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Ophthalmology Journals

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It is the southernmost sovereign state in Africa and 25th largest state in terms of area and 24th most populous nation. It surrounds the kingdom of Lesotho. It is a multiethnic society. It recognizes 11 official constitutional languages. Approximately 80% of the population descends from sub-saharan African ancestry. It is a revolutionized and developed country today. Economically it is second largest in Africa (known as mixed economy) and 35th largest in the world. National parks (such as Kruger National Park), fold mountains (such as cape fold mountains), Drakensberg, the highest escarpment surrounds the east, south and western borders of its central plateau.

Science and technology has advanced leading to transplant, vaccines (esp. to yellow fever), x-ray tomography, developments in molecular biology, telescopes etc. Major organizations for eye diseases and treatment include Ophthalmology Society of South Africa, Pretoria eye institute, Stellenbosch University, International council of Ophthalmology etc. Research in Ophthalmic in South Africa has enabled to make appreciable remarks in eye and visual advancements.

Major developments in the field of Ophthalmology and high peer reviewed journals include: South African Ophthalmology journal, African-vision and eye health etc. The ever increasing diseases and the importance of ophthalmic discoveries in the late 20th century provide way to establish the list of ophthalmology journals in South Africa. South Africa ophthalmology journals list provides readers a better platform to establish immense knowledge over the subject and information about various organizations and laboratories pertaining to eye diseases. Ophthalmology journals of south Africa provides information for the causes, treatment, prevention of eye diseases in the country. Journal of Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology and other related data, information sources always serve for the establishment of disease resisting society and for it betterment and progression.

Ophthalmology Journals List