OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Advances in Dairy Research Volume 6, Issue 2 Lipid Metabolism in Mammary Epithelial CellsA Comparison of Common In vitro Models BatChen Cohen, Avi Shamay and Nurit ArgovArgaman Reproductive Performance of Holstein Friesian Dairy Cows in a Tropical Highland Environment Wondossen A, Mohammed A and Enyew Negussie Physical and Metabolic Constraints on Feed Intake in Ruminants A Systematic Model Akbar N Evaluation of the Decontamination Power of Aqueous and Gaseous Ozone on Various Contaminated Surfaces with Cattle Manure containingem Salmonellaem Ameer Megahed, Brian A and James Lowe Prevalence and Identification of Yeasts Responsible for Mastitis in Dairy Cattle Farms in the Sidi Lahcene Region in the Wilaya of Sidi Bel abbes Algeria Akdouche L, Aissi M and Saadi A Serological Monitoring of Brucellosis in Female Calves Born from Infected Herds from Birth to their First Calving Ana Fernaacutendez, Enrique Herrera, Efren Diacuteaz, Gabriela Palomares and Francisco Suaacuterez Effect of Nondairy Ingredients on the Quality Characteristics of Processed Cheese during Storage Syed Rafiq and Bikash Ghosh Flavor Composition of Raw and Pasteurized Milk Cheddar Cheeses made from Milk Sourced from Different Producers Elizabeth T, Gregory T, Juyun L, Cusic JW and Goddik LM