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Vitiligo: A White Patch that Affects the Soul

Alok Kumar Roy*

Columbia Asia Hospital, Salt Lake, Sector III, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

*Corresponding Author:
Alok Kumar Roy
MBBS, MD, Consultant, Dermatology
Columbia Asia Hospital, Salt Lake
Sector III, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Tel: +91-9007322346
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: November 28, 2016; Accepted date: January 28, 2017; Published date: February 04, 2017

Citation: Roy AK (2017) Vitiligo: A White Patch that Affects the Soul. Pigmentary Disorders 4:254. doi:10.4172/2376-0427.1000254

Copyright: © 2017 Roy AK. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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Vitiligo may be a future skin condition characterized by patches of the skin losing their pigment. The patches of skin affected become white and frequently have sharp margins. The hair from the skin may additionally become white. Within the mouth and nose may additionally be concerned. Generally, each side of the body area unit affected. Typically the patches begin on area units of skin that are exposed to the sun. It’s a lot of noticeable in folks with dark skin. Skin problem could end in psychological stress and people affected could also be stigmatized. The cause is often unknown. It’s believed to ensure to genetic susceptibleness that's triggered by associate degree environmental issue specified associate degree autoimmune disorder happens. This leads to the destruction of skin pigment cells. Risk factors embrace a case history of the condition or different response diseases, like a glandular disease, alopecia, and malignant anemia. Skin problem is assessed into 2 main types: segmental and non-segmental. Most cases area unit non-segmental which means they have an effect on each side and generally degenerate with time. Concerning 100 percent of cases area unit segmental which means they principally involve one facet of the body and don't generally worsen with time. Diagnosing may be confirmed by tissue diagnostic test.


Vitiligo; White patches; Pigment; Skin.



Vitiligo could be a genetic, reaction of skin problem inflicting loss of pigment from areas of the skin, leading to irregular white spots or patches. Skin disease affects concerning 0.5% to a quarter of the population and may begin at any age.

However, concerning half of the people with skin disease develop it before the age of twenty, and concerning ninety-fifth before age forty. It affects each gender and everyone races and ethnicities. Generalized illness disease of the skin disorder, skin problem, skin conditions could be a progressive disease leading to somewhat unpredictable cycles of spreading and cycles of stability throughout life (Figure 1) [1-5].


Figure 1: Body portion showing vitiligo.

Vitiligo is not contagious in any approach. The precise reason behind skin disease is not well-understood; it appears to be the results of a mixture of genetic and environmental factors. Some folks have reported one event, like sunburn or emotional distress, to trigger the condition. Heredity could also be an element as a result of there is an accrued incidence of skin disease in some families. Concerning halfhour of affected people might report a positive case history (i.e. aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandparent). The danger for kids of affected people to develop skin disease themselves is assumed to be concerning fivehitter. The condition isn't sometimes physically painful, the psychological and social effects area unit well-documented. It will be particularly devastating to youngsters and people with darker skin [6-10].

Today there's still no cure for skin disease, however, the additional worldwide analysis is being conducted than ever before, and treatment choices area unit rising. New technologies and analysis area unit everchanging physicians' approaches to the condition, and up to date mapping of the human ordering has made-up the approach for advanced genetic analysis [11-16].


The probability of developing skin disease results from completely different mixtures of susceptibleness genes, even within the same family. Completely different members of the family inherit different genetic mixtures, even as they are doing for height or intelligence. Even among identical twins, each develops skin disease solely fourth part of the time. Identical twins share all their genes in common; however, they do not share their environmental exposures and alternative lifeevents. Whereas it's glorious that environmental triggers are concerned, it's still unsure on what they're, with stress (physical and emotional), skin trauma, and exposure to sure chemicals being attainable triggers [17-25].

Melanin is the pigment that gives the skin its characteristic color. Vitiligo is caused by a loss of pigment in the skin, due to the destruction of pigment-forming cells known as melanocytes. The exact cause of the destruction of these cells is not known. One possible explanation might be that the body's immune system destroys the cells, as in other autoimmune conditions. Although vitiligo affects all races equally, it is more noticeable in dark-skinned people. (Figure 2) [26-30].


Figure 2: Common cause of vitiligo.


The doctor generally begins by asking the person concerning his or her account. Necessary factors are an account of the unhealthiness of the skin or completely different reaction diseases; a rash, sunburn or completely different skin trauma at true of the unhealthiness of the skin a mix of to a couple of months before colouration started; stress or physical malady. The doctor would possibly take a little sample (biopsy) of the affected skin and/or a blood sample to try and do and do laboratory work that checks for thyroid antibodies/disease, D levels and completely different conditions which might have a control on general health or reaction standing (Figure 3) [31-35].


Figure 3: Skin biopsy.

The doctor will even use a Woods light-weight (specialized black light) to substantiate unhealthiness of the skin, as even once undetectable by the attention alone, the depigmented areas can glow to a lower place this light-weight (Figure 4) [2, 36,37].


Figure 4:Woods light-weight (specialized black light) to substantiate unhealthiness of the skin.


The most obvious sign or symptom of the disease is a loss of pigment on the skin, resulting in milky-white, irregularly-shaped patches on the skin. The disease typically happens initially on sunexposed areas (face, hands, feet, arms, legs) or areas where wear or shoes consistently rub on the skin [38,39].

Less common signs embody pigment loss or greying of hair on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, or totally different affected areas. Some may also experience loss of pigment on the tissues that line the among of the mouth (mucous membranes) and so the membrane of the eye [40].

A number of people with the disease experience intense tactile sensation at the positioning of colouration throughout active stages [41].

Will the vitiligo patches spread over time? Will they get larger?

Generalized unwellness disease of the skin disorder, skin problem, skin condition may be a progressive disease leading to somewhat unpredictable cycles of spreading and cycles of stability throughout life. For some, it begins slowly with solely a number of areas of the body affected; for others, it begins chop-chop, with several areas tormented by each giant and tiny patches of pigment loss. Several patients report going a few years while not new patches developing, then expertise pigment loss years later. Others report spontaneous repigmentation, with no treatment in any respect [42,43].

Is vitiligo associated with any other diseases?

Vitiligo is also related to different reaction diseases. The foremost common is thyroid sickness that happens in regarding V-day of patients. different reaction diseases like type I diabetes mellitus and malignant anemia square measure abundant less common (less than 1%). there's no accumulated risk for cancer, together with cancer of the skin [44-47].

Laboratory studies for detection of reaction diseases related to skin condition might include

Thyroid profile

Particularly internal secretion (to rule out thyroid disease) and thyroid autoantibodies.

Fasting blood glucose (to rule out diabetes).

Complete blood count (to rule out pernicious anemia).

Types of Vitiligo

Segmental skin problem (SV)

Most frequently begins at associate degree early age and affects just one space, on one facet of the body, like one facet of the mouth, or neck. It typically spreads fairly quickly at the onset, then slows and remains stable once a year more or less, with over 0.5 conjointly developing patches of white hair. SV is never related to the autoimmune disorder.

Non-segmental skin condition (NSV)

Associate in nursing disease and generally begins in areas like the hands, wrists, around the eyes or mouth, or on the feet, then spreads to areas like the neck, chest, knees, and legs. NSV is taken into account to be progressive, however, has cycles of spreading and cycles of stability. NSV includes every type of skin condition except segmental skin condition.


Widespread and mostly symmetrical distribution.

Acrofacial or acral

Depigmented areas removed from the middle of the body like face, head, hands and feet.


One or additional spaces of pigment loss in an exceedingly confined area.


Mucose membranes area unit affected.


Complete or nearly complete coloration.

Mixed vitiligo (MV)

Begins as segmental vitiligo and then later progresses into nonsegmental vitiligo, becoming "mixed vitiligo” [48-55].


What treatment options are available?

The treatments for skin disease embody a range of topicals, lightweight therapies, general steroids, surgery, and de-pigmentation techniques. Ancient therapies embody Psoralen + Ultraviolet a lightweight (PUVA) and steroids. Trendy therapies embody Narrowband- Ultraviolet B light-weight (NB-UVB), topical immunomodulators (tacrolimus, pimecrolimus), analogs of victuals D3, excimer optical maser, antioxidants, Minocin, oral corticosteroids, pseudo-catalase and surgery/transplantation.

How long does it take to treat vitiligo? When should I expect results?

The amount of repigmentation that you simply can expertise depends on many things. First, consistent use of the prescribed treatment is that the best predictor of success. Second, mistreatment the acceptable combination of treatments (often lightweight medical care and a topical cream) improves the skin’s ability to repigment. Finally, the share of the body laid low with a skin problem, distribution of the lesions and therefore the length of your time you've got had the condition all play a section. Treatment results can vary by person and sort of skin problem. Some individuals can begin to check results inside three to six months. Others might not see results for eight months or additional. Combination treatments can usually work quicker than single (mono) medical care treatments. The rule of thumb is that you simply ought to permit a minimum of three to six months before you start to check results from any treatment. In addition, you must expect to treat for up to 2 years or longer so as to check sensible results. It’s important to use any treatment systematically and properly. If you do not use a treatment as directed by your medical man, it will take for much longer to figure or it should not work all [56].

What areas respond best to treatment?

Areas with hair follicles repigment fastest and with best results (e.g. face, upper arms, upper legs, chest, back, buttocks). The wrists, hands and feet are the slowest to respond to treatment.

How long do I have to get treatment to get my pigment back?

You will generally start to see results with light therapy after 24-36 treatments. However, the best results may require 6 months or longer of continued treatment. Maximum improvement may require 1-2 years of treatment.

Does vitiligo come back when treatment is discontinued?

Treatment is not suddenly interrupted. The frequency of the sunshine medical aid treatments is sometimes tapered because the skin begins to achieve most repigmentation till you're receiving one treatment each different week. At now, if no new lesions occur, you'll discontinue treatment. Skin disease might come if the system continues to be active or later becomes active (e.g. triggered by stress, sickness or trauma). At that point, you'll have to be compelled to resume treatment [57].

Should I avoid the sun if I have vitiligo?

Sunlight, whereas not the foremost effective medical aid, is often accustomed treat skin disease if a prescription source of illumination isn't obtainable. You may have to be compelled to follow your doctor’s directions fastidiously once victimization daylight medical aid to avoid burning. Please note that slender Band-UVB found within the doctor’s workplace is safer for the skin than daylight. Daylight contains UVA and UVB rays. whereas UVA rays don't contribute considerably to sunburns, they are doing injury deeper layers of the skin and play a crucial role in inflicting premature aging and promoting the expansion of skin cancers. Additionally, by victimization slender Band-UVB, you'll be able to reach a therapeutic level of treatment in precisely some minutes as critical the longer times needed by daylight, reducing your overall exposure to those doubtless damaging rays. Please note, if you're treating skin disease with any variety of light-weight, it's a decent plan to wear cream once not actively treating the lesions in order that the chance of sunburn and resultant incomprehensible treatments is avoided [58].

What is the cost of treatment?

Topical therapy is usually not very expensive. Both topical creams and in-office light therapy are often covered by medical insurance but usually require a small co-pay amount. However, surgical procedures are not covered by insurance at this time.

Is it safe to use all treatments on the face and around the eyes?

Research has shown that NB-UVB protective fold radiation therapy may be a safe and effective treatment and doesn't penetrate the protective fold. for his or her patients the right age to grasp the importance of keeping the eyes closed, several doctors allow removing the glasses for a part of the time to reveal depigmented areas around the eyes. Care should be taken but, to not over expose the protective fold, because the terribly skinny skin won't tolerate a high exposure time. Eye protection is usually needed once victimization any kind of psoralen and/or UVA lightweight, like with PUVA medical care [59].

Most topical treatments prescribed for skin condition may be used on the face; but, care should be taken to forestall them from stepping into the attention. attributable to their several potential aspect effects, potent topical steroids area unit typically not prescribed to be used on the face, aside from terribly short periods of your time whereas below the careful direction of the prescribing Dr. Monobenzone for colouration is mostly not used on the face attributable to the potential for a rash forming [60].

Topical Therapy

Topical steroids

Generally, use of topical steroids in widespread skin condition is taken into account impractical thanks to the bigger risk of associated adverse facet effects as a result of the many quantities of skin that may be treated. However, analysis has shown that terribly potent or potent (class one and sophistication 2) topical corticosteroids will be used either intermittently or on a short basis to the re-pigment vitiligoaffected skin in adults. Most physicians visit less potent topical steroids to be used by youngsters.

Protopic and Elidel

Protopic (tacrolimus) and Elidel (pimecrolimus) square measure each classified as immunomodulators and square measure prescribed in their topical kind for skin disease (Figure 5).


Figure 5:Protopic (tacrolimus) ointment.

An associate immunomodulators isn't an equivalent as a steroid; it works by modulating (reducing) the immunologic response (where applied), permitting the melanocytes to all over again grow and flourish (Figure 6).


Figure 6:Elidel (pimecrolimus) ointment.


V-Tar could be a prescription pitch product used for treating the skin condition. V-Tar is applied once weekly and is one in all the few treatments for a skin condition that doesn't want some kind of lightweight medical aid to figure. However, thanks to its photosensitizing properties, a patient’s exploitation V-tar square measure suggested to avoid direct daylight, or use a cream, on the treated areas for three days post application. It’s solely offered from the one combination pharmacy that developed it.


Pseudocatalase is an inhibitor that's prescribed in its topical kind for the treatment of skin disorder. It sometimes combined with lightweight medical aid and is sometimes combined with salt water bathing within the lake. Studies have shown variable responses to the present variety of treatment, with greatest reports of success once the first formulation of activated pseudo catalase was used (Figure 7).


Figure 7:The first formulation of activated pseudo catalase was used.



PUVA stands for Psoralen and Ultraviolet a lightweight and could be a sort of radiotherapy victimization radio wave UVA light-weight together with either a photosensitizing (making additional sensitive to the consequences of light) pill or a topical resolution called a psoralen. Once victimization the pill type, the psoralen sensitizes the skin and eyes for up to twenty-four hours. To forestall the chance of cataracts, patients should wear approved garment specs, inside and out, for up to twenty-four hours once taking the tablets. PUVA is usually thoughtabout a less effective medical aid, with additional aspect effects than NB-UVB [61].

What is PUVA-SOL?

For patients WHO cannot attend a facility with a UVA light-weight box, the doctor might bring down psoralen to be used with natural daylight exposure. The doctor can offer the patient careful directions on finishing up treatment reception and monitor the patient throughout regular check-ups (Figure 8).


Figure 8:UVA light-weight box.

Narrowband UVB (NB-UVB)

NB-UVB, currently thought of the gold customary of treatment for the disease of the skin, could be a newer disease of the skin treatment than PUVA and uses the portion of the UVB spectrum from 311-313 nm. This lightweight spectrum has been determined to assist stimulate the melanocytes (pigment creating cells) in less time than it takes to burn the skin. NB-UVB is usually utilized in combination with different topical treatments, however, is effective for several on its own. NB-UVB is often used on kids sufficiently old to square still and keep spectacles on.

Excimer Laser

The excimer optical device may be a targeted NB machine usually exploitation the 308 nm portion of the UVB spectrum. The optical device is often terribly effective for smaller areas of stable skin problem. Because it treats any low space, it's inefficient for larger areas or percentages. Results from optical device treatments oft occur a lot of quickly than with alternative treatments. as a result of optical device treatments square measure expensive, it's usually solely used on stable skin problem, as a result of once the skin problem is active there's a bigger probability of pigment being lost afterward. Hands and feet square measure usually not treated with the optical device as a result of its less effective there. Treatments square measure usually 2-3 times per week (Figure 9).


Figure 9:Excimer optical device.

Oral Therapy

Oral steroids

Oral steroids are accustomed facilitate stabilize active skin disorder, that means that they assist stop new spots of skin disorder from developing. These will be prescribed as pulse dosing, wherever they're solely taken on some days of the week or with daily dosing. Oral steroids are generally tapered once they have to be compelled to be stopped, that means that the indefinite quantity and frequency is bitten by bit reduced to forestall facet effects. Once taken orally, steroids will cause several facet effects like increasing glucose, increasing pressure level, and weakening the bones. As such, watching is needed once taking this medication. Oral steroids are sometimes combined with alternative treatments, like lightweight medical aid.


Minocycline is Associate in a nursing antibiotic that's accustomed treat several skin conditions. In skin condition, it's been shown to stabilize active sickness once taken daily. Facet effects embrace abnormal pigmentation, an increase in liver enzymes, abdominal discomfort, and enhanced sensitivity to light-weight. Oral Minocin is typically combined with different treatments, like light-weight medical aid (Figure 10).


Figure 10:Minocycline is an antibiotic that accustomed to treating several skin conditions.

Oral antioxidants

Their square measures multiple oral antioxidants that are won’t facilitate stabilize active disease of the skin. In disease of the skin, melanocytes square measure additional simply broken by aerobic stress. Antioxidants will facilitate forestall this. Aspect effects square measure addicted to the kind of inhibitor, however, a square measure typically gentle. Oral antioxidants square measure usually used with alternative styles of treatment, like light-weight medical aid or topical medications.

Surgical Therapy

Vitiligo surgery has the goal of transplantation purposeful melanocytes (pigment cells) to the depigmented space to cause repigmentation. This transplantation is often done through one in every of many ways, every of that harvests the melanocytes during a completely different manner (Figure 11).


Figure 11:Vitiligo surgery has the goal of transplantation purposeful melanocytes (pigment cells) to the depigmented space to cause re-pigmentation.

When is surgical therapy an option?

Although medical care has improved significantly within the last years, some individuals fail to sufficiently re-pigment through medical treatment. Surgical medical care will give higher re-pigmentation rates for difficult-to-treat localized areas in chosen patients and might be wont to treat generalized sickness moreover. Those thought of the most effective candidates and possibly to expertise a high rate of repigmentation from surgical therapies are those with stable, segmental, or localized skin disorder [61].


Can disease of the skin be camouflaged/covered-up?

Many people with the disease of the skin feel additional assured publically once they cowl their disease of the skin with some style of camouflage or makeup. Their area unit far better corrective cosmetics on the market nowadays than within the past that job well for men moreover as girls. Some prefer to cowl their disease of the skin each day, others only for special occasions.

What style of cosmetics area unit on the market to hide disease of the skin spots?

Cosmetic choices for the disease of the skin embrace corrective cosmetic creams; home-cured stains made of colouring and rubbing alcohol; DHA (dihydroxyacetone)-based cloud-covered tanners on the market in cream, spray or airbrush (home or salon); and non-DHA, custom color merchandise (airbrush or stipple).

Mental Health

How does vitiligo affect people’s emotions, social interactions and relationships?

The modification in look caused by skin disease will have an effect on a personality's emotional and psychological well-being and should cause mode alterations, typically turning into less active in social activities or sporting long sleeves/pants year-round to hide visible skin disease. Relationships could also be stricken by the poor self-image or lack of authority. Many folks notice that the emotional stress will increase as skin disease develops on visible areas of the body like the face, hands, arms, feet or on the genital organ. It’s not uncommon for those with skin disease to feel embarrassed, ashamed, depressed, or upset concerning however others can react. Adolescents, World Health Organization square measure already involved concerning their look, is desolated. Patients ought to let their doctor apprehend if they're feeling depressed as a result of doctors and alternative psychological state professionals will facilitate with the Great Depression [62].

How to cope with vitiligo better?

One of the primary steps in brick is finding a doctor World Health Organization is knowledgeable skin problem and current treatments and is capable of providing emotional support. Patients ought to conjointly learn the maximum amount as attainable regarding skin problem and treatment decisions in order that they'll participate in creating vital selections regarding their treatment. This proactive approach can facilitate them regain management of their life instead of permitting skin problem to form the foundations. it is also vital to determine support with family and friends and to speak with others World Health Organization have a skin problem.

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding vitiligo which is a life-altering dermatologic disease.


Afamelanotide is in phase II clinical trial and III clinical trials for a skin problem and different skin diseases (Figure 12).

A medication for the autoimmune disease, tofacitinib, has been tested for the treatment of skin problem.

In Gregorian calendar month 1992, a scientific report was printed off with success transplantation melanocytes to skin problem affected areas, effectively re-pigmenting the region [38]. The procedure concerned taking a skinny layer of pigmented skin from the patient's striated muscle region. Melanocytes were then separated intent on a cellular suspension that was distended in culture. The realm to be treated was then bear with a dermabrader and therefore the melanocytes graft applied. Between seventy and eighty-five percent of patients seasoned nearly complete repigmentation of their skin. The longevity of the repigmentation differed from person to person [39]. By currently, many transplantation techniques are developed, together with transplantation of epidermal cell precursors derived from hair follicles. Transplantation procedures are oftentimes want to treat segmental skin problem that is poorly awake to different sorts of treatment. In non-segmental skin problem, success is achieved once treating patches that aren't increasing (so known as stable vitiligo).


Figure 12:Afamelanotide is in phase II clinical trial and III clinical trials for a skin problem and different skin diseases.


Vitiligo is associated autoimmune disease and not simply a “cosmetic” drawback. Vitiligo affects the system and manifests itself as a modification in colouring presenting as white patches on the skin. There is not any legendary cure. There is extremely very little analysis funding for malady disease of the skin disorder skin problem skin condition to higher perceive the disease and develop new treatments. Many of the presently offered treatments don't seem to be coated by insurance.70 million individuals across the planet have a skin condition. There are not any boundaries of race, quality or gender. Vitiligo is troublesome to cover. This sickness is misunderstood and therefore the isolation individuals with skin condition feel are often incapacitating. Anyone-children and adults representing all ethnicitieswill get skin condition at any time, 20-35% of patients are youngsters. Nearly one hundred and twenty-fifth of the population are affected. Vitiligo is not contagious. Psychologically devastating, several patients feel isolated and desolate by its impact on their relationships and private and skilled lives. Various treatments, together with topical creams and light-weight medical care, will facilitate some patients. More treatments and analysis are required.


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