OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Advances in Crop Science and Technology Volume 6, Issue 3 Agronomic Performance Genotype X Environment Interaction and Stability of Black Cumin Genotypes Grown in Bale Southeastern Ethiopia Miheretu Fufa Recommendations of Fertilizer Formulas for the Maize Production in Northern Benin Igue AM , Balogoun I , Oga AC , Saidou A , Ezui G , Youl S and Mando A Adaptability Evaluation of Common Bean Phaseolus vulgaris L Genotypes at Western Ethiopia Habtamu Alemu Keba Population Dynamics Study of T absoluta in Western Shewa of Central Ethiopia Tadele Shiberu and Emana Getu Drought Tolerance Mechanisms in Plants Physiological Responses Associated with Water Deficit Stress in emSolanum lycopersicumem Rowland M Kamanga , Ernest Mbega and Patrick Ndakidemi Performance Evaluation and Adaptation Trial of Tef Genotypes for Moisture Stress Areas of Borana Southern Oromia Natol Bakala , Tolessa Taye and Belda Idao Baseline Survey for Identification and Documentation of Natural Resources Management Status Challenges and Opportunities for Research Interventions Case Study of Melokoza District Southern Ethiopia Gezimu Gelu Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management on Growth and Yield of Food Barley emHordeum vulgareem Variety in Toke Kutaye District West Showa Zone Ethiopia Tariku Beyene Dinka , Tolera Abera Goshu and Ermiyias Habte Haile Soil and Water Conservation Practices in District Swabi KP Pakistan Mukhtiar Ali , Farmanullah Khan , Imran Khan , Waqar Ali , Sara S and Abid Kamal Screening for Resistance Sources in Local and Exotic Hot Pepper Genotypes to Fusarium Wilt emFusarium oxysporiumem and Associated Quality Traits in Ethiopia Shimeles Aklilu, Getachew Ayana, Bekele Abebie and Tesfaye Abdissa The Causal Pathogen Inoculum Sources and Alternative Hosts Studies of the Newly Emerged Gall Forming Faba Bean emVicia fabaem Disease in Ethiopia Gezahegne Getaneh , Endale Hailu , Kassahu Sadessa , Tesfaye Alemu and Girma Megersa Yield and Yield Components of Snap Bean emPhaseolus vulgarisem L as affected by N and P Fertilizer Rates at Jimma Southwestern Ethiopia Abdela Negash , Solomon Tulu and Essubalew Getachew Participatory Evaluation of Some Selected Forage Species in Afar Regional State Ethiopia In the Case of Koneba and Telalak Districts Tibebu Belete , Gebrehaweria Kidane and Natenael Demelash Evaluation of Various Sugarcane Genotypes for Association of Quality Characters with Cane Yield Amjad Ali , Sher Aslam Khan , Mohammad Tahir , Abid Farid , Ayub Khan , Shah Masaud Khan and Naushad Ali Weed Management Practices by Lowland Rice Farmers in the South West of Nigeria Oyebanji O Alagbo and Oluyemisi A Akinyemiju Zinc Accounting for Lowland Rice emOryza sativaem L Under Different Methods of Zinc Application with Green Leaf Manuring Prakash P , Hemalatha M and Joseph M