OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Advances in Crop Science and Technology Volume 6, Issue 1 Effect of Variety and Time of Intercropping of Common Bean Phaseolus vulgaris L With Maize emZea maysem L on Yield Components and Yields of Associated Crops and Productivity of the System at MidLand of Guji Southern Ethiopia Demissie Alemayehu, Deresa Shumi and Tekalign Afeta Kava emPiper methysticumemAn Important Source of Income for the Rural Farmers in Fiji Islands Avin Ashitesh Prasad Effect of Cropping Sequence on Agricultural Crops Implications for Productivity and Utilization of Natural Resources Fisseha Negash, Tewodros Mulualem and Kalkidan Fikirie Experimental Analysis of Ecomomic Action Level of Tomato Leafminer emTuta absolutaem Meyrick Lepidoptera Gelechiidae on Tomato Plant under Open Field Tadele Shiberu and Emana Getu Interactive Use of Biochar and Chemical Fertilizer on Soil Nutrients NPK Soil Water Retention and Biological Nitrogen Fixation by Mash Bean Sangar khan, Rifat Hayat, Muhammad Shakir Farooq, Qaiser Hussain and Noshen Arab Ali Optimization of an in vitro Regeneration Protocol for Rough Lemon Rootstock emCitrus jambhiriem L via Direct Organogenesis Molla Gereme Taye, Brhanu Debesay, Yikunoamilak Tesfahun and Assefa Brhanu Review on Impacts of Climate Change on Vegetable Production and its Management Practices Damtew Abewoy Review on Potato Late Blight and Potato Tuber Moth and Their Integrated Pest Management Options in Ethiopia Damtew Abewoy Participatory Evaluation and Selection of Improved Haricot bean Varieties at Liben District Lowland Agro Ecology of Guji Zone Oromia Regional State Ethiopia Basha Kebede, Dembi Korji and Girma Amare Adaptability Study of Irish Potato emSolanum tuberosumem L Varieties for Yield and Yield Components under Kaffa Zone South Western Ethiopia Henok Fikre Energy Requirements and Performance of Different Soil Tillage Systems on the Yield of Maize Crop Shafique Q Memon and Nasima Arshad Influence of Seed Rate and Row Spacing on Growth and Yield of Tef emEragrostisem tef Production at Assosa BenishangulGumuz Regional State Western Ethiopia Getahun Dereje, Tigist Adisu and Adise Dimberu Performance and Yield Stability Analysis of Potato Genotypes in Ethiopia Alemu Worku, Gedif Mulugeta, Baye Berhun, Tesfaye Abebe, Gebremedihin W Giorgis, Abebe Chindie and Getachew Kebede Improvements in Alfalfa emMedicago sativaem L Seed Production with Warming Climatic Conditions on the Northern Altiplano of La Paz Bolivia Mario Coca Morante and Zoia Coronado Lira emPeronosporaem sp Growing on Pemolylepis racemosaem Rosaceae in the Andean Highlands of Cochabamba Bolivia Coca Morante M Optimizing Benzobicyclon Efficacy in DrillSeeded Rice Young ML, Norsworthy JK and Scott RC Screening of Tobacco Genotypes for ToleranceResistance to Striga gesnerioides infestation in Zimbabwe Koga C, Mabasa S, Mazarura U, Banwa T and Garwe D