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To Project Dam-Bridge Strait of Gibraltar Which will Link Europe and Africa Turn Regulate the Water Level of the Mediterranean | OMICS International
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To Project Dam-Bridge Strait of Gibraltar Which will Link Europe and Africa Turn Regulate the Water Level of the Mediterranean

Anguita JV*

President Presa Gibraltar Strait Bridge, Spain

Corresponding Author:
Anguita JV
President Presa Gibraltar Strait Bridge
Tel: +34 607 222 035
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: July 08, 2016, Accepted date: July 30, 2016, Published date: August 2, 2016

Citation: Anguita JV (2016) To Project Dam-Bridge Strait of Gibraltar Which will Link Europe and Africa Turn Regulate the Water Level of the Mediterranean. J Entrepren Organiz Manag 5:194. doi:10.4172/2169-026X.1000194

Copyright: © 2016 Anguita JV. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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Review on DAM-BRIDGE

Since ancient times, man has wanted to unite Europe and Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar.

The 16/06/1979, Their Majesties King Don Juan Carlos I and Hasan II, signed in Rabat an agreement to realize this project, and created a society in Madrid (SECEGSA) and one in Rabat (SNED) until the day today they have not got but two preliminary studies, a tunnel or a bridge; but neither are viable, nor solve the big problem that affects us today, rising sea level. (That according to international reports, the sea level will rise about 7 meters, equivalent to two storeys high, data newspaper “El Mundo” of 31/03/2013, and page 48. EM2/science. Dra. Anny Cazenave and others, member of the French Academy of Sciences and an expert on climate change).

My project itself: it is a dam-bridge connecting the two continents, allows maritime navigation, continuous transit of flora and fauna and in the event that the Atlantic water climb, use the locks to counter and regulate the waters of the Mediterranean and the seas associated with this; and protect over one hundred thousand km. of coastline that otherwise would disappear. In Spain La Manga del Mar Menor, in Egypt the Nile Delta, in France the Rhone delta, the island of Malta, in Italy have had to build the MOSE (Moses) to protect Venice; that money would have built a protection for the entire Mediterranean and the annexes seas.

This project is ten times cheaper than any of the other two who have studied (bridge or tunnel). And part of joining, is a solution to the real threat, which is the sea level rise that threatens all shores of the Mediterranean (including Spain and Morocco).

The dam will have a length of approximately 20 km and a width at its base of 2 km and 1 km on the surface; the dumping at sea of 7,000,000 million blocks of natural stone (riprap) and three years of work will be necessary. The opening of 2000 meters, with a depth of 250 meters allow the passage of submarines and all kinds of marine species, in addition to the supply of sufficient water to compensate for evaporation of the Mediterranean Sea. In this opening the floodgates system would be installed to contain the level of the Atlantic Ocean.

The bridge will have 2 Km. Long by 100 meters wide, navigation gauge of 100 meters, so they can spend all kinds of boats present and future.

About 2,000 ha (±20,000 km2) which won the sea, highways, highspeed train, freight train, oil and gas pipelines, electric or telephone lines, all toll will be built. They can build a kind of EUROVEGAS between the two countries; It is therefore of two air of frank, very important apart and connected by a bridge area. In addition, on the sides, four ports capable of hosting the United States Sixth Fleet, established in Europe, sailing the Mediterranean.

As I said before, the project is viable and easy to build by Spanish and Moroccan companies, because we have the raw material and technology as well.

The budget is 3.500.000.000 € to €. Far less than the dam is performing Venice that costs 7.500.000.000 € named Moses (MOSE) and has no toll; to protect a small town. But what if each country or city, want to protect their coasts, individually, of course, because simply there is not enough money in the world to do so, although the move out of gold.

For example: The Nile delta is no less important than Venice, it is the most fertile land in the world, the City of Cairo, immense, with 20 million people disappear, although Egypt made a giant wall and spend money 20 generations, does not solve the problem, it would have to pump the water of the Nile to the sea and there is no way.

But no less important are areas such as: Delta del Ebro, Danube, sleeve or the 45 protected areas in the Spanish biosphere and the thousand and a Mediterranean beach (from Algeciras to Istanbul, as my admired Serrat says) For the Mediterranean, it is one of the few places in the world, if not the only, which can clog and regulate their waters.

My project did not cost a penny to the governments of Spain and/or Morocco, it shall be made by concessions, with an investment fund, to recover the money through toll in 20 years, and then pass to the two states. Therefore everything is benefits.

I remain at your disposal to clarify any doubt that may arise. With my thanks I ask help to finance the project 3D models and to have a better view.

To Project Dam-Bridge Linking Europe and Africa through the Strait of Gibraltar and Turn Regulate the Water Level Mediterranean

Chapter 1

Study and Preliminary Project....................... 311.000.000. - €

Necessary studies will be undertaken for the development of Dam Bridge

And draft project, which enables the execution of the with all parameters within the law.

Chapter 2

Drilling and geothermal surveys .................. 179.500.000. - €

Surveys and surveys of all kinds, geothermal were made, geological, environmental impact study and marine life and be done with machinery latest technology and respecting the natural habitat of the area.

Chapter 3

Excavations of ports and connectors road........ 279.200.000. - €

They are developed on both sides of the strait, with the media mechanical and human requiring that objective.

Chapter 4

Filling the dam......................................... 319.200.000. - €

It will be made based blockfill natural rock, Excavated mountains Straits, which they will be transformed into blocks with specialized machinery for it; they are transported by heavy trucks and deposited in the sea through GPS system, to cover set up in the project.

Chapter 5

Bridge foundations and walls......................... 399.000.000. - €

It will be based on concrete piles getting a base firm will go running the corresponding wall of the bridge, using all the mechanical means and more advanced technology.

Chapter 6

Bridge........................................................ 598.500.000. - €

Execution Bridge will be made with current systems future or, depending on the date of execution, and with materials and advanced technologies.

Chapter 7

Tracing.................................... highways. 299.200.000. - €

The layout of the motorway will consist of the construction of five lanes for home sense, the execution must be accompanied all kinds of security measures for proper operation.

Chapter 8

Plotting railways and catenaries............309.200.000. - €

High-speed lines will be constructed similar to the current, equipped with the means of most advanced and modern security.

Chapter 9

Pipelines ................................. 199.500.000. - €

They create the necessary infrastructure to leave prepared pipes that allow assembly of such pipelines in the future.

Chapter 10

Security Systems.................................119.700.000. - €

A plan is developed to enable security good operation of the dam bridge and detect any malfunction or failure that may arise.

Chapter 11

Electrical Systems ....................................... 199.500.000. - €

The entire project will be provided with electrical installations and coordinated with required security systems pertaining thereto; a central electrical be built that supply the dam and bridge infrastructures that develop there around.

Chapter 12

Fire Systems.............................79.800.000. - €

The project will be equipped with fire protection systems more modern there, creating the means to detect and assist any fire immediately, necessarily be coordinated with the general plan of dam safety.

Chapter 13

Supplies of water, sewage, desalination and water treatment plants ........................................ 199.500.000. - €.

All necessary infrastructures will be created to provide sanitation, water drainage, construction desalination and treatment plants to enable the development urban area.

Chapter 14

Building maintenance ............................ 119.700.000. - €.

Buildings will be constructed to enable the entire house Security systems and maintenance of the dam bridge.

Chapter 15

Security Project .................................. 79.800.000. - €

Before implementing the project, a study will be made. Feasibility and safety of it, where they will be referred the most modern means of security for the successful completion of development work, particularly as relating to the employees who develop such work.

Chapter 16

Several.................................................... 297.700.000. - €

This chapter includes contingencies that may arise during project implementation.

Total budget: € 3.990.000.000.

Fees Project: Project 239.400.000. - € 6%,

Draft: 71.820.000. - € 30% Fees.

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