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Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology Volume 10, Issue 3 Isolation and Characterization of Haloarchaeal Strain from Puthalam Salt Pan located in the Southern Peninsular Coast of India Murugan S , Subha T and Asha KRT Presence of Mutagens and Carcinogens Called Aflatoxins and their Hydroxylated Metabolites in Industrialized Food for Dogs Stephania Fuentes D , Magda Carvajal M , Silvia Ruiz V , Nallely Cecilia Martnez R , Ariadna Azucena Goacutemez C and Francisco Rojo C Microbial Fuel Cell An Efficient Method to Utilize Prokaryotic Potential to Engender Reliable Energy Ankur B and Shipra S Synthesis of Nano Sulfur Particles and their Antitumor Activity Faten Z , Mustafa H and Muayad ALD Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy Volume 10, Issue 6 Tumor Budding as a Useful Prognostic Indicator in Early Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Tadaaki Kirita , Nobuhiro Yamakawa , Nobuhiro Ueda and Takahiro Yagyuu MicroRNAs as a Potential Target for Cancer Therapy Abraham Nigussie Mekuria , Abraham Degaga Abdi and Kirubel Minsamo Mishore Sequential Double Bridging to Transplant with Diversified Anti PD1 Monoclonal Antibodies Retreatment in Relapsed Hodgkin Lymphoma A Case Report Cinzia Pellegrini , Beatrice Casadei , Claudia Cellini , Lisa Argnani , Michele Cavo and Pier Luigi Zinzani Advances in NKT cell Immunotherapy for Glioblastoma Kalyani Pyaram and Viveka Nand Yadav Nivolumab Induced Hemolitic Anemia in Patient with Advanced Squamous Cell Lung Cancer SCC Vieri Scotti , Virginia Maragna , Fiammetta Meacci , Maria Ausilia Teriaca , Juliana Topulli , Luca Visani , Lorenzo Livi and Alberto Bosi High Rate of Glycolysis and Cancer Kathryn Jinmei Tian Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics Volume 11, Issue 5 Proteomic Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid in Suicidal Patients A Pilot Study Seman269iacutekovaacute Erika, Tkaacute269ikovaacute So328a, Talian Ivan, Bober Peter, Tome269kovaacute Vladimiacutera and Hertelyovaacute Zdenka Normal Mode Analysis of Thermophilic Cellulase FnCel5A Using Elastic Network Models Shah Faisal Mohammad, Fawad Ali, Mueed Ur Rahman and Asim Muhammad Dentistry Volume 8, Issue 6 Correction of Facial Esthetics A Case Series Lokesh Tomar, Ekta Choudhary, Pooja Kabra and Rajat Bhandari Cri Du Chat Syndrome Dental Management and Case Report Raissa Christine Oliveira de Carvalho, Larissa Conrado da Silva, Flaacutevia Silva Pires, Aline Silveira dos Santos Menezes, Mocircnica Almeida Tostes and Viviane Cancio Role of Tobacco in the Development of Oral Leukoplakia and Oral Cancer Maka Sabashvili, Elene Gigineishvili, Maia Jikia and Tamta Chitaladze An Extremely Rare Case of Aggressive Osteoblastoma and Conventional Osteoblastoma Coexisting in the Bilateral Mandible Masato Yamazaki, Masayuki Fukuda, Akira Nakata and Hiroshi Takano Sex Estimation by Odontometric Study of the Maxillary Canine Teeth using Discriminant Function Analysis Ibeachu Chinagorom P, Amasiatu Valentine Chidozie and Amah Aperepikiya Tom Pharmaceutica Analytica Acta Volume 9, Issue 6 Development and Validation of a HPLC Method for MS153 Quantification Assessment of its Stability in Rat Plasma and Brain Homogenate Wei Y, Bachu RD, Sari Y and Boddu SHS Effect of a Dietary Supplement Containing Raspberry Ketone on CYP3A Activity in Healthy Women Aomori T, Qi JW, Okada Y, Nakamura K, Hiraoka H, Araki T, Nakamura T, Horiuchi R and Yamamoto K Extractable and Leachable Testing in Pharmaceutical Analysis Zhong M Journal of Plant Pathology & Microbiology Volume 9, Issue 4 Characterization and Identification of Tef Eragrostis tef Seed Endophytic Bacterial Species and Evaluate their Effect on Plant Growth Promotion Zerihun Tsegaye, Fasil Assefa , Genene Tefera , Tesfaye Alemu and Birhanu Gizaw A Survey on Temperate Fruit Pests and their Importance in the Highland Areas of North Shewa Zone Amhara Region Ethiopia Amha Besufkad , Yifru Worku , Fiseha Desalegn and Damtew Aragaw Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology Volume 11, Issue 2 Identification of Novel Therapeutic Targets in Myelodysplastic Syndrome Using ProteinProtein Interaction Approach and Neural Networks Ali A, Junaid M, Khan A, Kaushik AC, Mehmood A, Saleem S, Nangraj AS and DongQing Wei Algorithm to Calculate Heart Rate and Comparison of Butterworth IIR and SavitzkyGolay FIR Filter Chatterjee A and Roy UK Acoustic Signal Classification for Deforestation Monitoring Tree Cutting Problem Sharma G Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research Volume 9, Issue 5 Magnitude and Associated Factors of Transactional Sex among High School Students in Debre Markos Town Northwest Ethiopia Awraris Wolde Kassa , Belete Yimer Ayele and Muleta Mekonnen Nikus Prevalence and Associated Factors of HIV and CMV CoInfection in Tianjin China Bei Jiang , Rui Su , Defa Zhang , Liying Gao , Ping Ma and Wei Lu International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience Volume 20, Issue 2 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique in Reducing Anxiety and Depression in Indian Adults Dr Shilpa Jasubhai and Prof C R Mukundan An Inquiry into Teachers8217 Perception of AtRisk Students in Jamaica A Phenomenological Approach Devon Crossfield and Paul Andrew Bourne mHealth Approaches in Suicide Prevention at the Emergency Department Some Theoretical and Practical Considerations Riaz A Khan and Alessandra Costanza A Token Economy An Approach used for Behaviour Modifications among Disruptive Primary School Children Samantha Shakespeare, Vincent M S Peterkin and Paul Andrew Bourne The SIX Cs model for Immediate Cognitive Psychological First Aid From Helplessness to Active Efficient Coping Moshe Farchi, Miriam Ben HirschGornemann, Adi Whiteson and Yori Gidron Bruised Badges The Moral Risks of Police Work and a Call for Officer Wellness Daniel M Blumberg, Konstantinos Papazoglou and Sarah Creighton Childhood Adversity and Factors Determining Resilience among Undergraduate Students Oyinlola Oluwagbemiga and Jonah Micheal Understanding the Symptoms of Schizophrenia V Anantha Padmanabhan Positive and Negative Affect Anxiety and Academic Achievement among Medical Students in Saudi Arabia Ahmed M Alkhalaf Therapeutic Reprocessing of Association of Memories TRAM Krishanu Kumar Das Alcohol Use Disorder and its Correlates among Health Professionals Biksegn Asrat Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin How reliable is it as a Biomarker for Chronic Alcohol Consumption Hamad AlGhafri, Ahmed Yousif Ali, Abuelgasim ElRasheed and Samya AlMamari Journal of Psychiatry Volume 21, Issue 3 SocioDemographic Profile and Psychiatric Morbidity of Flood Victims in a Mental Health Camp Bilal Ahmad Bhat Stress among Postgraduate Students and Its Association with Substance Use Abriham Zegeye, Andualem Mossie, Alemu Gebrie and Yohannes Markos Depressive Symptoms among Patients with Epilepsy Attending Adare General Hospital Hawassa Ethiopia Crosssectional Study Bereket Duko, Abebe Tamirat, Tariku Mengesha and Mebratu Mathewos Life Span Changes in Affectivity and Influence of Gender Health Selfrate Morbidity Memory and Mental Stress Aleksandr Kaipov, Marcos A SanchezGonzalez, Ross W May, Rhaisa Dumenigo and Juan D Oms Assessing Prevalence of Depression Among General Population of Selected Rural Community A Descriptive Survey Design Gulzar Ahmad Bhat and Perkash Kour Retrospective Study of Trazodone Monotherapy Compared with Ramelteon and Trazodone Combination Therapy for the Management of Delirium Takao Ishii, Takafumi Morimoto, Masaki Shiraishi, Yoshiyasu Kigawa, Kenji Narita, Keisuke Inoue and Chiaki Kawanishi A Descriptive Study on Perceived Levels of Stress Coping and Their Correlation in Retirees of Kashmir Valley Shabir Ahmad Dar, Ifshana Iliyas, Tabasum Dilawar and Temheeda Rahman Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders in Alcohol Dependence A Control Study Suprakash Chaudhury, Daniel Saldanha, Rajeev Saini, Chetan Diwan, Vivek Pratap Singh and Vinayak Pathak Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology Volume 9, Issue 3 Recent Developments in the Rapid Diagnosis of MDRTB Suhail Ahmad Molecular Characterization of Enterotoxigenic emEscherichia coliem Effect on Intestinal Nitric Oxide in Diarrheal Disease Muhammad Arfat Yameen , Ebuka Elijah David , Humphrey Chukwuemeka Nzelibe , Muhammad Nasir Shuaibu , Rabiu Abdussalam Magaji , Amakaeze Jude Odugu and Ogamdi Sunday Onwe Phytochemical and Antibacterial Potentials of Senna tora Leaf and Seed Extracts against Some Clinically Isolated Bacteria Alao FO , Ololade ZS and Nkeonye CV Avian Botulism Type C in a Commercial Poultry Farm First Report in Central America Evelyn RodriacuteguezCavallini, Diana LoacutepezUrentildea, Tania Romaacuten and Carlos QuesadaGoacutemez Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy Volume 9, Issue 2 Comparison of 18FFDGPETCT and CT Tumour Volume Delineation in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Besenyi Z, Hideghety K, Lengyel Z, Farkas SUI, Bakos A, Sipka G, Seacutera T and Paacutevics L Anxiety Depression and their Risk Factors in Cancer Moroccan Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy A CrossSectional Study ElKacemi H, Aarab J, ElMajjaousi S, Kebdani T and Benjaafar N Optimization of Treatment Planning Parameters used in Tomotherapy for Breast Cancer Patients Reena Devi PH, Tabassum W, Siji Nojin P, Nara M, Priyanka A and Sarin R Portal Dosimetry for Pretreatment Verification of ImrtVmat Plan A Comparison with 2D Array Detector for Quality Assurance Ayman G Mohamed , Ismail E Mohamed and Hamdy M Zidan Comparison of Unblocked Directionally Blocked and Full Blocked Plans in Helical Tomotherapy for Breast Cancer Radiotherapy Eda Kucuktulu, Ahmet Fatih Yurekli , Eray Bilcan, Mahmut Serdar Sisecioglu , Murat Topbas and Uzer Kucuktulu Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability Volume 10, Issue 2 Spice Plants and the Bioavailability of Nutrients Monica Butnariu Prospective Role of Simvastatin on Wound Healing Review of the Literature Nahla Sameh, Usama F Aly, Heba A AbouTaleb and Ahmed AH Abdellatif Case Presentation on Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Consolidation Sekhar Jyoti Deka and Chitralekha Baruah Analgesic Action by Neuroleptics in Diabetic State Sadia Suri Kashif, Sadaf Naeem, Nausheen A Sarosh, Maqsood Ahmed Khan, Rasheeda Fatima, Zebunnisa , Rabia Bushra, Aisha Jabeen, Mudassar Hassain and Muhammad Akram Investigation of Intestinal Absorption Enhancers Individual vs Blends with the Carbamoylphosphonate JS403 Reut Bitton, Marina Tsuriel, R Rama Suresh, Eli Breuer, Reuven Reich and Amnon Hoffman Implementation of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Pharmacogenetic Tests in Psychiatry How About ABCB1 Pierre Baumann Immunome Research Volume 14, Issue 1 Colorectal Cancer and NLRPCurrent Knowledge Jasna Ajdukovic Cold Chain Status and Knowledge of Vaccine Providers at Primary Health Care of Units Bale Zone Southeast Ethiopia Crosssectional Study Bedasa Woldemichael , Dadei Bekele and Adem Esmael Genetic Susceptibility to Asthma and Genetic Interactions in the 5q31q33 and 16p11 Regions in Sudanese Families Amal Osman , Mutaz Amin , Hiba Salah , Omer Abdelaziz and Muntasir Ibrahim The Use of Indigenous Plants in the Attenuation of a LiveAttenuated emSalmonellaem Vaccine to Protect Against Poultry Suzette Curtello , Angel Justiz Vaillant and Hellen Asemota Newborn Babies with Tetanus in Maternity Children Hospital Makah Center Experience from its Application to Prevent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Najia Ahojaili , Attia Saleh Alzahrani , Helal Almalki , Ibraheem Kotbi , Liza Salam and Reem Batawi Prediction of Multiple Peptide Based Vaccine from E1 E2 and Capsid Proteins of Rubella Virus An emInSilicoem Approach Shaima Nasr Eldeen Mohamed Elgenaid , Ebrahim Mohammed AlHajj , Ahmed Abdulkarim Ibrahim , Mohammed Elmujtaba Adam Essa , Ahmed Hamdi Abuharaz , Khoubieb Ali Abdelrahman and Mohamed A Hassan Chimeric Antigen Receptor Therapeutic Strategies The Future of Glioblastoma Management Atsushi Natsume and Courtney Pendleton The Effect of Immunology on Surgical Outcome an Observational Hypothesis Kangla Tsung and Jeffrey A Norton Fluid Mechanics: Open Access Volume 4, Issue 6 Gravity Time Mass and Super Force United Paul TE Cusack Studies on Photoacoustic Spectroscopy PAS of CNT NPs Karunanithy M, Nivetha S, Ayeshamariam A, Thirumamagal R, Mohamed Saleem A, Ahmed Ibraheem BH and Jayachandran M Fluid Mechanics of the New Cartesian Physics Dizhechko Boris Semyonowich Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine Volume 12, Issue 1 CaspaseCleaved Cytokeratin 18 as a Potential Molecular Biomarker for Monitoring Chemotherapeutic Response in Breast Cancer Patients Gemechu Y , Seifu D , Tigneh W and Labisso WL Practical Advices About How To Handle Disease Progression During Osimertinib In EGFRMutant NSCLC Patients Is It The Same Old Story A Mini Review Cortellini A , Buttitta F , Marchetti A and Ficorella C Bioorthogonal Chemistry in Biology and Medicine Chakraborty P Donepezil for Constipation in Lewy Body Disease A TwelveMonth FollowUp Lepkowsky CM BCL6BCL2 and MYC Alterations Drawing the Gray Zone between Diffuse Large Bcell Lymphoma and Double Triple Hit Lymphoma Salamoon M Reconsidering Our Investments A Commentary on GutBrain Health Tousignant OH Fetal Chimerism and Fetal Thymic Transplantation Bhattacharya N and Sengupta P An Approach to Enhancing the Life Experience of Patients with Early Alzheimer s Disease Howe EG Impact of Climatic Fluctuation on Dengue Virus Etiology Tilwani K , Dave G and Nadurbarkar V Chronic Kidney Disease by Stage Secondary to Diabetes Vera IGG and Rocioacute RMA Evaluation of Expression Pattern of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor VEGF and Interleukin23 IL23 Genes in Human Colorectal Tumors Rezaei FM, Hashemzadeh S, Zaimy MA, Feizi MH, Pouladi N, Kafil , Leila Rostamizadeh HS and Sakhinia E Effects of Gene Expression in the United Universe Stupar M and Stefanovic S Parkinson8217s Disease A Case Report of Motor Symptoms Resolution Following Antibiotic Treatment for Suspected Bacterial Osteomyelitis Leheste JR, Gottlieb SF, Biegel CA, Ramos RL, Torres G and Saggio G Discordant Symptoms in Monozygotic Twins with Huntingtons Disease Spinocerebellar Ataxia and other Neurodegenerative and Mendelian Disorders Burnham K Genetic Insights from a Molecular Pathway Analysis on Two Independent Samples of Autistic Patients Drago A, Calabro M , Crisafulli C and Rasmussen SK The Laboratorial Diagnosis for G6PD Deficiency in Multiethnic Population De Souza Ondei L , Silveira LM , BoniniDomingos CR , Orlandini LC , Leite AA , Ricci O and Machado RLD BioNanotechnology and its Role in Agriculture and Food Industry Thakur S , Thakur SK and Kumar R Possible Implication of RNF135 in High Type 1 Neurofibromatosis Tumoral Risk Schwartz M, Heide S, Benzarti A, Rordriguez D, Marzin P, Ader F, LarbiMessaoud S, Belhous K, Keren B, Whalen S, ChantotBastaraud S and JeanPierre S A Modern Approach to the Molecular Diagnosis of Inherited Bleeding Disorders Jos Mara Bastida, Veronica Palma Barqueros, Maria Luisa Lozano, Rociacuteo Benito, Vicente Vicente, Jesuacutes Mariacutea Hernaacutendez Rivas, Joseacute Rivera and Joseacute Ramoacuten Gonzaacutelez Porras Immune Checkpoints of CD8 T Cells in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Yang J, Liu G, Zhou M, Cheng J, Chen Q and Shen E Using Visual Representations to Present the Pattern of International CoAuthor Collaboration in the Field of Molecular and Genetic Research Chien TW, Chang Y, Chow JC and Chou W Antimicrobial Effect of Plant Oils against Some Bacterias Izolated from Patients Samples Balkan CE, Kordali S and Bozhuumlyuumlk AU Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio and Red Blood Cell Distribution Width Levels in Preterm vs Term Births Melissa CL, Aaron HG, Jonathan HBS, Angel GR and James A Bioceramics Development and Applications Volume 8, Issue 1 Intentional Replantation with 180176 Rotation of a CrownRoot Fracture as a Last Expedient A Case Report Sajjan GS, Balaga P, Varma K and Sajjan S Preventing Contralateral Hip Fractures in the Elderly Case Reports on Using a New Percutaneous Internal Fixation Device to Reinforce the Proximal Femur in Case of a First LowEnergy Hip Fracture Pietera RF, Dragosa S, Tatianab BH and Tamasa I Mechanism of Bonding in Seashell Powder Based Ceramic Composites Used for BinderJet 3D Printing Singamneni S, Behera MP, Le Guen M and Zeidler H Immunomodulatory Properties of Composite Materials Based on Polylactide and Hydroxyapatite Kurzina I, Churina Y, Shapovalova Y, Syusyukina V and Kzhyshkowska J Synthesis and Characterization of Cowry and Crab Shells Based Chitosan for Drug Delivery Akinwole IE, Oyatogun GM, Adenigba AE, Ayodele TJ, Oluwasegun KM, Alebiowu G, Abere DV, Oyatogun AO, Abioye AA and Abioye OP Examining the Features of NaCl Activated Kaolinite Nanolayers for Use in Excipients Siafu SI A MiniReview on the Bioactive GlassBased Composites in Soft Tissue Repair Alsharabasy AM Chemical Sciences Journal Volume 8, Issue 4 Cation Sensing of Pyridoxal Derived Sensors Towards Fe II Ion in Pure Aqueous Solution Darshana Rana, Aniruddhasinh M Rana and Suban K Sahoo Synthesis Characterization and Biological Application of 234Trimethoxy Benzaldehyde Semicarbazone CoII Metal Ions Vidhya RS and Rathika Nath G Electrochemical Characterization of Al 1100 Alloy in Different Concentration of Ammonium Chloride Solution at Laboratory Temperature Pruthviraj RD and Vishwa Prakash Evaluation of the Efficiency of Certain Attractive Toxic Baits for the Control of the House Fly Musca domestica Diptera Muscidac Amin AA, Soliman MH and Shalaby AA A Comparative Study on the Physicochemical Parameters of Milk of Camel Cow and Goat in Somali Regional State Ethiopia Legesse A, Adamu F, Alamirew K and Feyera T Densities and Apparent Molar Volumes of Curcumin in Solvents 14Dioxane Methanol Ethanol and Dimethyl Sulfoxide DMSO at Various Temperature 29315 to 31815 K Yogyta Singh, Shikha Singh, Prakash Chandra and Pratima Jain Green Synthesis of Novel 5Arylazo2 2S 3S 4R 5R3 4 5 trihydroxy6hydroxymethyl tetrahydro2Hpyran2yloxy4 6dimethyl 3nicotinonitrile Areef MMH, Adel AH AbdelRahman M, Abdel Aleem H and Magda H Abdellattif Isolation of Catechin and Gallic Acid from Colombian Bark of emPinus patulaem Rodrigo A SarriaVilla, Joseacute A GalloCorredor and Martha Isabel Paacuteez Biology and Medicine Volume 10, Issue 1 A Case of Lumbar Vertebral Osteomyelitis Following CommunityAcquired Serratia Marcescens Bacteremia with Enteritis Yoshiro Imai, Ryo Iida, Masahiko Nitta and Akira Takasu GHRHR Expression Level under Hyperglycaemic Like Culture Conditions in Breast Cancer Cell Lines Sara Hesham Amer Awad, Mira Emad ElDin Abd El Aal Mohammed Ibrahim, Gazala Afreen Khan and Samrein BM Ahmed Prevalence of Intestinal Schistosomiasis among Basic School Children in White Nile Sugar Scheme a New Irrigated Project White Nile State Sudan Abdelhakam G Tamomh, Sabah R Yousfi, Adam D Abakar and Bakri YM Nour Metadichol174 Vitamin C and emGULOem Gene Expression in Mouse Adipocytes Palayakotai R Raghavan Circadian Rhythms Biological Clock of Living Organisms Md Sahab Uddin and Abdullah Al Mamun Polymorphisms of BCL2 Gene in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Patients in Pakistan and Screening of Phytochemicals to Overcome its Expression Huma Butt, Amara Khalid and Muhammad Yaqoob Prognostic Factors in Liver Cirrhosis Patients with Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding Adrian Goldis, Raluca Lupusoru, Ramona Goldis and Iulia Ratiu Translational Medicine Volume 7, Issue 3 Quantum Healing Approach to New Generation of Holistic Healing Shrihari TG The Impact of M1775K Variant in BRCA1 Regulation Ioannis Drikos and Effrossyni Boutou Journal of Next Generation Sequencing & Applications Volume 4, Issue 3 NextGeneration Sequencing NGSBased Clinical Testing is Recommended for the Detection of Gene Mutations Associated with Familial Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Acute Myeloid Leukemia Predisposition Syndromes Ryan S Robetorye Genome Resequencing Reveals Single Nucleotide Polymorphism and Repeat Regions in emGiardia lambliaem Indian Isolate Shuba Varshini Alampalli, Akshay C Uttarkar, Suchithra Ventakesh, Sivarajan T Chettinar, Rishi Kumar Nageshan, Vidya Niranjan and Utpal S Tatu Public Databases of 16s rRNA A Current Perspective and Future Implications Vandana Singh, Kunal Maniar, Rajasri Bhattacharayya and Dibyajyoti Banerjee Journal of Yoga & Physical Therapy volume 7, issue 4 Changes in Health Utility of Patients after Cardiac Surgery Kazuhiro PIzawa, Kazuhiro P Izawa, Koji Hiraki, Yasuyuki Hirano and Satoshi Watanabe How to Manage Body Mind and Spirit Viviana Siddhi Effects of Exercise on Mood in Patients with Breast Cancer Helena van Oers Gait Retraining for Young Soldiers with Exercise Related Leg Pain A Short Communication on Recent Findings Wes O Zimmermann, Naomi van Valderen and Anthony I Beutler Journal of Immunobiology Volume 2, Issue 4 Fractalkine and Nasal Inflammation Amr ElShazly Transcriptional and Functional Plasticity Induced by Chronic Insulin Exposure in a Mast CellLike Basophilic Leukemia Cell Model Chad Jansen, Mark Speck, William E Greineisen, Kristina MaaetoftUdsen, Edward Cordasco, Lori MN Shimoda, Alexander J Stokes and Helen Turner Resistance of Bacteria to the Factors of the Innate Immune System Mediated by Bacterial Proteases Tyurin YA and Mustafin IG Post Infectious GlomerulonephritisRare but Reversible Cause of Acute Kidney Injury During Pregnancy De Zoysa HDJ, Weerakkody RM and Peranantharajah T Focal Epithelial Hyperplasia Prevalence in an Endemic Population Molecular Association of HPV13 to Asymptomatic Patients and Comparison Between Three Elementary Schools of Different Income Levels Abraham ZavalaGarcia, Roberto BricentildeoMena, Lesly RomeroBeltran, Giorgio Alberto Franyuti Kelly, Jose CeronEspinosa and Maria R Gonzalez Losa Journal of Probiotics & Health Volume 5, Issue 4 The Effect of Vinegar Rose Water and Ethanolic Extract Green Tea Against Oral emStreptococciem an emIn Vitroem Study Azam Aliasghari, Mohammad Rabbani Khorasgani and Maryam Khoroushi The Selfreported Use of Probiotics is Associated with Better Glycaemic Control and Lower Odds of Metabolic Syndrome and its Components in Type 1 Diabetes Aila J Ahola, Valma Harjutsalo, Carol Forsblom, Riitta Freese, Sari Makimattila and PH Groop New Progress Regarding the Use of Lactic Acid Bacteria as Live Delivery Vectors Treatment of Diseases and Induction of Immune Responses in Different Host Species Focusing on Lactobacillus Species Seria Masole Shonyela, Guan Wang, Wentao Yang, Guilian Yang and Chun Feng Wang The Effect of emBacillus subtilisem DE111 on the Daily Bowel Movement Profile for People with Occasional Gastrointestinal Irregularity Ana Maria Cuentas, John Deaton, Sonaina Khan, John Davidson and Courtney Ardita Journal of Blood Disorders & Transfusion Volume 8, Issue 5 Clinical Review Management of Adult KasabachMerritt Syndrome Associated with Hemangiomas Master S, Kallam D, Hazem EO and Prakash Peddi The Diagnosis of Beta Thalassemia with Borderline HbA2 Level among Kelantan Population Rosnah Bahar, Nani Shahida S, Mohd Nazri H, Marini R, Noor Haslina MN, Shafini MY and Wan Zaidah A Successful Treatment of Immunosuppressantresistant Thrombocytopenia with Eltrombopag in a Patient with TAFRO SyndromeRetracted Kiyoshi Okazuka, Nobuhiro Tsukada, Yoshitaka Isotani, Kota Sato, Kanji Miyazaki, Yu Abe, Yumiko Yoshiki, Tadao Ishida and Kenshi Suzuki Journal of Coastal Zone Management Volume 20, Issue 4 An Ethnobotanical Survey for Tropical Sand Dune Support Greenbelt International Airport Yogyakarta NYIA Glagah Village District Temon Kulon Progo Yogyakarta Indonesia Jati Batoro Recent Trace Metals Pollution in Bottom Sediments of Khor AlSabiya Kuwait Mohammad Al Sarawi, Sondos Jasser and Sawsan Khader Morfometric Variations and Long Weight Relationships Red Eye Snail Cerithidea obtusa Kamaruddin Iwan Eddiwan, Adriman and Clemen Sihotang Measuring Sustainability of Turkish Coastal Regions based on Quality Coast Indicators by Local Experts Evaluation Tuncay Kuleli Surgery: Current Research volume 7, Issue 5 Description of the Open Anterograde Anatomic Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy Technique Fabricio BC, Ronaldo D, Alexandro da Silva E, Figueiredo TF, Celso Lara C, Fernanda P, Emanuel FC and Henrique M Marjolin8217s Ulcer Experience from a Developing Country Sanjay KY, Chandan KJ, Gautam C, Dipendra KS, Abhinav A and Satish K RetroPeritoneal Liposarcoma Diagnostic Difficulties and Therapeutic Attitudes Daldoul S, Zahaf B, Hamdi Ghassen E, Marwa B, Yacine Ben S and Mounir Ben M A Study to Evaluate Role of Intraperitoneal Saline Wash for Shoulder Tip Pain Reduction after Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Rajneesh K, Ankur H, Subhash G and Ramandeep Singh W Immunotherapy: Open Access Volume 3, Issue 3 NonRedundant Roles of New Immune Checkpoints in Cancer Evasion Ling Ni Glycocalyx Components in Prognosis of Sepsis A Commentary Bhargava S, Anand D, Ray S and Srivastava LM Bidirectional Regulation of A beta Aggregates Focus on Therapeutic Targets for Alzheimers Disease Ying Zhang and JiangTao Li Industrial Engineering & Management Volume 6, Issue 4 Financial Reporting Practices and Investment Decisions A Review of the Literature Konstantinos Kapellas and Georgia Siougle Optimum Design of Impulse Ventilation System in Underground Car Parking Basement by Using CFD Simulation Lakamana Umamaheswararao Goldbach A New Conjecture Ivan Gondim Leichsenring MultiObjective Build Orientation Optimization for Powder Bed Fusion by Laser Sleh Brika , Zhao YF , Brochu M and Mezzetta J Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Jute Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites Asheesh Kumar and Anshuman Srivastava Impaired Asset Management and the Optimal Timing of WriteDown Decisions Gali Ingber and Avi Messica Assessing the Practices of Total Quality Management Principles at Frontiers Printing and Publishing Limited Elijah Afeliga Asset Management System Processes Implementation of Sensor and Artificial Intelligence Donald Levi Tryon Flexibility In Construction Building Structures A Case Study Rashmi Shahu Selection of Best Supplier by Using AHP Approach for Managing Risk Factors in Logistics A Case of Leather Products Industry Md Abdul Moktadir , Towfique Rahman and Razia Sultana Performance Analysis of Manufacturing Industries for System Improvement Alie Wube Dametew and Frank Ebinger Journal of Tissue Science & Engineering Volume 8, Issue 3 Two Layered Scaffolds LoofahPLLACelluloseChitin for Repair of Osteochondral Defect Berivan Cecen, Leyla Didem Kozaci, Mithat YuksEL, Aylin Kara, Nevin Ersoy, Alper Bagriyanik and Hasan Havitcioglu Wound Healing Process Diabetes and Implications of Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV DPP IVCD26 Lara Baticic Pucar, Anja Kovac, Dijana Detel, Suncica Buljevic, Ester Pernjak Pugel and Jadranka Varljen pHSensitive Chitosan Hydrogel with Instant Gelation for Myocardial Regeneration Alimirzaei F, VasheghaniFarahani E, Ghiaseddin A, Soleimani M, Pouri and Zeinab NajafiGharavi Multiphase Biodegradable Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering a TendonBone Junction Harshini Ramakrishna, Tieshi Li, Ting He, Joseph Temple, Martin W King and Anna Spagnoli Chronic Kidney Diseases and Nanoparticle Therapeutics Ravi Kant Upadhyay BioEngineering of Wounds by PRP Led Regeneration Mahakalkar C, Shrivastava S, Gupta A, Naik S, Kaple M and Chandanwale K Antifungal Potency of Foeniculum vulgare Seed Extract Nida Tabassum Khan Bio Technological Intervention with Platelet Rich Plasma for Assisted Regeneration of Sole Sandeep Shrivastava, Sparsh Naik, Bhushan Patil, Pankaj Kharabe, Anurag Gupta and Swapnil Joshi Gene Delivery System NonViral Mediated Chemical Approaches Nida Tabassum Khan