile water. This amazing discovery was first rejected over ten years ago when Montagnier and his research team reported it. These results have since been repeated by all of the different researchers you see below and even more remarkable the digitized EMS of the DNA being sent to other labs over the internet by email. Which was then used to duplicate the results of Luc Montagnier and his team. One key element was always critical for success that the tubes of water were always exposed to the Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz Earths EMS pulse [8].

Theoretical Analysis

Our formerly reported experiments [9] indicate that the ability of EMS production can be transmitted from tube 1 containing an emitter DNA dilution to tube 2 of “naive” water, provided the system is excited overnight by electromagnetic waves of a minimal frequency of 7 Hz.

Presumably tube 1 transmits waves to the water in tube 2, which did not originally contain any trace of the DNA at the origin of the signals. In the previous Section we have reported the experimental observation that EMS can be emitted by diluted aqueous solutions of bacterial and viral DNA under proper conditions. Moreover, it has been observed that duplication of the emitting DNA segment can be obtained by using pure water exposed to the corresponding DNA EMS and, upon addition of enzymes, primers, etc., submitted to PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) cycles. Such a transduction process has been observed to occur also in EMS exposed living cells of tumoral origin. These experimental observations suggest that long range molecular interaction must be at work in water so to allow the observed properties. Indeed, since in the transduction process the high level of sequential ordering among several hundreds of nucleotides entering the transduced DNA chain is obtained, we are clearly in the presence of collective molecular dynamical behavior of water. In quantum field theory (QFT) it is known that the ordering of the elementary components of a system is achieved as a result of the spontaneous breakdown of symmetry and constitutes the observable manifestation of coherence [10]. Ordering is thus not the result of short range forces, but of long range collective coherent correlation. The classical behavior of the ordered pattern derives from the fact that in coherent states the ratio between the quantum fluctuation _n in the correlation modes and their condensate number n is _n/n = 1/ and quantum fluctuations are thus negligible for high (gamma), which denotes the coherent strength. In the present case, the symmetry which gets broken is the rotational symmetry of the electrical dipoles of the water molecules and correlation modes are the ones associated to the dipole waves (similar to spin waves in ferromagnets) [11] replicating information to sterile water reproducing a duplicate DNA strand as summarized in this study published in 2014."

These two studies by Montagnier and Vitiello imply that Electomagnetic Signals (EMS) are involved even at the molecular level, as Luc Montagnier shows in his years of study of this viral and bacterial DNA sending information at a distance which results in duplication of the DNA nucleotide code in sterile water that forms life giving DNA where life did not exist before. The implications of that are self-evident and give strong evidence that propagation of life across vast distances is feasible. Once again this shows how a field in this case of electromagnetic energy can direct, shape and form matter. All of which implies an underlying substructure out of our detection except possibly for the clue left behind by the results of the famous double slit experiment of quantum physics. Which consistently shows that our will or put another way our intention to look or not at the nature of an electron or photon determined its expression of being an observable object or an invisible wave of pure energy. Something totally unexplained by Newtonian physics, however, under the influence of Coherent Domains electrons and photons don't seem to exhibit quantum particle duality while being governed by a collective overarching CDMFF giving form, structure and meaning to expression of these attributes.

The work of Hal Puthoff, Montagnier and Vitiello implies that our reality is a result of a type of phase transition; from energy to mass and to Coherent Domains (CD's) producing emergent properties by way of Quantum fields, like the phases of the water molecule from a gas to a liquid to ice due to temperature variation. These Quantum Fields are then organized or propagated by way of CDMFF's creating cascades of scalar fractal iterations of CD's at all scales in nested recursive fashion forming what we know as ordinary (Baryonic) matter.

Einstein also said "The field is the sole governing agent of the particle." There appears to be no duality of particles that are bound by the Cosmic Dark Matter Fractal Field (Zero Point Field) or the morphogenetic fields that work within the biosphere either here or presumably elsewhere in the Cosmos. These particles follow a different set of rules under the influence of this energy and influence of the CDMFF. The model of the Quantum Field Theory (QFT), which I believe works within the CDMFF, dictates a phenomenon called Scalar Coherent Domains (SCD's). Just as the iron filings remain in formation on the white notebook paper as long as a magnetic field is present under stable conditions; so the particles that make up the matter in our reality remain in full coherent formation under the ubiquitous presence of the CDMFF working through well-established habitual SCD's!

This phenomenon is also seen in the amazing actions of flocks of birds or schools of fish that move as in a perfect choreographed swirling organized whole but acting as one emergent organism with a seemingly unified well defined purpose, and as such, synergistically become more than the sum of its parts. Once again fractal scalar influence produces emergent properties through CD's not possessed by the individual component but by the coherent domain of the group. See YouTube for more information on CD's [12].

Also, consider this statement from "The Field" - "Quantum physicists have discovered a strange property in the subatomic world called ‘nonlocality’. This refers to the ability of a quantum entity such as an individual electron to influence another quantum particle instantaneously over any distance despite there being no exchange of force or energy. It suggested that quantum particles once in contact retain a connection even when separated, so that the actions of one will always influence the other, no matter how far they get separated" [13].

This is also known as entangled particles, in my opinion the clue to the problem of both influence and possibly travel across incomprehensible distance throughout the universe, or perhaps an illusion brought about by the quantum flux in the CDMFF as suggested by Puthoff.

This brings me to Rupert Sheldrake a research biologist of Cambridge, England whose work involves morphic fields being responsible for the form, function and behavior of the biosphere as a whole. This is taken from his book "The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Memory of Nature on the theory of Formative Causation":

"According to this hypothesis, the nature of things depends on fields, called morphic fields. Each kind of natural system has its own kind of field: there is an insulin field, a beech field, a swallow field, and so on. Such fields shape all the different kinds of atoms, molecules, crystals, living organisms, societies, customs, and habits of mind. Morphic fields, like the known fields of physics, are nonmaterial regions of influence extending in space and continuing in time. They are localized within and around the systems they organize. When any particular organized system ceases to exist— as when an atom splits, a snowflake melts, an animal dies— its organizing field disappears from that place. But in another sense, morphic fields do not disappear: they are potential organizing patterns of influence and can appear again physically in other times and places, wherever and whenever the physical conditions are appropriate. When they do so, they contain within themselves a memory of their previous physical existences. The process by which the past becomes present within morphic fields is called morphic resonance. Morphic resonance involves the transmission of formative causal influences through both space and time. The memory within the morphic fields is cumulative, and that is why all sorts of things become increasingly habitual through repetition. When such repetition has occurred on an astronomical scale over billions of years, as it has in the case of many kinds of atoms, molecules, and crystals, the nature of these things has become so deeply habitual and effectively changeless or habitual" [14].

These morphogenetic fields as described by Sheldrake, appear to influence the form and function of our biosphere; they represent the unseen force behind the tenacious expression of life seen in our own geologic record and producing the evolution of all life forms in our biosphere. It seems plausible that these fields are propagated not only through morphic resonance locally as in Luc Montagnier's Viral DNA experiment but through and across the Universe by the CDMFF. Also, just as plausible, that this occurs instantaneously through entangled particles involving the now known but not well understood presence of ubiquitous Dark Matter /Dark Energy; which represents the other 96% of your reality in the very room where you sit. All of the matter that we can perceive throughout scientific inspection and even our own individual perceptions make up only 4% of all that is there.

Just as the word picture illustration of the Christmas Tree reveals, you and what you perceive are ordinary baryonic matter and represent only the lights on the Christmas Tree everything else is the tree i.e. Dark Matter/Dark Energy and is the substructure of our reality! However, to truly understand the scalar nature of this structural model, picture the Christmas Tree at multiple scales; the tree at every scale acts as the substructure of the CD's of ordinary matter, the lights. Therefore, it is important to realize this not just an event, it is an ongoing process that is constantly flowing like a river fed by the energy of the CDMFF supplying the baryonic Scalar CD's of form we see and measure and interact with moment by moment.

Further Implications of This Theory: The Evolutionary Universe

The puzzling, seemingly spontaneous appearance of new, never before seen life forms in our biosphere; the phenomena of Gould's Punctuated Equilibrium observation seen in Earths geologic record could be explained by this theory. If you broaden your view of the potential reach across space-time of shared morphic resonance occurring throughout the Universe by way of Cosmic Fractal Fields this evolution finding by Gould makes since. These heretofore unrecognized fields acting through Dark Matter/Dark Energy may well propagate resonant morphic fields producing causative formation of other successful species from the biosphere's of other Earth like planets. This phenomenon could account for the sudden appearance of an unknown species here on our planet, as seen in the geologic record of a rather common species in other planets with similar environments. Therefore, these new life forms, functional patterns or instincts possibly even crystals, might be well established morphic habits in other Earthlike biospheres producing formative causation through morphogenetic fields in self-similar planets with self-similar environmental conditions over the evolutionary history of our cosmos. Therefore, Stephen Jay Gould's observation seen in Earth's geologic record he called Punctuated Equilibrium could be explained by this theory. This could in fact occur rather quickly, at least in geologic time, if the morphic memory is repeated billions of times employing Causative Formation in self-similar worlds across the vast abyss of our Universe.

By Sheldrake

"All nature is alive. The organizing principles of living organisms are different in degree but not different in kind from the organizing principles of molecules or of societies or of galaxies. 'Biology is the study of the larger organisms, whereas physics is the study of the smaller organisms,' as Whitehead put it. 38 And in the light of the new cosmology, physics is also the study of the all-embracing cosmic organism and of the galactic, stellar, and planetary organisms that have come into being within it. As the philosopher Lancelot Law Whyte put it: The universe confronts us with this obvious but far-reaching fact. It is not a mere confusion, but is arranged in units which attract our attention, larger and smaller units in a series of discrete “levels,” which for precision we call a hierarchy of wholes and parts. The first fact about the natural universe is its organization as a system of systems from larger to smaller, and so also is every individual organism!

Think, for example of a termite colony, which is an organism made up of individual insects, which are organisms made up of organs, made up of tissues, made up of cells, made up of organized subcellular systems, made up of molecules, made up of atoms, made up of electrons and nuclei, made up of nuclear particles. At each level are organized wholes, which are made up of parts that are themselves organized wholes. And at each level the whole is more than the sum of its parts; it has an irreducible integrity. What are these elusive principles of organization that are manifested in organisms or systems at all levels of complexity?

In L. L. Whyte’s words: A neglected principle of order, or better, a process of ordering runs through all levels; the universe displays a tendency towards order, which I have called morphic; in the viable organism this morphic tendency becomes the tendency to organic coordination (not yet understood), and in the healthy human mind it becomes the search for unity which gives rise to religion, art, philosophy and the sciences. 40 In an evolutionary universe, the organizing principles of all systems at all levels of complexity must have evolved— the organizing principles of gold atoms, for example, or of bacterial cells, or of flocks of geese, have all come into being in time. None of them was there in the first place, at the time of the big bang" [15].

The Big Bang is now a well-accepted theory of our Cosmic origins in the scientific community; all of our reality was once one singularity, therefore, all of it entangled at some level. Just as your conception, embryonic development and birth represents a functioning human from a singularity, a single fertilized cell, so in a fractal way the idea of self-similarity embedded within the Universe from its very beginning is almost a foregone conclusion in the fractal recursive nature of the CDMFF. The description by Sheldrake, L. L. Whyte of the principles of order of structural reality is clearly analogous to fractal self-similarity of nested structure that is systematically recursive and supportive of the Dark Matter Fractal Field Theory. The words of these scientists speak of the unifying force that I am calling the CDMFF embedded within or perhaps an integral part of this Dark Matter/Dark Energy presence that all of science now recognizes but lacks any understanding of Its purpose. The only agreed upon reason (or perhaps fortunate effect) of its presence is the gravitational influence it has in binding our galaxies together; which is the undeniable evidence that proves the very existence of Dark Matter. Thus the Cosmic Dark Matter Fractal Field is the medium, the very essence of the fabric of the space-time continuum, The Great Cosmic Sea.

Einstein said the "field is the sole governing agency of the particle" therefore the structure of matter is determined by the effect of local morphogenetic nested fields at all scales in our biosphere. Under the influence of a hierarchy of non-local Cosmic Dark Matter Fractal Fields and through morphic resonance the causative formation of the entire Universe and any other biosphere within it is formed in resonate harmony with all other self-similar worlds.

"Paul Weiss applied the field concept to the detailed investigation of embryonic development, and in his seminal book 'Principles of Development' he wrote of the fields as follows: A field is the condition to which a living system owes its typical organization and its specific activities. These activities are specific in that they determine the character of the formations to which they give rise. In asmuch as the action of fields does produce spatial order, it becomes a postulate that the field factors themselves possess definite order. The three-dimensional heterogeneity of developing systems, that is, the fact that these systems have different properties in the three dimensions of space, must be referred to a three-dimensional organization and heteropolarity of the originating fields. 3 The specific nature of the fields, according to Weiss, means that each species of organism has its own morphogenetic field, although fields of related species may be similar. Moreover, within the organism there are subsidiary fields within the overall field of the organism, in fact a nested hierarchy of fields within fields of Rupert Sheldrake [16].

Our holographic morphogenetic field blueprint of all intended form, being intended by what or whom as propagated through the CDMFF in all self-similar worlds with self-similar environments should be carefully considered. This is describing a morphogenetic field of influence of which we are one of many morphic fields that are nested in and under the recursive influence of the Cosmic Dark Matter Fractal Field under unknown control and in my opinion much too organized to be by chance. Now, even one of the most well-known physicists in the world has admitted this. “The English theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, surprised the scientific community last week when he announced during a speech at the University of Cambridge that he believed that “some form of intelligence” was actually behind the creation of the Universe [17]. This strange phenomenon which he names the God factor would be at the origin of the creation process and would have played a great role in determining the actual form of the Universe." This is an entirely different but worthy pursuit for discussion in another forum.

"According to the hypothesis of formative causation, crystal structures are stabilized by morphic resonance from other crystals of the same kind that existed in the past. But, in addition, the symmetry of crystals such as snowflakes seems explicable only in terms of some kind of resonance within the growing crystal; such an explanation seems necessary whether or not we take morphic fields into account. This raises a very general point about the morphogenesis of symmetrical structures: their symmetry seems to require some kind of resonant communication between the symmetrical parts. Consider, for example, your right and left hands. They are different from everyone else’s, both in the pattern of lines on the palms and the pattern of ridges on the fingertips. Yet they are very similar to each other, 42 just as the arms of an individual snowflake are similar to each other. This suggests that within the developing organism, morphic resonance takes place between similar structures, in this case between the fields of the embryonic hands. The same applies to other symmetrical structures, such as the right and left sides of the face; again, although these are not exactly the same, they are very similar, and their development must have been correlated by some kind of resonant phenomenon.

We may conclude that in general within developing organisms, there is an internal resonance between the fields of symmetrical structures and that this self-resonance is essential to their symmetry. Because symmetry is such an important feature of natural forms at every level of complexity, an internal resonance between symmetrical structures within the same organism is likely to be an important general feature of formative causation through morphic fields" [18].

Here again Sheldrake makes reference to the very field that I suggest exists as the unifying force throughout the Cosmos that gives not only form but dimensional scalar symmetry to the world around us and throughout the Universe. CDMFF's bring symmetry not just left to right, top to bottom but symmetry at all scales large and small. I have seen this in the crystal formation in the enamel of molar teeth in particular; if there is a noticeable defect in one in the developmental morphology it is very common to see it repeated on the contra-lateral side and on occasion a tooth nested within a tooth is seen called dens in dente. Now think about that for a moment, enamel is an inorganic crystal deposited on dentin an organic bone-like structure of living DNA protein from your cells but its structure is being caused and directed by these morphic fields.

It is in the same line of logic that Sheldrake uses to give plausibility to morphic resonance that I see the Cosmic Dark Matter Fractal Field participating in the morphological evolutionary change of species across the Universe to all biospheres. Therefore, as success builds on success through this scalar resonant coherent symmetry across the entire cosmic biosphere steadily increasing in strength, the morphogenetic effect of that morphic field progresses in all biospheres through the entire Cosmos.


Therefore, like the Cosmic Dark Matter Fractal Field Theory, entanglement is an essential factor in the ubiquitous nature of the influence Dark Matter has on the entire Cosmos. This is in point of fact a clue to the origin of the entanglement phenomenon Einstein called "Spooky action at a distance". That the facts may very well point to Dark Matter influences being responsible for entanglement observations of ordinary matter described by the theory of Irish physicist John Bell and experimental proofs of French physicist Alain Aspect et al. which also have been repeated by many others [19]. This also implies that DMFFT as well as Dark Matter escape the bounds of time, and possibly hold the clue to deep space travel throughout our Cosmos. This could open the doors to plausible travel to any other Earth-like twin for exploration and possible colonization. This theory implies that there must be other worlds in our Cosmos that contain a very similar biosphere as our planet.

The ongoing search for habitable planets throughout our galaxy is ever growing proof that there is high probability that there are millions of Earth-like planets which once again by inference proves we have a celestial twin somewhere out there, see Charles Lineweaver, Keepler project and many others [20]. When you consider how many galaxies there are in our universe, billions of Earth-like twins are highly probable. If this is true formative causation by way of the same CDMFF and nested morphogenetic fields also influence our biosphere here on Earth by way of evolving life patterns of biospheres of other Earth twins present in other solar systems throughout the Cosmos. Morphic fields represent a powerful theory that has broad implications not only of our understanding of our world but other worlds across the Cosmos.

Is it reaching too far thinking of morphic fields as information being dispersed both locally and non-locally by way of Dark Matter Fractal Field acting as an information conduit throughout the Cosmos? Not really. It can be explained if there are other Earth-like worlds with a similar (possibly even dissimilar) biosphere across the Universe sharing morphic field information to us as well as other worlds. This influx and reflux of information transmitted through resonant morphic fields and its influence on any organism is quite possibly an amalgamation of input from other similar recursive species from multiple biospheres across the Cosmos. This possibility, while mind boggling, has reasonable probability; Fractal Fields do fill in the gaps of our scientific imagination.

The Grand Unified Theory (GUT) or The Theory of Everything (TOE) ?

What could be more unifying than a field theory that has influence on the particles of matter animate and inanimate, organic and inorganic, that it is made of at all scales of expression throughout the Cosmos? Sheldrakes' theory of Causative Formation by morphic resonance in the context of Cosmic Dark Matter Fractal Field theory implies that there is an intelligence and a unity to this evolution of the Cosmos in favor of directed morphic resonate change in response to not only local environment variation but non-local cosmic morphic changes in other environments that prove successful in similar worlds throughout the Cosmos. Therefore, morphogenesis is transmitted through Cosmic Dark Matter Fractal Fields, employing Quantum Field's (QFT) as seen in the organizing effects of Quantum Electrodynamics (QED), through resonant Scalar Coherent Domains (SCD) throughout all self-similar worlds in the Great Cosmic Sea. It seems quiet plausible the successful evolutionary survival of the species in all worlds through Scalar Resonate Cosmic Morphogenetic Fields might be just one of many repercussions to our reality still out of our awareness.

It is appropriate at this time to remember the words of Sherlock Holmes..."When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left no matter how improbable must be true!" Someone please tell me, with the mounting evidence being added almost daily only a small sample of which has been presented here; how could the Cosmic Dark Matter Fractal Field explanation be impossible?


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