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Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics Volume 11, Issue 1 pDrug Repositioning Network System Using the Power of Network Analysis and Machine Learning to Predict new Indications for the Approved Drugs 8220Drug Repositioning and Rate the Level of Drug Similarityp Sherief El Rweney pMutation Based Structural Modelling and Dynamics Study of Alpha Fetoprotein An Insight to Inhibitory Mechanism in Breast Cancerp Priyam Patel, Pritam Kumar Panda, Sneha Patil and Hetalkumar Panchal pProteomic Characterization of Plasma Cells from Patients with Multiple Myelomap Attaya Suvannasankha, Colin D Crean, Heather M Leyes, Sariya Wongsaengsak, Guihong Qi, JongWon Kim and Mu Wang SpeciesWide Genome Mining of Pseudomonas putida for Potential Secondary Metabolites and DrugLike Natural Products Characterization Sara Aiman, Muhammad Shehroz, Mehwish Munir, Sahib Gul, Mohibullah Shah and Asifullah Khan Clinical & Medical Biochemistry Volume 4, Issue 1 pEstablishment of Reference Ranges for Liver Biochemistry Tests in Children in Meru County Kenyap Kainyu RM, Njagi ENM, George O and Kiruki S pAntibacterial and Cytotoxic Actions of Chloroform Crude Extract of emLeptadenia hastataem Pers Decneep Isaac John Umaru, Fasihuddin Ahmad Badruddin, Zaini B Assim and Hauwa Aduwamai Umaru pRisk Factors in Breast Cancer Progression and Current Advances in Therapeutic Approaches to Knockdown Breast Cancerp Amina Amjad, Iqra Ikram Khan, Zarfashan Kausar, Fatima Saeed, Laraib Azhar and Pervez Anwar Journal of Bioprocessing & Biotechniques Bioprocessing Optimizing the Effect of TemperatureTime Combinations on the Quality Attributes of Roasted Cashew emAnacardium occidentaleem Kernel Olatidoye OP, Awonorin SO, Shittu TA, Ajisegiri ESA, Sobowale SS and Adebo OA Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development Volume 8, Issue 11 Effect of Dietary Addition of Green Tea Camellia sinensis on Growth Body Composition and Hematic Biochemistry of the Asian Seabass Lates calcarifer Fingerlings AlNgada RS, Abdelwahab AM and ElBahr SM Upregulated Expressions of Immune Parameters ppa propo sod and hsp70 in White Shrimp emLitopenaeus vannameiem Reared at Unfavorable Low Salinities Chen JC, Lin YC, Chen YY and Huang CL Medicinal Chemistry Volume 7, Issue 12 SolidPhase Synthesis and emIn Vitroem Cytotoxicity of New Peptide Functionalized Cyclencarboxymethylen and LDOPA Hybrids L Arabuli, R Jezek, T Macek, P Lovecka, E Nikoleishvili, N Sulashvili and I Maisuradze Design Synthesis and Antitubulin Activity of Novel Dinitro Diphenyl Ether Derivatives as Potent Anticancer Agent LiFei Bai, HuiHong Qian, DaWei Jiang, XiaoMing Wang and RenLei Wang GV20 Penetrating GB7 on the Expression of Wnt1 in Brain Tissue of Rats with Intracerebral Hemorrhage Wei Wu, Xiaohong Dai, Wei Zou, Xueping Yu, Wei Teng, Xiaowei Sun, Weiwei Yu, Huihui Ma, Qiuxin Chen, Peng Zhang, Tingting Yu and Peng Liu Moisture Adsorption Characteristics of Lyophilized Algerian emArbutus unedoem L Fruit Powder Tounsia AbbasAksil, Moussa Abbas, Mohamed Trari and Salem Benamara Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Some New 35Disubstituted Pyrazoles and Isoxazoles Simha Pulla Reddy, Gudi Yamini, Donthamsetty V Sowmya, Venkatapuram Padmavathi and Adivireddy Padmaja Epidemiology of NDM1 and its Variants in Multidrug Resistant GramNegative Bacilli Isolated from Infection in Cancer Patients Hemant J Vira and Vivek G Bhat Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology Volume 10, Issue 5 Comparative Analysis of Automatic Parallelization Techniques Muntha SR, Prasad A, Gogineni K, Nikhil L and Harshavardhan VL Blasti2b2 Blast for Biological Sequence Comparison in i2b2 Platform Alaa Alarfaj, Ghada Badr and Mohy Uddin Challenges in Transcriptome Applications Using Oxford Nanopore Sequencing Technology Kan Liu Connectier Home Appliances Controlling System Dulith Fernando D, Dharmawardhana MP, Sameera PP, Silva ND and Chinthaka J Automatic Fire Detecting System FLAMES Fire Location and Management ESystem Rahul Narang, Balendra Singh, Vishad Mehta and Chaitanya Gujjar BWSD Approach and Validation Use Satisfaction Survey Messaoud WB Journal of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology Volume 8, Issue 12 Diagnostic Invasive Coronary Angiography in Patients with Small Myocardial Perfusion Defects with Low Exercise Tolerance Ehab ElSayed, Ahmed K Metawa, Moustafa I Mokarrab, Islam Shawky, Mohammad A Mousa and Mohammed E Saif Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation in Patients with Previous Mitral Valve Replacement A Case Series Mojca Scaronkafar, Rok Zba269nik, Jana Ambro382i269, Nikola Laki269, Simon Terseglav and Matja382 Bunc Liquiritigenin Enhances the Radiosensitivity of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cell by Affecting Its Autophagy Ke Yang, Yujie Li, Min Yu and Xu Sun NonDipping Phenomenon is it Reversible in Diabetic Hypertensive Cases Haitham Aly Aly Amer, Mohammad Mostafa Al Awadi, Ahmed Shawky Shereef and Mohammad Gouda Mohammad Duration of the Reoxygenation Interval Applied before Ischemic Postconditioning FineTuning the Protocol for Human Myocardium Paula SolerFerrer, Kelly Casoacutes, Mariacutea L Peacuterez and Manuel Galintildeanes Effect of Diabetes on Myocardial Infarct and No Reflow Size in an Experimental Rat Model and Clinical Trial Wangde Dai, Robert A Kloner, Jianru Shi, Juan Carreno, Serge Korjian, Yazan Daaboul, Michael C Gibson, Muriel Bouly and Marc Isabelle Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research Volume 9, Issue 1 pThe Role of emPropionibacterium acnesem Biofilm in Acne Vulgarisp Anthony Linfante, Rina M Allawh and Herbert B Allen pA Case of Onychomycosis due to emAspergillus flavusem in all Fingernails and Toenails of an Immunocompromised Patientp Yesim Akpinar Kara, Fatma Glru Erdogan and Derya Coumlloglu Cutaneous Lichen Planus Induced by Secukinumab Brent J Doolan, Holly Anderton, Michael Christie and Con Dolianitis Journal of Bioanalysis & Biomedicine Volume 9, Issue 6 Antimicrobial Activity of Biosynthesized Silver Nanoparticles against emE coliem and emB subtilisem Salwa AlThawadi, Alaa Shukralla A Rasool and Khaled Youssef Association of Biochemical Parameters with Renal Functions of End Stage Renal Disease ESRD Patients of Bangladesh Md Shohel Hossain, Khondokar Md AkterUzZaman, Mohammad Nurul Amin, Rubel Ahammed, Md Emdadul Haque, Md Emdadul Haque, Md Ibrahim, Md Lukman Hakim, Dos Mohammad, Md Alamgir Kabir, Md Saiful Islam Arman, Ummay Hanni and Mohammad Safiqul Islam Development and Evaluation of Sucrose Free Herbal Orally Disintegrating Tablets of Ginger Achhra CV and Pawar HA Medical 40 Medical Data Ready for Deep and Machine Learning Natalia Labuda, Tomasz Lepa, Marek Labuda and Karol Kozak Polypharmacy and the Contributing Factors Among Elderly Patients in Shashemene Referral Hospital West Arsi Oromia Region Ethiopia Gudeta Duga Geresu, Tadele Mekuria Yadesa and Bontu Aschale Abebe Estimation of the True GranulocyteMacrophage ColonyStimulating Factor GMCSF Autoantibody Concentration in the Sera of Normal Subjects Keiko Shiiya, Mariko Iizuka, Yuko Ito, Seino Utako, Hashimoto Atsushi, Takahiro Tanaka, Keiichi Akasaka, Nobutaka Kitamura, Yoshikazu Inoue, Ryushi Tazawa and Koh Nakata Assessment of Serum Prostate Specific Antigen Some Renal Indices and Uric Acid Levels in Subjects with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia at Lokoja Nigeria Isaac Paul Emeje, Nkiruka Rose Ukibe, Charles Chinedum Onyenekwe and Nwakasi K Nnamah Journal of Mass Communication & Journalism Volume 7 Issue 6 Alternative Views on the Theory of Communication An Exploration through the Strands of Buddhism Sayantai Roy and Sumit Narula Perception of Digital Media Training in Selected Universities in Kenya Silahs Chemwaina Chronic Food Insecurity and Malnutrition in Moroto Karamoja Sub Region Still Highly Attributed to Poor Water and Sanitation Practices Andrew Omuna Audiences Perceptions of Informative Programs at Jimma Fana FM 981 in Jimma Ethiopia Alemayehu Negash, Getaw Girma and Netsanet Jemal Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability Volume 10, Issue 1 Assessment of Prescribing Trend of Drugs at Out Patients Chest Ward of Government Tertiary Care Hospital Situated in Karachi Maqsood Ahmed Khan, Syed Imran Ali, Shazia Alam, Rasheeda Fatima, Sadia S Kashif, Rabia Bushra, Farya Zafar, Huma Ali, Mudassar Hassan and Sarwat Jahan Impacts and Implications of Risk Based Monitoring A CRO Perspective Prashant A Pandya Improved Oral Bioavailability and Variability Control in Pharmacokinetic Data 8211 Role of Formulations Nuggehally R Srinivas Diagnoses of Young Trauma Victims with Disc Desiccation a QuadrupleBlind Methodology Michael Burgio and Osita E Onyejekwe NonInvasive Nasal Hydromorphone with High Bioavailability for Rapid Onset and NonDissociative Acute Pain Control A Feasibility Study Cunningham G and Maggio ET Debate on Bioavailability and Bioequivalence BABE Studies Using Limited Sampling Strategy Views and Perspectives Nuggehally R Srinivas Evaluation of Biosimilarity Based on an Empirical Bayes Method HsiaoHui Tsou, ChiTian Chen, ChinFu Hsiao and YuChieh Cheng Degenerative Disc Disease in the Active Military Special Forces and the Financial Benefits of Early Detection Using a Quadruple BlindStudy Michael Burgio and Osita E Onyejekwe Bioavailability of Oral Hydrocortisone Corrected for Binding Proteins and Measured by LCMSMS Using Serum Cortisol and Salivary Cortisone Johnson TN, Whitaker MJ, Keevil B and Ross RJ Journal of Psychiatry Volume 21, Issue 1 Telephone Support in an InternetBased Treatment for Sleep Problems in Early Childhood Angelika A Schlarb, Isabel Brandhorst, Elisabeth Peters and Martin Hautzinger Hijacking the Progress of Addiction Looking at 946Arrestin 1 and 946Arrestin 2 to Cognize Drugs of Abuse Md Sahab Uddin and Sadeeq Muhammad Sheshe Medication Nonadherence and Use of Traditional Treatment Among Adult Psychiatric Patients in Jimma Town Treated at Jimma University Teaching Hospital Psychiatric Clinic Community Based Crosssectional Study 2016 Birhanie Mekuriaw, Mubarek Abera, Workinesh Tessema, Liyew Agenagnew, Badiru Dawud, Eba Abdisa, Markos Tesfaye, Daniel Tolosa, Hailemariam Hailsilassie, Matiwos Soboka, Almaz Mamaru, Eyerusalem Yeshgeta and Habtamu Kerebih Antipsychotics Induced Sexual Dysfunction Judith John, Rajeev P Thomas, Stephy Paul, Jasmina EK and Kezia Job Survey of Psychiatric Disorders and Quality of Life among Kaohsiung Gas Explosion Victims 12 Months after the Event Frank HuangChih Chou, JohJong Huang, TsyrEn Grace Wu, JuYu Chiu, YiChen Chen, Guijing Lin, ChaoYueh Su and Pesus Chou Assessment of Depression among Applied Medical Science College Students at Taif University A Questionnaire Survey Rana G Zaini, Farah Anjum and Haytham Dahlawi Exercise is Medicine Is there a Doseresponse for Major Depression Sergio Machado Neurochemistry of Love Can Romantic Love Truly be Addictive Md Sahab Uddin Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy Volume 6 Issue 5 Walking Meditation Ritu B Daga Obstructive Sleep Apnea among Players in the National Football League A Scoping Review April Rogers, Kevin Xia, Kyaw Soe, Azizi Sexias, Felix Sogade, Barbara Hutchinson, Dorice Vieira, Samy I McFarlane and Girardin JeanLouis Is there an Order in Sleep Is it recoverable when lost Diego Liberati Sadly Awake Short Sleep Duration and Depressive Symptoms among Adolescents Samuel Reisman Journal of Hematology & Thromboembolic Diseases Volume 5, Issue 6 An Unexpected Finding Lasica M and Zantomio D Polycythemia Vera era 19391998 from Berkeley to Rotterdam and Change of PVSG into ECP Criteria of Myeloproliferative Disorders ET PV and PMGM Proceedings of the First Rotterdam MPD Workshop 1998 and beyond Jan Jacques Michiels Evaluation on Thrombotic Events Frequency in JAK2 V617F Positive Patients RM Freitas, FC Guia, LM Nascimento, A Atalla , A E Hallak , MO Santos and CMC Maranduba Frequency of Cytopenia in Patients of Hayat Abad Medical Complex Peshawar City of Pakistan Siraj U Ratio of Pulmonary Vascular Resistance to Occluded Pulmonary Segments as an Indicator of Operability of Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension Lesions Gan HuiLi, Zhang JianQun and Feng L To What Extend Aromatherapy with Peppermint Oil Effects on Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting in Patient Diagnosed with Breast Cancer A Randomized Controlled Trial Eghbali M, Varaei S, Yekaninejad MS, Mohammadzadeh F and Shahi F Risk and Prognostic Factors in Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Kostal M, Krajickova D, Ivanova E, Gabalec F, Vrbacky F, Sadilek P and Dulicek P International Journal of Neurorehabilitation Volume 4, Issue 6 A Commentary on Acute Nontraumatic Spinal Subdural Hematomas Heacutenaux PL and Morandi X Effect of Integrated Exercise Protocol in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis as Compare with Conventional Physiotherapy A Randomized Control Trial Saurabh Kumar and Narkeesh A The Use Ultrasound Guided for Refilling Intrathecal Baclofene Pump in Complicated Clinical Cases A Practical Approach Caruso P, Mazzon G, Sarra VM and Manganotti P Akinetic Mutism after Shunt Failure Short Communication with a Review of the Literature Sang Bong Chung and Myoung Soo Kim Chronic Ambulatory Stroke Survivors Is It Safe to Walk Faster Ali A Bani Ahmad Short Review of SelfEsteem Components with Individual Placement and Support IPS Strategy in People with Severe Mental Illness Francisco Rodrguez Pulido, Nayra Caballero Estebaranz and Daacutecil Oramas Peacuterez The Functional Recovery and the Associated Cortical Reorganization Following ConstraintInduced Movement Therapies CIMTs in Stroke Ali A Bani Ahmad Video Evidence of Improved Hand Function Following rTMS Combined with Physical Therapy in Stroke A Case Report James R Carey, Mo Chen and Christopher D Streib Journal of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems Volume 4, Issue 5 Evaluation of an Evidence Based Practice Rotation for Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in Response to MERSCov Epidemic as a Result of Temporary Hospital Closure El Melik RM, Ismail WW, Aburuz S, Bustami R, Albekairy MA and Khalidi N Lowering the High Cost of Hepatitis C Drugs Audrey R Chapman and Thomas Buckley Is TrimethoprimSulfamethoxazole TMPSMX An Alternative in the Management of Infections by CommunityAcquired Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Children Rosanova MT and Lede R Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications Volume 11, Issue 3 The Novel LieAlgebraic Approach to Studying Integrable Heavenly Type MultiDimensional Dynamical Systems Blackmore D, Hentosh EO and Prykarpatski AK Riesz Triple Almost Lacunary 967sup3sup Sequence Spaces Defined by a Orlicz FunctionII Vandana , Deepmala , Subramanian N and Lakshmi Narayan Mishra Directedtopology and Scotttopology on Transitive Binary Relational Sets Mohammed Khalaf M The Calculation of New Prime Number Theorem Formula YinYue Sha On Contractions of ThreeDimensional Complex Associative Algebras Mohammed NF, Rakhimov IS and Sh Said Husain K Cohomology and Deformations of Courant Pairs Mandal A and Mishra SK Journal of Horticulture Volume 4, Issue 4 Effect of Various Concentrations of Nitrobenzene on Bell Pepper Capsicum annuum L Yield under Green House Condition Kohombange S, Gunasekera HKLK and Kirindigoda S Effect of Different Packaging Materials on PostHarvest Status of Mandarin Citrus reticuleta Blanco Bhattarai BP and Shah R Assessment of Selected Heavy Metals in Onion Bulb and Onion Leaf Allium cepa L in Selected Areas of Central Rift Valley of Oromia Region Ethiopia Bedassa M, Abebaw A and Desalegn T Growth Yield and Consumer Acceptance of Sweet Pepper Capsicum annuum L as Influenced by Open Field and Greenhouse Production Systems Nkansah GO, Norman JC and Martey A Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria PGPR Reduces Application Rates of Fertilizers in Chili Capsicum frutescens L Cultivation Saneya Batool and Muhammad Ahsan Altaf Root Dynamics of Peach Replant Tolerant and Susceptible Rootstocks in Soilswith Different Cropping History Amaya Atucha Propagation of Citrus Rootstock Cuttings Success Depends on Season Beeson RC and Silva D Morphological Variation and Evaluation of Gladiolus Gladiolus Hybridus hort Cultivars Sweety Sharma, Dastagiri MB and Narsi Reddy M Practical DNA markers to Estimate Apple Malusx domestica Borkh Skin Color Ethylene Production and Pathogen Resistance Teppei Kikuchi, Ichiro Kasajima, Mizuki Morita and Nobuyuki Yoshikawa Journal of Glycobiology Volume 6 Issue 3 Proangiogenic Activity Assay of Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine Sulfate on Vascular Network of Mouse and of Chick Embryo Chorioallantoic Membrane Fernanda Katharine de Souza Lins Borba, Edbhergue Ventura Lola Costa, Viviane Aparecida Balvedi Polli, Daniela Sousa Coelho, Marcelo Maraschin, Paulo Fernando Dias and Romildo Albuquerque Nogueira Membrane Distribution and Activity of a Neuronal VoltageGated K Channel is Modified by Replacement of Complex Type NGlycans with Hybrid Type M Kristen Hall, Douglas A Weidner, Sahil Dayal, Elena Pak, Alexander K Murashov and Ruth A Schwalbe The Minute Structural Difference between the Hormone hCG and the Autocrine Hyperglycosylated hCG Laurence A Cole Journal of Blood Disorders & Transfusion Volume 8, Issue 5 Clinical Review Management of Adult KasabachMerritt Syndrome Associated with Hemangiomas Master S, Kallam D, Hazem EO and Prakash Peddi The Diagnosis of Beta Thalassemia with Borderline HbA2 Level among Kelantan Population Rosnah Bahar, Nani Shahida S, Mohd Nazri H, Marini R, Noor Haslina MN, Shafini MY and Wan Zaidah A Successful Treatment of Immunosuppressantresistant Thrombocytopenia with Eltrombopag in a Patient with TAFRO Syndrome Kiyoshi Okazuka, Nobuhiro Tsukada, Yoshitaka Isotani, Kota Sato, Kanji Miyazaki, Yu Abe, Yumiko Yoshiki, Tadao Ishida and Kenshi Suzuki Journal of Applied & Computational Mathematics Volume 6 Issue 4 Combining Rational Approximation with Asymptotic Wiener8211Hopf Factorization Algorithm for Matrix Functions Implementation and Testing Rougerie T and Kisil A New Adomian8217s Polynomials Formulas for the Nonlinear and Nonautonomous Ordinary Differential Equations Zaouagui IN and Badredine T Implementation of a Semiimplicit Time Integration Scheme in NonHydrostatic Euler Equations Nam H and Choi SJ The Unique Natural Number Set and Distributed Prime Numbers Alabed TH and Bashir MB Axisymmetric Magneto Dynamic MHD Stability of a Compressible Fluid Cylinder Barakat HM Casting Simulation and Prediction of Shrinkage Cavities Jabur AS and Kushnaw FM Analysis of PreyPredator Model in Chemostat When the Predator Produces Inhibitor Moniem AA Modified Variational Iteration Method for the Numerical Solutions of some NonLinear Fredholm IntegroDifferential Equations of the Second Kind Aloko MD, Fenuga OJ and Okunuga SA Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering Volume 6, Issue 6 Characterization of Polyurethane Coated Aerospace Aluminium Alloy 7075 By DSC XRD and Adhesion Test Venkatakrishnan R, Senthilvelan T and Vijayakumar T Applied FluidStructure Interaction Technique to Initial Insight into the Effect of Exercise on the Aortic Valve Stroke Work Bahraseman HG, Languri EM, Espino DM, Shojaei H, Hassani K and Derakhshandeh H Research on Forming and Polishing Technology Based on Belt Flap Wheel XingWei S, QinYuan G, HeRan Y and ZhengQing Z Design and Performance Analysis of a CD Nozzle for Evacuating Emissions from the Subway Tunnels Nallode C, Rakesh C, Ahmed J and Ganesha Prasad MS Exergy Analysis for Brayton and Inverse Brayton Cycles with Steam Injection Betelmal EH, Farhat S and Agnew B Effect of Strain Rate and Relative Density on the Compressive Deformation of Open Cell Tisub6subAl Alloy Foam through PM Route Mondal DP, Barnwal AK and Diwakar V The Noise Dipole Source Prediction of FarField Acoustic Pressure for Marine Propeller using Inverse Method Bagheri MR, Mehdigholi H, Seif MS and Rajabnia H Journal of Tropical Diseases & Public Health Volume 5, Issue 5 Incidence of Leishmania Donovani Infection among Agropastoralists Tribes in Umalkhare and Bazura Villages Gedarif State Eastern Sudan Lana M Elamin, Hshim Balla M, Abakar AD, Khalid KE, Elbadry AA and Nour BYM West Nile Virus An Overview of its Recent Spread in the Mediterranean Basin Ahmed Tabbabi, Jabeur Daaboub and Sajida Sboui A Review of Entomological Surveillance and Vector Control with Concrete Examples that Discuss the Use of Indicators in Monitoring and Evaluation Ahmed Tabbabi and Jabeur Daaboub Mosquitoes Diptera Culicidae in Tunisia with Particular Attention to Proven and Potential Vectors A Review Ahmed Tabbabi and Jabeur Daaboub Awareness and Knowledge about Antibiotic Use and Resistance among Students of Northern Border University Saudi Arabia Samreen Soomro, Hanan Oqla Alshammari and Yaqin Abdullah Alabbas Journal of Coastal Zone Management Volume 20, Issue 4 An Ethnobotanical Survey for Tropical Sand Dune Support Greenbelt International Airport Yogyakarta NYIA Glagah Village District Temon Kulon Progo Yogyakarta Indonesia Jati Batoro Recent Trace Metals Pollution in Bottom Sediments of Khor AlSabiya Kuwait Mohammad Al Sarawi, Sondos Jasser and Sawsan Khader Morfometric Variations and Long Weight Relationships Red Eye Snail Cerithidea obtusa Kamaruddin Iwan Eddiwan, Adriman and Clemen Sihotang Measuring Sustainability of Turkish Coastal Regions based on Quality Coast Indicators by Local Experts Evaluation Tuncay Kuleli International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology Voume 4, Issue 4 Body Image Perception in Association with Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours in Lebanese Men and Women Shahrazad Moustafa, Zeinab Tawbe, Fatina Sleiman, Sarine ElDaouk, Mohamad Koubar and Maha Hoteit Does Believing in a Religion Relate to Individuals Mental Health An Initial Study among Chinese College Students Jie Zhang, Sibo Zhao and Juan Liu Young Childrens Transfer of Series Completion in a Dynamic Test Setting Does Cognitive Flexibility Play a Role Femke E Stad, Bart Vogelaar, Jochanan Veerbeek and Wilma CM Resing International Journal of Public Health and Safety Volume 2, Issue 4 Predictors and Vaccination Status of Nurses against Hepatitis B Virus at Public Hospitals in Addis Ababa Ethiopia Yimer Seid Yimer, Mensur Shafi Mohammed, Kedija Muzeyin Muhammed and Yosief Tsige Utilization and Factors Affecting Adolescents and Youth Friendly Reproductive Health Services among Secondary School Students in Hadiya Zone Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region Ethiopia Degefa Helamo, Samuel Kusheta, Belay Bancha, Yitagesu Habtu and Samuel Yohannes Psychosocial Work Environment Stress and the Incidence of Cardiovascular Diseases Mohamed Osman Ahmed, Erjora Brahimataj, Issameldinn Ijaimi, Kazi Mohammad Nurul Basar and Liliana Ramirez Cardona Effects of Moringa oleifera Leaves Extract on Haematological Parameters of Phenylhydrazine Anaemia Induced Wistar Rats Anslem O Ajugwo , Philippe E Mounbegna , Tchounga S Kemajou and Vivian C Ofokansi Chloride Estimation in Drinking Water of different Academic Institutes of District Vehari PakistanA Lab Project FazalurRehman M Evaluation of Confounding HIV SeroPrevalence and Associated Risk Factors among Subjects in Some Upland Communities of Niger Delta Nigeria Azuonwu O, Azuonwu TC and Akpelu G Natural Products Chemistry & Research Volume 5, Issue 8 Characterization of 25dimethyl24dihydroxy32H furanone A Flavourant Principle From Sysepalum dulcificum Chukwu CJ, Omaka ON and Aja PM Extraction and HPLC Analysis of Sage Salvia officinalis Plant Fatma Ebru K, Ayse A and Caglar K Anti Urolithiatic and AntiArthritis Activity of Various Extracts of Ganoderma lucidum M Amin Mir, Taruna Sharma, Kiran Sharma, Saima Anjum and Bilal Ahmad Mir Effect of BioAgents Neem Leaf Extract and Fungicides Against Alternaria Leaf Blight of Wheat Triticum aestivum L Sardar Singh Kakraliya, Dechan Choskit, Devanshi Pandit and Sonali Abrol Phytochemical and Antioxidant Activities of Methanolic Extract of the Plant Euphorbia thymifolia Linn Gurava Reddy K Chemical Investigation of emWrightia tinctoriaem Sajitha M and Subramani K Journal of Veterinary Science & Technology Volume 8, Issue 6 Detection of an Intermediate Filament Protein in the Pancreas and Mandibular Salivary Gland of the Goat emCapra hircusem An Immunocytochemical Study Yaser Hosny Ali Elewa, Shafika AM Elsayed, Sherif Kh A Mohamed and Attia AA Moselhy Genetics of Threshold Characters and Distribution Cow Calving Traits in Holstein Friesian Cattle at Holeta Bull Dam Station Ethiopia Gebeyehu Goshu Relation Between Subclinical Endometritis and Reproductive Efficiency in Dairy Cows in Argentina A Rinaudo, SF Bernardi and PR Marini Documentation of Ethnoveterinary Knowledge among the Somali Pastoral Community in Eastern Part of Ethiopia With Special Emphasis on Herbal Medicine for Livestock Health Biressaw Serda Effect of Parenteral Supplementation with a Mineral Compound of Cu Zn Mn on Bovine Mastitis Insua AD, NovalArtiles E, GarciaDiacuteaz R, NaranjoQuintero Y and NickliDomer R Prevalence Larvae Burden and Gross Pathological Lesion of emCephalopina titillatorem in Camels Slaughtered at Addis Ababa Abattoir Akaki Branch Ethiopia Leta Muleta Kissi and Awol Mohammed Assen Small Ruminant Fasciolosis and its Direct Financial Loss in Dessie Municipal Abattoir North Eastern Ethiopia Netsanet Berhe, Yalew Tefera, Tarekegn Tintagu and Wedajo Muleta Diagnoses of Primary Cause of Mortality in Domestic Sheep in the North American Intermountain West David J Wilson, Thomas J Baldwin and E Jane Kelly Adaptation Mechanisms of Camels Camelus dromedarius for Desert Environment A Review Mulu Gebreselassie Gebreyohanes and Awol Mohammed Assen Study on the Major Dairy Cows Reproductive Problems in and Around Gondar Town Northwest Ethiopia Aschalew Ayisheshim, Shimeles Abegaz and Awole Mohammed Major Production Problems of Dairy Cows of Different Farm Scales Located in the Capital City Addis Ababa Ethiopia Seble Aweke Tolera Assessment of Community Knowledge Attitude and Practice on Milk Born Zoonoses Disease in DebreBirhan Town North Shewa Ethiopia Yeshibelay Girma Lumpy Skin Disease in Armenia Tigran Markosyan, Khachik Sargsyan, Satenik Kharatyan, Hasmik Elbakyan, Varduhi Hakobyan and Hovhannes Mkrtchyan Radiographic Assessment of Prevalence of Laminitis from the Hoof Related Forelimb Lameness Feet of Nigerian Horses Ogbanya KC, Eze CA and Ihedioha JI Anoestrus Treated with Bromocriptine 25 mg Parlodelsup174sup in Atlas Shepherd Bitch A CaseControl Study Khaled Mabrouk Slimani and Abdellatif Niar emCryptococcus albidusem var emalbidusem Isolated from TurquoiseFronted Parrots emAmazona aestivaem Psittacidae Kept in Captivity A Probable Reservoir Ecological of Fungal Specimen Diana Costa Nascimento, Claudete Rodrigues Paula, Luciana da Silva Ruiz, Carina Domaneschi, Bianca Silva Navarro, Francisco de Assis Baroni, Reinaldo Bolognini Orsi, Marcia de Souza Carvalho Melhem and Diniz Pereira Leite Jr FructoseFed Induced Metabolic Syndrome Model in Cynomolgus Monkeys Shanshan Ding, Changqing Zhang, Li Zhang, Yupeng Fang, Xin Zhang, Tao Jing and Shoutao Liu Occurrence and Severity of White Striping in Broilers Until 50d of Age Fed with High and LowEnergy Diets Body Weight Histopathological Changes and Meat Quality Kindlein L, Ferreira TZ, Driemeier D, Nascimento VP, Vieira SL, Moraes LE, King A and Sainz RD Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology Volume 7, Issue 6 Characterization of ZrO2 Nano Particles Prepared by Glycothermal Method and their Efficiency as Adsorbent of AsIII and AsV from Waste Water Badriah Saad AlFarhan Variability and Biogeographical Distribution of Harmful Algal Blooms in Bays of High Productivity off Peruvian Coast 20122015 Sonia Sanchez, Avy Bernales, Elcira Delgado, Flor del Carmen Chang, Nelly Jacobo and Jorge Quispe The Growth Behavior of Chlorella vulgaris in Bisphenol a under different Cultural Conditions Lu Wang, Xiurong Chen, Hualin Wang, Yan Xu and Youjun Zhuang TCRV9468 as Alternative to Animal Testing for Quantifying Active SEE Reuven 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