OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Advances in Crop Science and Technology Volume 5 Issue 4 Effect of Inoculating Bradyrhizobium on Phosphorus Use Efficiency andNutrient Uptake of Soybean Intercropped with Sugarcane in CalcareousSoil of Metahara Central Rift Valley Ethiopia Tesfaye Fituma, Tamado Tana and Anteneh Argaw Evaluation of Pongamia pinnata Products against the Sclerotium rolfsiiExtracted from Chickpea Iram Shaheen, Sajida Parveen and Zahida Parveen Crop Yield and Soil Characteristics as Affected by Composts fromDifferent Organic Materials with Spent Wash Arshad Nawaz Choudhary, Muhammad Shakir Farooq, Muhammad Zeeshan, Ghaffar Khan, Tayyaba Kanwa Choudhary and Muhammad Subtain Abbas Participatory on Farm Evaluations and Selection of Improved Faba BeanVicia faba L Varieties in Four Districts of South Ethiopia Yasin Goa and Esrael Kambata The Response of White Yam Dioscorea rotundata Poir Tuber Portions toPositive Selection for Quality Seed Yam Production Daniel Osabhie Aihebhoria, Beatrice Aighewi and Morufat Balogun Effect of Water Quality and Deficit Irrigation on Tomatoes Yield andQuality A Review Dejene Tadesse Banjaw, Habtamu Gudissa Megersa and Dadi Tolossa Lemma Differential Responses in Germination Growth and Genes Expression ofCuZn and Fesuperoxide Dismutase of Barley Under Salinity Stress Nidal Odat Development of SpeciesSpecific Microsatellite Markers for BroomcornMillet Panicum miliaceum L via HighThroughput Sequencing MinXuan Liu, Yue Xu, TianYu Yang, ZhiJun Qiao, RuiYun Wang, YinYue Wang and Ping Lu Influence of Integrated Weed Management Practices on Weed DynamicsYield Components and Yield of Faba bean Vicia faba L in EasternEthiopia Nano Alemu and JJ Sharma Identification of HighTemperature Tolerant and Agronomically ViableTomato S lycopersicum Genotypes from a Diverse GermplasmCollection Muhammed Alsamir, Nabil M Ahmad, Claudia Keitel, Tariq Mahmood and Richard Trethowan Screening Sesame Sesamum indicum L Germplasm for Thermotolerance Shobha Rani T and Kiranbabu T GenomeWide Identification and Characterization of Light HarvestingChlorophyll ab Binding Protein Genes in Barley Hordeum vulgare L Dandan Qin, Jing Dong, Fuchao Xu, Shuangtao Ge, Qing Xu and Meifang Li Effects of Application of Farmyard Manure and Inorganic Phosphorus onTuberous Root Yield and Yield Related Traits of Sweet Potato Ipomoeabatatas L Lam at Assosa Western Ethiopia Merga Boru, Kebede Tsadik W and Tamado Tana Participatory Evaluation and Determination of N and P FertilizerApplication Rate on Yield and Yield Components of Upland RiceNERICA4 at Bambasi District BenishangulGumuz Regional State Getahun Dereje, Bogale Walelign, Assefa Giddisa, Hailemariam Solomon, Afwork Hagos, Alemu Dabi, Regassa Dibaba and Dereje Alemu