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Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development Volume 8 Issue 2 Vibrio Species Isolated from Farmed Fish in Basra City in Iraq Asaad MR AlTaee, Najem R Khamees and Nadia AH AlShammari Onboard Breeding Trial of Hilsa Tenualosa ilisha Ham 1822 and Testing ofLarval Rearing in Bangladesh Md Anisur Rahman, Tayfa Ahmed, Md Mehedi Hasan Pramanik, Flura, Md Monjurul Hasan, M G S Riar, Khandaker Rashidul Hasan, Masud Hossain Khan and Yahia Mahmud Stock Structure of the Critically Endangered Clupisoma garua Hamilton1822 An Investigation Based on Discriminant Analysis Approach Ashfaqun Nahar, Md Reaz Chaklader, Muhammad Abu Bakar Siddik, Ilham Ilham, Hung Duc Pham and Sukham Munilkumar Biological Treatments of Fish Farm Effluent and its Reuse in the Culture of NileTilapia Oreochromis niloticus Bamidele Oluwarotimi Omitoyin, Emmanuel Kolawole Ajani, Oluwabusayo Israe Okeleye, Benjamin Uzezi Akpoilih and Adeniyi Adewale Ogunjobi Journal of Forensic Research Volume 8 and Issue 2 A Pioneer Case Study on Identification of Infant Rhinoceros Horn Dinesh Kumar Jha, Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Nirajan Thapa Kshetry, Raju Panday and Basanta Raj Pokharel Collagen III Reticulin A Location Marker of PreSinusoid ArterioleSphincters in the Villous System of Human Placenta Gheorghe S Dragoi, Elena Patrascu, Ileana Marinescu, Elena Dinca and Petru Razvan Melinte Analogical Reasoning in Statutory Law Maciej Koszowski Pneumomediastinum and Cervical Soft Tissue Emphysema as an Important VitalSign in Hanging An Autopsy Based Prospective Study Pawan Mittal and Gaurav Sharma Forensic Analysis of Three Pets Victims of Carbamate Intoxication Taacutelia Missen Tremori, Laila Massad Ribas, Mara Rita Rodrigues Massad, Luiz Mauriacutecio Montoya Floacuterez, Elan Cardozo Paes de Almeida and Noeme Sousa Rocha Corpus Delicti Exam on Cat Felis Catus Victim of Firearms caused WoundsCase Report Taacutelia Missen Tremori, Isabela Emy Kamiguchi, Baacuterbara Wagner Duarte Ferraz de Camargo, Mara Rita Rodrigues Massad, Laila Massad Ribas and Noeme Sousa Rocha Gynecology & Obstetrics Volume 7 Issue 3 ReLaparotomy after Caesarean Section at a Tertiary Hospital in EgyptCross Sectional Study Reham Elkhateeb, Ahmad Ezz ElDin Mahran, Ahmad Samir Sanad, Haitham Ahmad Bahaa and Mahmoud Hosni Ibrahim Clinical Competencies in the Care of Women Intertextuality and TransversalityBetween Gynecology and Family Medicine Jose Luis Turabian Why Refugee Women Didnt Use Modern Contraceptives Lesson fromWomen in Shedder Refugee Camp Ethiopian Somali Regional StateEastern Ethiopia 2014 Kassa Tadesse and Wubareg Seifu Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy Volume 9, Issue 3 Intranasal Administration of Temozolomide Delayed the Development ofBrain Tumors Initiated by Human Glioma StemLike Cell in Nude Mice Pineda JR, Jeitany M, Andrieux A, Junier MP3, Chneiweiss H3 and Franccedilois D Boussin Nanoceria and Its Perspective in Cancer Treatment Syed Abdul Kuddus An Abscopal Response to Radiation Therapy in a Patient with MetastaticNonSmall Cell Lung Cancer A Case Report Kanako Katayama, Akihiro Tamiya, Taro Koba, Shoichi Fukuda and Shinji Atagi Genotype and Phenotype Correlation of Breast Cancer in BRCA MutationCarriers and NonCarriers Salha Mohammed Bujassoum, Hekmet Abubaker Bugrein and Reem AlSulaiman S1 Salvage Chemotherapy for Esophageal Squamous Cell CarcinomaRefractory to the Standard Chemotherapy Masashi Tamaoki, Yasumasa Ezoe, Ikuo Aoyama, Takahiro Horimatsu, Shuko Morita, Shinrsquoichi Miyamoto, Shigemi Matsumoto, Tsutomu Chiba, and Manabu Muto CD24SSEA4cells in Ovarian Carcinoma Cells Demonstrated theCharacteristics as Cancer Stem Cells Fang Wang,Toshiko Yoshida, Motonori Okabe, Moustafa Fathy, Yi Sun, Chika Koike, Shigeru Saito and Toshio Nikaido Journal of Marine Science: Research & Development Volume 7 Issue 2 Ecological Biological Behavioral and Genetic Adaptation to Xeric Habitatsof Triturus Vittatus Vittatus Urodela on the Southern Border of itsDistribution Gad Degani SexGenderConflicts in Aquatic Hermaphrodites are Genes Immortal Ulrich Kutschera Global Loss of Freshwater and Salination of Sea Gaspar Banfalvi Adaptation to Climate Change through MangroveCentric Livelihood Goutam Roy Chowdhury and Abhijit Mitra Potential of Microalgae for Sustainable Biofuel Production Tanmay Kotasthane Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics Volume 10, Issue 3 Screening and Identification of Structural Analogs of GW9662 andT0070907 Potent Antagonists of Peroxisome ProliferatorActivatedReceptor Gamma InSilico DrugDesigning Approach Pramodkumar P Gupta, Shrinkhla Singh, Pritam Kumar Panda, Danish Ibrahim Jasnaik, Santosh S Chhajed and Virupaksha A Bastikar Zipfs Law in Proteomics Stanislav Naryzhny, Maria Maynskova, Victor Zgoda and Alexander Archakov In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Bauhinia variegata Extracts to PreventCoxsackievirus B3 Infection Mohamed Shaheen, Maria Borsanyiova, Sami Mostafa, Shubhada Bopegamage and Nagwa ElEsnawy In silico Epitope Mapping of Glucose6Phosphate IsomeraseA Rheumatoid Arthritis Autoantigen Opuni KFM, Solomon S, Metzen F, Frommholz D, Koy C, Roumlwer C, Glocker MO, Illges H and Anderson PC Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research Volume 8, Issue 2 Epidemiological Biological and Clinical Aspects of Leishmaniasis with SpecialEmphasis on Busi Yasi in Suriname Dennis RA Mans, Alida D Kent, Ricardo VPF Hu and Henk DFH Schallig Basosquamous Carcinoma Treated with Excision followed by FullThicknessSkin Graft Puguh Riyanto To Compare the Cost of Rituximab and DCP Therapy in Pemphigus in aGovernment Tertiary Hospital Rohith Kanchan, Sushruth Guruput Kamoji and Malteshgouda Ningappa Patil A Case of Atopic Dermatitis Coexisting with Psoriasis Vulgaris Keiji Sugiura and Mariko Sugiura Clinical Manifestations of Precocious Puberty and Associated HeritableDiseases A Case Report D Micah Milgraum, Rina Allawh, Amanda Moon and Herbert B Allen The Role of Arsenic on Skin Diseases Hair Fall and Inflammation AnImmunological Review and Case Studies Wahida Khan Chowdhury, AbidaTisha, Sharmim Akter, Shah Mehedi Bin Zahur, Nahid Hasan, Ahmed Shohrawar Mahadi, Fazla Rabby SM, Mohd Mohabbulla Mohib, Mohd Abu Taher Sagor and Sarif Mohiuddin Journal of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology Volume 8, issue 3 Early Experience of Implantation of a New Pulsatile Total Artificial Heart TAH in the Pig Zoltaacuten Szaboacute, Jonas Holm, Azad Najar, Goumlran Hellers and Henrik C Ahn Statistical and Psychological Models of Doctors Judgments of HeartPatients Neda Kerimi, Lars Backlund, Ylva Skaner, LarsErik Strender and Henry Montgomery Twenty Year Patient Survival and 17 Year Complications of IsolatedMitral Biocor Standard Porcine Valve Giulio Rizzoli, Tomaso Bottio, Marina Comisso, Giuseppe Faggian, Aldo Milano and Gino Gerosa Creating a Biomarker Panel for Early Detection of Chemotherapy RelatedCardiac Dysfunction in Breast Cancer Patients Krithika Srikanthan, Rebecca Klug, Maria Tirona, Ellen Thompson, Haresh Visweshwar, Nitin Puri, Joseph Shapiro and Komal Sodhi A Case of Symptomatic Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy with Severe DynamicGradient Andrea Piccioni, Marinella Mazzone, Fabrizio Lupparelli, Claudia Mandolini, Giulia Ciocci, Manfredi de Marle Giusti, Cacciotti Luca, Gerardo Ansalone and Cinzia Sighieri A Comparative Analysis of Saturated SFAs and Unsaturated UNFAsFatty Acids in Chickens Oil and its Impact on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus inExperimental Rats Asaduzzaman M, Lutfun Nahar, Manobendro Nath Ray, Md Shahid Hossain, Md Monjad Hossain and Noor Rahman Dastagir Effects of Multimodal Interventions for Primary Prevention of CVD onDepression Anxiety and the Type D Personality Alexander Niecke, Birna BjarnsonWehrens, Detlef Bernd Gysan, Hans Georg Predel, Christine zu Eulenburg, Hans Georg Predel and Christian Albus Mortality Due to Rheumatic Heart Disease in Developing World APreventable Problem Arun prasad, Sanjeev Kumar, Birendra Kr Singh and Neelam Kumari Plasma MicroRNAs Relate to Atrial Fibrillation Recurrence after CatheterAblation Longitudinal Findings from the MiRhythm Study Aditya Vaze, Kevin Donahue, Matthew Spring, Mayank Sardana, Kahraman Tanriverdi, Jane E Freedman, John F Keaney, Emelia J Benjamin, Steven A Lubitz MPH, Lawrence Rosenthal, Kevin Floyd and David D McManus The Attack on Coronary Disease Should it be before during or after Mark IM Noble Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology Volume 10, Issue 2 Defensive Strategies May Stabilize Unstable Competitive Systems AModel of RockPaperScissorsLizardSpock in the Chemostat Braselton JP and Iacob IE Fourier Transform using SpringMass System Rostislav Persion Data Compression Based Accelerated Evolution Rostislav Persion International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Volume 5, Issue 2 The Clinical Quality of Life and Economic Outcomes of InpatientRehabilitation A Systematic Review Maistreli Stefania, Gourzoulidis George, Vellopoulou Katerina, Kourlaba Georgia and Maniadakis Nikos Determining Klevels Following Transtibial Amputation Karen L Andrews, Katherine N Nanos and Tanya L Hoskin Prognosis and Classification of Severely Hemiplegic Stroke Patients in aRehabilitation Hospital Yoshitake Hirano, Osamu Nitta, Takeshi Hayashi, Hidetoshi Takahashi, Yasuhiro Miyazaki and Hiroshi Kigawa Comparative Inpatient Rehabilitation Outcomes of Total Hip ArthroplastyPatients with and without Restrictive Hip Precautions Noel Rao, Susan Brady, Norman A Aliga, Dolly Devara and Marcia McKittrick Effects of Length of Bed Rest during Hospitalization on Skeletal Muscle inPatients with Conservatively Treated Acute Aortic Dissection Keiko Takahashi, Yuko Soyama, Naoki Sasanuma, Kazuhisa Domen, Tohru Masuyama, Masaharu Ishihara and Keiichiro Suzuki Methods for Comparing Functional Independence Measure Improvement Degreefor Stroke Patients between Rehabilitation Hospitals Makoto Tokunaga, Shuji Mita, Keiichi Tashiro, Makio Yamaga, Yoichiro Hashimoto, Rhoji Nakanishi and Hiroaki Yamanaga Exercise Oxymetry in the Diagnosis of a Clinically Challenging Bilateral SocketIntolerance and Followup of An Apparently Inefficient Revascularisation Alban FouassonChailloux, Samir Henni and Pierre Abraham Early Exercise Program for Patients with Heart Failure after Hospital Discharge Basuni Radi, Anwar Santoso, Bambang B Siswanto, Muchtaruddin Mansyur, Nurhadi Ibrahim and Dede Kusmana Journal of Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation Volume 2 Issue 1 International Quality Standards Greatly Enhance Effectiveness of SpinalInterdisciplinary Chronic Pain Program Sol Cavanagh, Fernando Salvat, Marcela Parada and Honorio Pueyrredon Effect of Free Swing Gait Training on Back Pain in a Patient with Bilateral Lower Extremity Amputations A Case Report Cassie Duff and Megan Flores Aquatic and LandBased Physical Therapy Improves Functional Mobility andQuality of Life in a Patient with Bethlem Myopathy Muscular Dystrophy ACase Report Kent Aimee and Manella Kathleen Yoga and Mental Health A Review Farah M Shroffnbsp and Mani Asgarpour Is Scoring on Berg Balance Scale Affected By Items Being Performed By Sound Side or An Affected Side Suvarna Ganvir and Maheshwari Harishchandre Study to Find Out the Frequency of Low Back Pain and Its Associated Factors among Boys College Teachers of Twin Cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad Pakistan Muhammad Waqas, Aamer Naeem, Tamjeed Ghaffar, Hina Javed, Summyia Siddique, Anam Javed, Rabbiya Riaz and Faiza Naseer Quality Assurance Study on Physiotherapy According To the SpiraldynamikConcept for Treating Patients with Knee Complaints Martin Pielok and Robert Theiler Hypnosis for Chronic Pain Management Lic Alejandra Mazzola, Mariacutea de Lujaacuten Calcagno, Angela Obdrzalek, Julio H Pueyrredoacuten, Sol Cavanagh, Pablo Shubaroff, Maria T Goicochea, Analia Procopio, Maria L Daud and Fernando Salvat Reduction of Tempero Mandibular Dislocation A Case Report Satish Kumar Anumula, Chaitanya Beku and Micheal Raj The Efficiency of Physiotherapy on the Quality of Life of Women Bearers ofUrinary Incontinence Rebecca Gonccedilalves da Silva, Rodrigo Daminello Raimundo, Luiz Carlos de Abreu, Vitor Engraacutecia Valenti, Laeacutercio da Silva Paiva and Fernanda Antico Benetti Do COPD and Healthy Subjects have Similar Acute Inflammatory ResponseInduced by Submaximum Effort Test Krislainy De Sousa Correcirca, Adeliane Castro Da Costa, Ana Paula Perillo Ferreira Carvalho, Joseacute Laerte Rodrigues Da Silva Juacutenior, Maria Rosedaacutelia De Moraes, Ana Paula JunqueiraKipnis and Marcelo Fouad Rabahi Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy for Achilles and Patellar TendinopathyMetaAnalysis and a Systematic Review of the Literature Anuj Punnoose Comparing Hamstring Muscle Length Measurements of the Traditional ActiveKnee Extension Test and a Functional Hamstring Flexibility Test Shepherd E, Winter S, Gordon S Reconstructive Surgery & Anaplastology Volume 6,Issue 1 Triple Negative Breast Cancer A Unique Type of Breast Cancer Ankur Sood Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability Volume 9, Issue 2 AuAg NPS Decorated PANI For Electrochemical and Biomedical Applications Singh P, Patel R, Kumari K and Mehrotra GK The Investigation of the Oxidative StressRelated Parameters in High Doses MethotrexateInduced Albino Wistar Rats Saka S and Aouacheri O Artesunate Loaded Self Nanoemulsified Drug Delivery System A Preliminary Study for Improved Efficacy in the Treatment of Malaria Formulation Characterization and BioDistribution Study Suresh Kumar R Pharmacokinetics Analysis of Copen a Novel Antitumor Semi Synthetic Derivative of Osthole in Rats after Intragastric and Intravenous Administration Zheng Y, Zhou H, Hu X, Wu G, Yanan L and Shentu J Assessment of Direct Cost of Treatment of Ischemic Heart Disease Patient in Tertiary Care Hospital in Karachi Khan MA, Ali SI, Alam S, Rizvi M, Mairaj M, Farooq I, Khan A, Ahsan M, Fayaz M, Hussain M and Akram M Bioequivalence and Bioavailability of Receptors Dopamine D2 and Serotonin in the Action of Antipsychotic Drugs Butnariu M Duration of Action of Insulin Products in Diabetic Mellitus PatientsPossible Implications on Biosimilarity Assessment Srinivas NR In vitro Bioequivalence Studies in Tablet Formulation Containing 625 mgof Colesevelam Hydrochlorides Gulcin Tok, Ediz Yildirim and Ali Turkyilmaz Biorelevant Dissolution Media Development Sharma MK Organic Chemistry: Current Research Volume 6, Issue 1 Synthesis and Investigation of New Different PyrimidineThiones Afsun Sujayev, Emin Garibov, Nazar Nazarov, Vagif Farzaliyev Enantioselective Michael Addition of Diethyl Malonate on SubstitutedChalcone Catalysed by NickelSparteine Complex Manojkumar U Chopade A Concise Review on Biological Activity of Tridax procumbens Linn Shahnawaz Ahmad Mir, Zubair Jan, Shafia Mir, Ayaz Mahmood Dar, Gouri Chitale Synthesis Characterization and In Vitro Antitumor Evaluation of NewPyrazolo34dPyrimidine Derivatives Ahmed M ElMorsy, Mohamed S ElSayed, Hamada S Abulkhair Journal of Bioengineering & Biomedical Science Volume 7 Issue 1 Effect of Age on the Elastic Modulus of Bone Waseem Ur R Enhanced Technique via Filters for Seizure Prediction Ahmed S, ElKhobby H, Mahmoud A and Abd ElSamie FE ThreeDimensional Gait Analysis of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Beforeand After Injury Xiaobing Yu, Chunhui Li, Yupeng Liu, Xiaojun Ma and Weiming Wang Study on Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Regulate the mRNA Expressionof VATPase CAII NFAT2 and RANK in an Ovariectomized Rat Model ofOsteoporosis Mechanism Analysis Hui Huang, Jian Chen, JianQuan He and JiFan Fu Preparation of Lipid Vesicles Having Suitable Size for Drug Delivery withHigh Entrapment of Hydrophilic Molecules Using Multiple Emulsions Sosaku I, Yuya O, Seigo S, Emmanuel CO, Takashi K, Yasuyuki M, Takeshi W and Takeshi I Evaluation of Organic Carbon from Anaerobic Sequencing Batch ReactorEffluent as a Carbon Source for Denitrification David NM, Eliud Nyaga MN, George O, Frank K, John O and Joseph K On Optimal Control Model for the Treatment of Dual HIVParasitoid Pathogen Infection Bassey EB, Kimbir RA and Lebedev KA Journal of Antivirals & Antiretrovirals Volume 9, Issue 1 Novel rtM204 Mutations in HBV Polymerase Confer Reduced Susceptibility toAdefovir and Tenofovir Ke Zhang, Christian Bach, Maria NeumannFraune, Yuchen Xia, Bastian Beggel, Rolf Kaiser, Verena Schildgen, Andrea Kraumlmer, Oliver Schildgen and Ulrike Protzer New Antiretrovirals on the Block Pharmacological news from Croi 2017 Nils von Hentig Evasion of Innate Immunity by Dengue Virus NonStructural Proteinsthrough Interfereing with Type I Interferon Production and JakSTATSignaling Haiyan Ye, Shilin Li and Limin Chen Determination of Adsorption Capacity of Alum Hydroxide Al OH 3 Gelfor Streptococcus equi sub specie equi and Streptococcus dysgalacltaesub species equisimillis Sohail Manzoor, SajjadurRahman, Muhammad Ashraf, Fraz Munir Khan, Zahid Hussain and Syed Abbas Ali Evaluation of the Hemogram of Breast Cancer Patients Treated by Therapeutic Protocol Based on Immunohistochemical Analysis A Retrospective Study Nidda Saeed, Fahad Pervaiz, Sohail Manzoor, Muhammad Ali, Sara Saleem, Saliha Khalid, Fraz Munir Khan, Syed Abbas Ali, and Zahid Hussain and Nadeem Bhattee Maternal and Pediatric Nutrition Volume 2 Issue 3 Critical Analysis of Wheat as Food Gayathri D, Rashmi BS Polycystic ovary syndrome A challenge of the modern times Deepti Jain Translational Medicine Volume 7, Issue 1 CD16 on Dendritic Cells A Biomarker of Metal Allergens Ying Mu, Athena Keene, Heba Degheidy, Zhiwei Zhang, Catherine Li, Chandramallika Ghosh, James Weaver and Marilyn Lightfoote A Pilot Trial of Sodium Benzoate a DAmino Acid Oxidase Inhibitor Added on Augmentative and Alternative Communication Intervention for NonCommunicative Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Pinchen Yang Human Genetics & Embryology Volume 6 Issue 3 Fetal Hydrops in Combination with Gonadoblastoid Testicular DysplasiaMay Represent a Lethal Type of Noonan Syndrome Theresa Reischer, Maximilian Schmid, Sukirthini Balendran, Manuel Nistal, Julia Vodopiutz, Elisabeth KramplBettelheim, Niko Popitsch, Sandra LiebmannReindl and Berthold Streubel Journal of Genetic Syndromes & Gene Therapy Volume 8 Issue 1 Identification of Four Novel Factor VIII Gene Mutations and ProteinStructure Analysis using Molecular Dynamic Simulation Faisal A AlAllaf, Tarek MA Owaidah, Zainularifeen Abduljaleel Mohiuddin M Taher, Mohammad Athar, Halah Abalkhail, Wajahatullah Khan and Abdellatif Bouazzaoui Further Characteristics of Pregnant one Marrow Cells Action on RatDevelopment during Early Pregnancy Mikhailov VM, Sokolova AV, Skripkina NS, Kaminskaya EV, Domnina AP and Nikolsky NN Can Imaging Aid Diagnosis of Inner Ear Malformation and Predict Digeorge Syndrome Michael Eliezer Assessment of Pep Fndc5 C2c12 Pgc1 Pattern of Genes Expressionduring Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells into Heart Cells Shahin Asadi, Zahra Gholizadeh, Mahsa Sadat Mir Jamali and Mina Niknia Environment Pollution and Climate Change Volume 1 Issue 1 Spatial and Temporal Variation of Heavy Metals Contamination in RecentSediments from Barigui River Basin South Brazil Karina Scurupa Machado, Paulo AI Ferreira, Juliane Rizzi, Rubens Figueira and Sandro Froehner Risk Assessment of InVehicle Noise Pollution From Highways Qing Li, Fengxiang Qiao, Lei Yu A Machine Learning Approach for LightDuty Vehicle Idling Emission Estimation Based on Real Driving and Environmental Information Qing Li, Fengxiang Qiao, Lei Yu Use of Protozoa for Assessing Water Quality in A Humid Subtropical Urban Wetland Ecosystem Southern China Cuicui Hou, Xinlu Shi, Guijie Liu, Songlu Liu, Xiaowen Zhu, Henglong Xu Noise Pollution What the Scientific Community Can Do Alessandro Ruggiero Climate Change Is the Science Settled Arthur Viterito Indoor Air Pollution by Particulate Matter From Wood Fuel an Unresolved Problem R Mauricio Barriacutea P Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Household Vegetable Fields in The Rural Residential Areas of Hilly Subtropical Central China Xiaoqing Fu, Yong Li, Yi Wang, Jianlin Shen, Runlin Xiao, Dan Chen and Jinshui Wu The Importance of Uncertainty in the Noise Pollution Measurements Alessandro Ruggiero Safe Levels for Ecological Risk Assessment of Soils Polluted by MetalsFrom Normative to Field European Union Case RomeroFreire A International Journal of Advancements in Technology Volume 8, Issue 1 Medicare Saurabh Gharte, Simarpreet Bagga, Virendra Deore and Akshay Jadhav Combining Interaction Design and Gaming Technologies for theDevelopment of Interactive Archaeological Content Presentation Systems Ioannis Deliyannis and Georgios Papaioannou SoftwareDefined Networking Reviewed Model Muhammad Faisal Imran Khan Effect of Xanthan Gum and Carboxymethyl Cellulose on PhysicalProperties of Cream Cheese Sara Salari, Mossalreza Zanganeh, Abollfazl Fadavi and Zeid Ahmadi Effect of Xanthan Gum and Carboxymethyl Cellulose on Chemical andSensory Properties of Cream Cheese Sara Salari, Mossalreza Zanganeh, Abollfazl Fadavi and Zeid Ahmadi Improvement the Quality of Egyptian Kaolin for Industrial Applications DA Refaei, MK Abdelrahman, IA Ibrahim, F Eldears, AT Kandil Virology & Mycology Volume 5, Issue 3 Localized Renal Graft Aspergillosis in a Child after Kidney TransplantationCase Report and Review of Literature Fatina I Fadel, Doaa M Salah and Hafez M Bazaraa Rabies lyssavirus Isolates from Brazilian Different Reservoirs Species PresentDistinct Pattern of Propagation in N2a Cell Bruno Amorim Costa, Natalia Langenfeld Fuoco, Luciana Botelho Chaves, Adriana Candido Rodrigues, Orlando Garcia Ribeiro, Keila Iamamoto Nogi, Karin Correcirca Scheffer and Iana Suly Santos Katz Global Journal of Nursing & Forensic Studies Volume 1, Issue 4 Effectiveness of IntelligenceLed Policing in the Management of Domestic Crimes in Kenya A Case of Kakamega County Julius Harambee Mabia, Crispinous Iteyo, Edmond Were Validity and Reliability of the Turkish Version of the Liver Disease Qualityof Life LDQOL 10 Instrument Belgin Sarper Can and Asiye Durmaz Akyol Needle Stick and Sharp Injuries among Nurses Asiye Durmaz Akyol and Canan Kargin A Forensic Psychological Research Question of Whether or Not HighProfile CrossRacial Police Incidents Compromise Officer Safety ADissenting Voice on Bias Training Ronn Johnson Journal of Fertilizers & Pesticides Volume 7, Issue 2 Effects of Compost and Inorganic NP Rates on Growth Yield and YieldComponents of Teff Eragrotis teff Zucc Trotter in Girar Jarso DistrictCentral Highland of Ethiopia Alemu Assefa, Tamado Tana, Jemal Abdulahi2 Phycoremediation of Some Pesticides by Microchlorophyte AlgaChlorella Sp Mervet H Hussein , Ali M Abdullah, Eladl G Eladal, Noha I Badr ElDin Isolation of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria from White Lupin Lupinusalbus L Rhizosphere Soils Collected from Gojam Ethiopia Dereje Haile, Firew Mekbib, Fassil Assefa Synergistic Bioefficacy of Botanical Insecticides against Zabrotes subfasciatusColeoptera Bruchidae a Major Storage Pest of Common Bean Tamiru A, Bayih T, Chimdessa M A Quantitative Analysis of Nutrient Requirements for Hydroponic SpinachSpinacia oleracea L Production Under Artificial Light in a Plant Factory Nuchada Maneejantra, Satoru Tsukagoshi, Na Lu, Kanyaratt Supaibulwatana, Michiko Takagaki, Wataru Yamori Characterization and Utilization of Bioslury from Anaerobic Digester forFertilizer in Crop Production Kefale Wagaw Response of Grain Sorghum to Split Application of Nitrogen at TanquaAbergelle Wereda North Ethiopia Gebrekiros Gebremedhin, Efriem Tariku, Meresa Wslassie and Sofonyas Dargie Epilepsy Journal Volume 2, Issue 4 Epilepsy in Children with ADHD KunLong Hung High Frequency Neuromagnetic Signals A New Biomarker for LocalizingEpileptic Areas Running Title HighFrequency Neuromagnetic Signals inEpilepsy Xiang J, Leiken K, Wu C, Wang X, Fan Y, Qi L, Qiao H Neuromodulation of Bilateral Hippocampal Foci an Alternative for MesialTemporal Lobe Seizures in Patients with NonLesional MRI LongTermFollowup Velasco F, VzquezBarrn D, PrezPrez D, CullarHerrera M, Trejo D, Montes de Oca M and Velasco AL Journal of Drug Metabolism & Toxicology Volume 7, Issue 4 Identification of Novel Metabolic Pathways of Sitagliptin STG by LCMS and LCMS2 after Incubations with Rat Hepatocytes Osama IG Khreit, Helen M Grant, Catherine Henderson, David G Watson, Oliver B Sutcliffec Abnormal Retinal Structure and Function of Mother Wistar Rats Supplemented Aspartame Glutamate and Galactose Hassan IH ElSayyad, Amora M AbouElNaga, Soad A Khalifa, Eman A ElShahari, Hamed AN Jala Effect of Molecular Structure Substrate and Docking Scores on thePrediction of the Inhibition Constants of Pglycoprotein Inhibitors Mohsen Sharifi, Alexey V Raevsky, Taravat Ghafourian The Frequency of UGT2B72 802CT Allele among Healthy UnrelatedJordanian Volunteers Jarrar YB, Kherfan F, Obaid A, Hamadneh L, AlBawab AQ Antidepressant Drugs Aguiar CCT Transporter Role in Drug Efficacy and Organ Toxicity Four Pillars ofClinical Trial Survival Lai Y Human Pharmacokinetics Prediction Chandasana H Treatment of Depression in Patients on Anticoagulation TherapyAntidepressantRivaroxaban Drug Interactions Carlos Clayton Trres Aguiar Editorial Accurate Mass Measurements in Identification of Metabolites Raju Bandu and Kwang Pyo Kim Journal of Next Generation Sequencing & Applications Volume 3, Issue 3 The Role of Optimal Detection of CNAs and Error Analysis Using NextGeneration Sequencing Jorge MunozMinjares and Yuriy S Shmaliy Bioinformatics Tools for RNAseq Gene and Isoform Quantification Chi Zhang, Baohong Zhang, Michael S Vincent and Shanrong Zhao A Novel Validation Strategy for Next Generation Sequencing Mutation Profiling in FFPE Tissues Ken CN Chang, Gladys Arreaza, John Kang, Maureen Maguire, Ping Qiu and Matthew J Marton Next Generation Sequencing Technologies in Malaria Vathsala Palakkod Govindan and Krishna Murthy P Setting Up of First NIPT Service Laboratory in a Thailand Hospital Bill CH Chang, Takol Chareonsirisuthigul, Pareena Janchompoo, Chutatip Srichunrusami, Ekawat Pasomsub, Thipparat Nasrisuk, Insee Sensorn, Panyu Panburana and Wasun Chantratita Whole Transcriptome Analysis with Ion Torrent Platform on ChallengingTissues FormalinFixed ParaffinEmbedded Tissues and Laser CaptureMicrodissected Samples Francesca Lessi, Paolo Aretini, Sara Franceschi, Marco La Ferla, Samuele Negro, Generoso Bevilacqua and Chiara Maria Mazzanti Antimicrobial Activity of Secondary Metabolites of Fungi Isolated fromLeaves of Bush Mango Chioma Nwakanma, Njoku EN and Pharamat T Journal of Orthopedic Oncology Volume 3, Issue 1 A DumbbellShaped Extradural Intracanal Cavernous Hemangioma A RareCase Report and Review of Literature Erfan sheikhbahaei, Ali andalib Primary Cutaneous Ewing Sarcoma Case Report and Review of Literature Jlalia Z, Sboui I, Bouhajja L, Abid L, Smida M, Klibi F and Daghfous MS Giant Hidradenoma of Limbs A Report of Two Pediatric Cases Zied Jlalia,nbsp Sami Bahroun, Khaled Kamoun, Mourad Jenzria, Mahmoud Smida Primary Aneurysmal Bone Cyst of Long Bones Treated with a Single Dose ofCalcitonin and Methylprednisolone Percutaneous Intralesional Injection A CaseSeries and Literature Review Marcelo Braganca dos Reis Oliveira, Walter Meohas, Gustavo Sobral de Carvalho, Ronaldo Rego Rodrigues, Felipe Cesar Rosa Oliveira, Ana Cristina de Sa Lopes, Fernanda Carvalho de Queiroz Mello and Marcos Eduardo Machado Paschoal Journal of Tumor Research Volume 3 Issue 1 Nostril Adenocarcinoma in a Male with Exhibition to Wood Dust Losada Vila B, Gutieacuterrez D and Guerra Martinez JA Focus on Candidate Genes in Molecular Genetics Analyses for Breast CancerTreatment Ebubekir Dirican Fever in Thromboembolic Disease Risk Factors Central Venous CatheterThrombosis and Recurrence Beatriz Losada Vila, Juan Antonio Guerra Martiacutenez, David Gutieacuterrez Abad and Maria Victoria De Torres Olombrada Robotic Surgery Is It the Future Abd Elrafea Elkak How much Damage can make the Glucose in Cancer Montero S, Duraacuten I , PomucenoOrduntildeez JP , Martiacuten RR , MesaAlavareacutez MD , Mansilla R, Cocho G and NietoVillar JM Malignant Spermatic Cord Mesothelioma Marta FajardoPaneque, Antonio TalegoacutenMeleacutendez , Rainiero AacutevilaPolo and Francisco Joseacute CastellMonsalve Tumors of the Armpit Diagnostic Therapeutic and Prognostic Aspects inan African Cancer Institute Sidy KA, Doudou Diouf, Adja Coumba Diallo, Ibrahima Thiam, Mamadou Moustapha Dieng, Doh Kwame, Pape Macoumba Gaye and Ahmadou Dem WWOX Drives T Leukemia Cell Maturation via IBWWOXERK SignalPathway NanShan Chang Computed TomographyGuided Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablationof Osteoid Osteomas Joining Forces of Orthopedic Oncologists andRadiologists Marcelo Braganccedila dos Reis Oliveira, Daniel Kannan , Flaacutevia Martins Costa and Elise Tchie Tonomura