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Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy Volume 9, Issue 2 Icg Versus 99tc in Breast SurgeryHow to Match Quality Health Care andCosts Reduction A Cost Effectiveness Study Cattin F, Fogacci T,Frisoni G, Fabiocchi L, Dellachiesa L, Semprini G and Samorani D Altered Trace Elements Levels in Hair of Prostate Cancer Patients Saleh A K Saleh1, Heba M Adly and Anmar M Nassir Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics Volume 10, Issue 2 Differential Proteomics of the Cerebral Cortex of Juvenile Adult and AgedRats An Ontogenetic Study Michael Wille, Antje Schumann, Michael Kreutzer, Michael O Glocker, Andreas Wree, Grit Mutzbauer and Oliver Schmitt Comparative and Evolutionary Studies of Vertebrate ExtracellularSulfatase Genes and Proteins SULF1 and SULF2 Roger S Holmes HTar Hidden Markov Model Based MicroRNA Binding Site Prediction Salim A and Vinod Chandra SS Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapy Volume 7 Issue 2 CD56 Muscle Derived Cells but Not Retinal NG2 Perivascular Cells of Nonhuman Primates are Myogenic after Intramuscular Transplantation in Immunodeficient Mice Daniel Skuk and Jacques P Tremblay Isolation and Characteristics of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells from DifferentParts of Placenta Ekaterina Semenova, Zbigniew R Mrowiec, Eugeniusz K Machaj, Magdalena Murzyn, Katarzyna Borg, Dariusz Boruczkowski, Tomasz Otdak Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research Volume 8, Issue 2 Sampling and Estimation in Hidden Population Using Social Network Yang Zhao One Year FollowUp of DarunavirCobicistat Monotherapy in PretreatedHIV Patients Lucia YunqueraRomero, Rociacuteo AsensiDiacuteez, Juan Carlos del RioValencia, Aranzazu LinaresAlarcoacuten, Isabel MuntildeozCastillo and Manuel Aacutengel CastantildeoCarracedo Opportunistic Infections among HIVAIDS Patients taking AntiRetroviralTherapy at Tertiary Care Hospital in Wolaita Zone Southern Ethiopia Mihiretu Alemayehu, Yilma Yisehak, Worku Alaro and Bereket Alemayehu Site Attachment Inhibition Therapeutics A Core Summary Simon Raymond Proceedings Conclusion and Consequences from the Norwegian Expert Group on Transgender Health and Legal Rights Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad Evaluation of HIV Status and its Spread in HIV Patients on RenalReplacement Therapy RRT and their Spouses Aditya Agarwal, Agarwal DK, Rao RR and Nalin Nag A Call to Action for More Effective Preventative Care Strategies for HIV in Men Having Sex with Men MSM A Combined Computational Model andQualitative Analysis James Yeongjun Park Viral Suppression and Discontinuation Rates have Improved in HIVPatients with Modern Antiretroviral Therapies Patrick Hamel, Ashley M Yu, Sarwat Khan, Daniel J Corsi and Curtis Cooper The Impact of Cell Phone Reminders on Uptake of Medical MaleCircumcision in Rakai Uganda Kighoma N, Nakigozi G, Watya S, Serwadda D, Nalugoda F, Nkale J, Sewankambo NK, Maria Wawer, Gray RH and Kigozi G Enhancing the Efficiency and Quality of African Research Ethics ReviewProcesses Through an Automated Review Platform Boitumelo Mokgatla, Prince Bahati and Carel I Jsselmuiden Skin Manifestation among HIV Patients and Its Correlation with CD4Count and WHO Clinical Staging in Jimma University Specialized HospitalSouthwest Ethiopia Abraham Tamirat Gizaw and Meron Ageze Journal of Forensic Research Volume 8 and Issue 1 Sexual Addiction or Simply Cheating Scott A Johnson Selfreported Attributes of Policechiefs Compared to Civil Leadership Inner drive Tolerance to stress and Enterprise AnnChristine Andersson Arnten, Bengt Jansson, Klaus Olsen and Trevor Archer Pollen as a Forensic Tool in a Zone of Wetlands from Buenos Aires Argentina Lilian M Passarelli and Romina Mori Cortes Black vs White Life vs Death Using Automatic vs Controlled Processing as a Framework for Understanding Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System Suzanne Mannes Effect of Seasonal Temperature Variations on the Life Cycle Duration ofForensically Important Calliphorid Fly Chrysomya saffranea Bigot 1877 Fahd Mohammed A AbdAlgalil, Sureshchandra Popat Zambare, Lubna A Khan1 and Kamlesh H Mali Postmortem Redistribution of Lidocaine after Epidural Anesthesia AccidentalDeath Zhiwen Wei, Jie Yu, Chao Zhang, Juan Jia, Jie Cao, Yujin Wang, Cairong Gao, Yingyuan Wang and Keming Yun The Homicide of United States Marine Corps Colonel James E Sabow AForensic Analysis Submitted to the United States Congress Bryan R Burnett Catching Liars Why it can be so Hard Shawn Adair Johnston Extrapolation of Three Hourly PostMortem Interval using Some VitreousChemistry Parameters Agoro ES, Okoye FBC, Onyenekwe CC, Azuonwu O and Ebiere NE Journal of Community Medicine & Health Education Volume 7 Issue 1 First Use of an Ingestible Sensor to Manage Uncontrolled Blood Pressure inPrimary Practice The UK Hypertension Registry Naik R, Macey N, West RJ, Godbehere P, Thurston SC, Fox R, Xiang W, Kim Y, Singh I, Leadley S, DiCarlo L The Dental Surgeons in the Hospital and their Professional Areas in BrazilHospitalization Units Surgical Centers and Intensive Care Units Miranda AF Assessment of Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Voluntary Blood Donationand Associated Factors among Residents of Birbir Town Addisu AG, Sultan H, Deginet T, Addishiwot Z, Samuel T, Bereket A and Afewerki G Interventional Cultural and Language Assistance Program Associations betweenCultural and Linguistic Factors and Satisfaction with Cancer Care CostasMuniz R, Amir J, Paris M, Spratt D, ArevaloPerez J, Fareedy S, Gonzaacutelez CJ, Gany F, CamachoRivera M, Osborne JR Leisure Time Physical Activity and Hypertension Evidence from the ChinaHealth Nutrition Survey 20042011 Zhou J, Britigan DH, Wang H, Rajaram SS and Su D Intestinal Functional among Adolescents in Brazil Del Ciampo LA, Lopes Del Ciampo Interprofessional Communication and Health Information Technology Educationas Main Pillars of Medicine Healthcare Administration and Public Health Samadiniya A When PatientCare Becomes a Business Radhamanohar M The Influence of Changed Life Environment on Swallowing and Respiration inHealthy Elderly A Comparison of Disaster Victim and NonVictim ElderlyIndividuals Higashijima M, Shiozu H, Inokuti S Changes in Colorectal Cancer Screening Knowledge Behavior Beliefs SelfEfficacy and Barriers among Community Health Clinic Patients after a HealthLiteracy Intervention Arnold CL, Rademaker A, Liu D and Davis TC Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology Volume 10, Issue 1 QuantumChemical Study of the Propensity of the Amino Acid Pairsfor the Peptide Bond Formation Kereselidze J, Mikuchadze G and Bobokhidze L A Proposed Lower Computational Complexity Secret Key MirroringSystem on GSM Oyinloye OE, Alese BK, Thompson F and Adetunmbi AO Compression of Image with Different File Formats Abdul Jabbar Barcode Currency Notes in Future Necessity and its Benefits Manikandakumar K, Gokul Raj K, Chidambaram R, Srikumar R, Vijayakumar R, Naveen Kumar C and Amirthavalli K MOOC as a Tool for Computer Sciences Academic Staff ContinuedProfessional Development CPD in Hail University Saudi Arabia Kawther A AlDhlan Journal of Hepatology and Gastrointestinal disorders Volume 2 and Issue 4 Cystic Neoplasms of the Pancreas Where Do We Stand Oh SY, Irani S and Kozarek RA Rectal Prolapse due to Adenomatous Polyp Case Report Sardinas C, Diacuteaz D, Oropeza ME, Parrella M and Merheb M Pacemaker Wire Perforating Colon in an Asymptomatic Patient Dennisdhilak Lourdusamy Pancreatitis and Metformin CaseReport and Review of Literature Sara Gioia, Massimo Lancia, Alessandra Persichini, Verdiana Tondi, Mauro Bacci and Fabio Suadoni Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology Volume 7 Issue 6 Malaria Vaccine Development Recent Advances alongside the Barriers Desalegn Nega, Abebe Alemu and Geremew Tasew Rapid Detection of NDM VIM KPC and IMP Carbapenemases by RealTime PCR Ewa Kosykowska, Tomasz Dzieciatkowski and Grazyna Mlynarczyk Ovine Lung Worm Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors in MerhabeteDistrict North Shoa Ethiopia Niguagus leben, Wassie Molla, Tesfaye Bejiga, Zelalem Yitayew and Taye Solomon Babesia microti Infection in Pregnancy Mimicking HELLP Syndrome Tariro Mupombwa, Bethany M Mulla, James E Kirby and Barbara M OrsquoBrien Presence of Toxocara Eggs on the Hairs of Dogs from Southwest Nigeria Oluyomi Abayomi Sowemimo and Olalekan Opeyemi Ayanniyi Detection of Different Enteric Protozoa Parasites with Combination ofImmunological and Microscopic Methods in Albania Enteric parasites Classic microscopy test ELISA test Pediatric ages Albania Human Genetics & Embryology Volume 6 Issue 3 Fetal Hydrops in Combination with Gonadoblastoid Testicular DysplasiaMay Represent a Lethal Type of Noonan Syndrome Theresa Reischer, Maximilian Schmid, Sukirthini Balendran, Manuel Nistal, Julia Vodopiutz, Elisabeth KramplBettelheim, Niko Popitsch, Sandra LiebmannReindl and Berthold Streubel Orthopedic & Muscular System: Current Research Volume 5 Issue 4 Cementless Long Stem Total Hip Replacement for Revision of Failed Hemiarthroplasty Adel Mohammad Salama and Sayed ElEtewy Soud Multiple Finger Extensor Tendon Dislocations in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with Unique Trigger Phenomena Shunsuke Asakawa, Yuki Hara, Sho Kohyama and Yasumasa Nishiura Total Hip Replacement in Patients Younger than Thirty Years 710 YearsFollow up Mohsen Fawzy Omar and Waleed Mohammad Nafe Evaluation of Humeral Head Cartilage Using the Magnetic Resonance Imaging T1 Relaxation Time Mapping Technique A Comparison between Young and Elderly Healthy People Go Miake, Takamitsu Okada, Naohide Takeuchi, Satoshi Kawanami, Yukihisa Takayama, Hiroshi Honda and Yasuharu Nakashima Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics Volume 6, Issue 6 Vibrational Heat Capacity of Gold Cluster AuN14 at LowTemperatures Vishwanathan K and Springborg M Natural Bond Orbital Analysis of FeH 2O623 and n2 6 22 Zn H O H O N04 Nabaraj Pokhrel and Hari Prasad Lamichhane Bubble Formation in Helicoidal DNA Molecules Conrad Bertrand Tabi Anthropology Volume 4, Issue 4 A Comparative Study on Nutritional Status of Adolescents Girls of Different Rural Area of West Bengal Kankana De Physical Growth and Relation of Menarche with Anthropometry Kankana De Lupus: Open Access Volume1, Issue 3 Protein Phosphatase 5 Contributes to the Overexpression of EpigeneticallyRegulated TLymphocyte Genes in Patients with Lupus Patel D, Gorelik G, Richardson B AntigenMicroarray Profiling of Antibodies in SLE A Personal View ofTranslation from Basic Science to the Clinic Irun R Cohen Journal of Genetic Syndromes & Gene Therapy Volume 8 Issue 1 Identification of Four Novel Factor VIII Gene Mutations and ProteinStructure Analysis using Molecular Dynamic Simulation Faisal A AlAllaf, Tarek MA Owaidah, Zainularifeen Abduljaleel Mohiuddin M Taher, Mohammad Athar, Halah Abalkhail, Wajahatullah Khan and Abdellatif Bouazzaoui Further Characteristics of Pregnant one Marrow Cells Action on RatDevelopment during Early Pregnancy Mikhailov VM, Sokolova AV, Skripkina NS, Kaminskaya EV, Domnina AP and Nikolsky NN Can Imaging Aid Diagnosis of Inner Ear Malformation and Predict Digeorge Syndrome Michael Eliezer Assessment of Pep Fndc5 C2c12 Pgc1 Pattern of Genes Expressionduring Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells into Heart Cells Shahin Asadi, Zahra Gholizadeh, Mahsa Sadat Mir Jamali and Mina Niknia Anatomy & Physiology: Current Research Volume 7, Issue 1 Fibromyalgia Possibly the Result of Calcium Deficiency Amos Gelbard Common Physiology Textbooks Used in Nigerian Medical SchoolsNeed for aBroadBased Review Innocent Abi, John OI Rare Association of Macroprolactinemia and Empty Sella Syndrome Ach MT, Kacem NM, Abed EYH, Beizig AM, Chadli CM and Ach K Phytochemical Analysis and Acute Toxicological Study of Erythrinasenegalensis Ethanolic Leaf Extract in Albino Wistar Rats Nnama TN, Asomugha AL, Asomugha RN, Umeasalugo KE and Mgbemena IO Journal of Phonetics & Audiology Volume 3 Issue 1 Binaural Sound Processing in Noise and Reverberation for Listeners withCochlear Implants Yunfang Zheng Prosody Perception in Typically Developing Schoolaged Children Rose Thomas Kalathottukaren and Suzanne C Purdy Identifying People with Hearing Issues and Optimizing Communication APharmacists Point of View Deborah Zeitlin Overview of Phonological Disorders The LanguageBased Speech SoundDisorder Crystal C Randolph Indication and Timing of Surgery for Cochleovestibular NeurovascularCompression Syndrome Tomomi Okamura, Takafumi Nishizaki, Norio Ikeda, Shigeki Nakano, Makoto Ideguchi, Natsumi Fujii and Takeshi Okuda Older Adults and Hearing Aids Kari R Lane An Investigation into the Difference in Word Class and the Function ofRepetition in Stuttering Persian Speaking Children Saeed Mehrpour and Hussein Meihami Development and Evaluation of the Mandarin Quick SpeechinNoise TestMaterials in Mainland China Rui Zhou, Hua Zhang, Shuo Wang, Jing Chen and Dandan Ren Effects of Stress Stop Release and Familiarization on Speech RecognitionThresholds Noah Eggebraaten and Youkyung Bae An Alternative to Traditional SLP Graduate Student Clinical Training ExploringCollaborative Clinical Education Models with Faculty Clinical Supervisors Raul F Prezas and Robin L Edge Over the Counter Hearing Aids Clifford Franklin Journal of Bioengineering & Biomedical Science Volume 6, Issue 5 Innovative Biomedical Equipments for Diagnosis and Treatment Charles R Doarn Epigenetic Regulation Neurite Outgrowth by Hormonal or Chemical Mechanisms in PC12 Cells Koji Shimoke Effects of Matrix Metalloproteinase on Tumour Growth and Morphology via Haptotaxis Nargis NN and Aldredge RC Pathological Role of the Invisible Anastomoses Vladimir Ermoshkin The Use of Wireless Instrumentation for Stability Testing Henry Boger and Cleo Clency Sunlight Irradiation Induced Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles usingGlycolipid Biosurfactant and Exploring the Antibacterial Activity Amar Jyoti Das, Rajesh Kumar, Surya Pratap Goutam and Sadhana Singh Sagar Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability Volume 9, Issue 1 Pharmacokinetics and Tolerability of Single and Multiple Doses of Desvenlafaxinein Healthy Korean Subjects Liang Y, Qiu R, Kim S, Jang IJ, Lee WS, Plotka A and Nichols A A Systemic Review on Surgical Site Infections Classification Risk FactorsTreatment Complexities Economical and Clinical Scenarios Tariq A, Ali H, Zafar F, Sial AA, Hameed K, Naveed S, Shafiq Y, Salim S, Mallick N and Hasnain H Methods of Analysis of Lisinopril A Review Wajiha Gul, Zarnab Augustine, Sidra khan, Kiran Saeed and Hira Raees A Summary of Recent Advances in Ocular Inserts and Implants Jervis LP Development and Evaluation of Polymerbound Glibenclamide Oral Thin Film Raghavendra HL and Prem Kumar G Bioequivalence of Two Different Rivastigmine Hard Capsule Formulationsof Two Different Strengths 15 mg and 6 mg in Indian Healthy HumanAdult Male Volunteers Garg M, Naidu R, Iyer K and Jadhav R Accurate Method of HPLCMsMs Determination of Mycophenolic Acid inHuman Plasma Khokhlov AL, Yaichkov II, Shitov LN, Dzhurko YA, Shitova AM, Ryska M, Kubescaron V, Shabrov VN and Miroshnikov AE Bioequivalence Study of Two Formulations Containing Bosutinib 500 mg Tablets in Healthy Colombian Volunteers Vargas M and Villarraga EA Bioequivalence Study of Two Dasatinib 100 mg Formulations in Healthy Colombians Vargas M and Villarraga E Environment Pollution and Climate Change Volume 1 Issue 1 Spatial and Temporal Variation of Heavy Metals Contamination in RecentSediments from Barigui River Basin South Brazil Karina Scurupa Machado, Paulo AI Ferreira, Juliane Rizzi, Rubens Figueira and Sandro Froehner Risk Assessment of InVehicle Noise Pollution From Highways Qing Li, Fengxiang Qiao, Lei Yu A Machine Learning Approach for LightDuty Vehicle Idling Emission Estimation Based on Real Driving and Environmental Information Qing Li, Fengxiang Qiao, Lei Yu Use of Protozoa for Assessing Water Quality in A Humid Subtropical Urban Wetland Ecosystem Southern China Cuicui Hou, Xinlu Shi, Guijie Liu, Songlu Liu, Xiaowen Zhu, Henglong Xu Noise Pollution What the Scientific Community Can Do Alessandro Ruggiero Climate Change Is the Science Settled Arthur Viterito Indoor Air Pollution by Particulate Matter From Wood Fuel an Unresolved Problem R Mauricio Barriacutea P Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Household Vegetable Fields in The Rural Residential Areas of Hilly Subtropical Central China Xiaoqing Fu, Yong Li, Yi Wang, Jianlin Shen, Runlin Xiao, Dan Chen and Jinshui Wu The Importance of Uncertainty in the Noise Pollution Measurements Alessandro Ruggiero Safe Levels for Ecological Risk Assessment of Soils Polluted by MetalsFrom Normative to Field European Union Case RomeroFreire A Journal of Marine Science: Research & Development Volume 6 Issue 6 Carbon Isotopic Data Validate the New Model of Carbon Turnover Ivlev AA Determining and Estimation of Antibody Production in the Bubble Eye Goldfish Natsuki Nukada, Eriko AvarBan, and Yutaka Tamaru Analysis of Fractured Reservoir Structure by Interpretation of FMI andVSP Logs Afshin Davarpanah Impact of Open Cast Coal Mining on Fish and Fisheries of Simsang RiverMeghalaya India Bandita Talukdar, Jugabrat Das, Himangshu Kr Kalita, Sudem Basumatary, Hrishikesh Choudhury and Dandadhar Sarma Global Warming can be Protected by Promotion of Plankton CO2Assimilation Shoichiro Ozaki Calculation and Assessing the EEDI Index in the Field of Ship EnergyEfficiency for MV Jules Garnier Tien Anh Tran Toxicology: Open Access Volume 3, Issue 1 Sodium Bicarbonate and NAcetyl Cysteine in Treatment of OrganophosphorusPoisoning Cases A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Shimaa M Motawei and Azza A Elbiomy Lactational Exposure to Pesticides A Review Ahmed K Salama Methanol Poisoning with Fatality Case Series in Dhaka Medical CollegeHospital in Bangladesh Mohammad Robed Amin, ABM Sayeduzzaman Shohagh, Ariful Basher, Muhibur Rahman, Mohammad Abul Faiz and HAM Nazmul Ahasan Analysis of Clodinafoppropargyl Herbicide Transport in Soil Profile underVetiver Cultivation using HYDRUS1D and Modified PRZM3 Models Masoud Noshadi, Azadeh Foroutani and Alireza Sepaskhah Toxic Effects of Pesticides Alejandro GarciaArredondo Comparative Studies of Chemical Composition Antioxidant and AntimicrobialPotentials of Essential Oils and Oleoresins Obtained from Seeds and Leaves ofAnethum graveolens L Singh S, Das SS, Singh G, Perotti M, Schuff C, Catalan CAN Journal of Blood Disorders & Transfusion Volume 7, Issue 6 Clinical Importance of PRAME Gene Expression in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Ahmad Baraka, Mona E Hashem, Shereen ElShorbagy, Mona hassanein and Salah F Elsayed A Study on Blood and Blood Components Transfusion Adverse Reaction at aTertiary Care Teaching Hospital Bangalore Vidya Shree M, Vithya T, Shankar Prasad and Shobha Rani RH Mandatory Blood Donor Screening for Human TCell Lymphotropic Virus Type I and Type II in Saudi Arabia Need for Review H S Mohamud, E AlGhamdi, A F Alhetheel, F M AlMajid, A H Ahmed, A M Somily and D H Mohamed International Journal of Advancements in Technology Volume 8, Issue 1 Medicare Saurabh Gharte, Simarpreet Bagga, Virendra Deore and Akshay Jadhav Combining Interaction Design and Gaming Technologies for theDevelopment of Interactive Archaeological Content Presentation Systems Ioannis Deliyannis and Georgios Papaioannou SoftwareDefined Networking Reviewed Model Muhammad Faisal Imran Khan Effect of Xanthan Gum and Carboxymethyl Cellulose on PhysicalProperties of Cream Cheese Sara Salari, Mossalreza Zanganeh, Abollfazl Fadavi and Zeid Ahmadi Effect of Xanthan Gum and Carboxymethyl Cellulose on Chemical andSensory Properties of Cream Cheese Sara Salari, Mossalreza Zanganeh, Abollfazl Fadavi and Zeid Ahmadi Improvement the Quality of Egyptian Kaolin for Industrial Applications DA Refaei, MK Abdelrahman, IA Ibrahim, F Eldears, AT Kandil Entomology, Ornithology & Herpetology: Current Research Volume 5 Issue 4 Illustration of the Morphologic Characters of the Sunn pest Eurygasterintegriceps Puton 1881 Hemiptera Scutelleridae Collected from ErbilGovernorateKurdistan RegionIraq Wand Khalis Ali and AbdulQadir Salih Khidhir Mitochondrial Approach of Indian Termites to Explore Phylogenetic Link Mandakini S, Neha G and Sharma VL Silica in InsectPlant Interactions Calatayud PA, Njuguna E and Juma G Genus Coccinella Coccinellidae Coleoptera from District Buner KhyberPakhtunkhwa Pakistan Kausar Saeed, Muhammad Nasir Khan Khattak, Falak Naz, Naveed Akhtar and Muhammad Fiaz Khan Impact of Pesticides and Importance of Traditional System in Agriculture Kathirvelu Baskar and Manickkam Jayakumar Performance of Spring Chicken Fed Different Inclusion Levels of BlackSoldier Fly Larvae Meal Dahiru SJ, Azhar BK and Anjas Asmara BS Matilea A New Replacement Name for Scrobicula Matile 1970 Dipteranon Posner 1952 Ostracoda Alexander B Doweld Virology & Mycology Volume 5, Issue 3 Localized Renal Graft Aspergillosis in a Child after Kidney TransplantationCase Report and Review of Literature Fatina I Fadel, Doaa M Salah and Hafez M Bazaraa Rabies lyssavirus Isolates from Brazilian Different Reservoirs Species PresentDistinct Pattern of Propagation in N2a Cell Bruno Amorim Costa, Natalia Langenfeld Fuoco, Luciana Botelho Chaves, Adriana Candido Rodrigues, Orlando Garcia Ribeiro, Keila Iamamoto Nogi, Karin Correcirca Scheffer and Iana Suly Santos Katz Reconstructive Surgery & Anaplastology Volume 5 and Issue 3 The Liposuction and Body Contouring Dennis J Hurwitz Prosthetic Reconstruction of Auricular Defects with an AdhesiveRetainedEpithesis A Clinical Report Murat Yenisey, Necati Kaleli and Goumlknil Erguumln Kunt Primary NonHodgkins Lymphoma of The Nasal Cavity Unusual Site and Unusual Presentation Vishwas D Pai, Vidhya Manohar, Kiran Kattimani and Sheshachala Lingasur Journal of Fertilizers & Pesticides Volume 7, Issue 2 Effects of Compost and Inorganic NP Rates on Growth Yield and YieldComponents of Teff Eragrotis teff Zucc Trotter in Girar Jarso DistrictCentral Highland of Ethiopia Alemu Assefa, Tamado Tana, Jemal Abdulahi2 Phycoremediation of Some Pesticides by Microchlorophyte AlgaChlorella Sp Mervet H Hussein , Ali M Abdullah, Eladl G Eladal, Noha I Badr ElDin Isolation of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria from White Lupin Lupinusalbus L Rhizosphere Soils Collected from Gojam Ethiopia Dereje Haile, Firew Mekbib, Fassil Assefa Synergistic Bioefficacy of Botanical Insecticides against Zabrotes subfasciatusColeoptera Bruchidae a Major Storage Pest of Common Bean Tamiru A, Bayih T, Chimdessa M A Quantitative Analysis of Nutrient Requirements for Hydroponic SpinachSpinacia oleracea L Production Under Artificial Light in a Plant Factory Nuchada Maneejantra, Satoru Tsukagoshi, Na Lu, Kanyaratt Supaibulwatana, Michiko Takagaki, Wataru Yamori Characterization and Utilization of Bioslury from Anaerobic Digester forFertilizer in Crop Production Kefale Wagaw Response of Grain Sorghum to Split Application of Nitrogen at TanquaAbergelle Wereda North Ethiopia Gebrekiros Gebremedhin, Efriem Tariku, Meresa Wslassie and Sofonyas Dargie Clinical Depression Volume 2 issue 4 Mindfulness Cognitive and Emotional Change Hossein Kaviani Out of Control Central or Peripheral Control Personality and Depression Wendy Thomson Link between Mindfulness and PersonalityRelated Factors IncludingEmpathy Theory of Mind Openness Prosocial Behaviour andSuggestibility Hossein Kaviani and Neda Hatami Role of YogaPractices in the Management of Anxiety and Depression Tripathi KM and Singh RH Journal of Depression and Anxiety Volume 6, Issue 1 Major Depressive Disorder Pathophysiology and Clinical Management Netsanet Fekadu, Workineh Shibeshi and Ephrem Engidawork