OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Arts and Social Sciences Journal Volume 8, Issue 3 What is Political Power Theory of Political Consciousness and Integrated Concept of Power Mehdi Shokri Impact of Internet on Social Connections in Family System A SurveyStudy of Residents in Lahore Aemen Khalid Public Art Place Making or Focus on Values Case study ValiAsr StreetTehran Narciss M Sohrabi Amnesty Program as a Peacebuilding Initiative in Niger Delta Nigeria byJohn Oghenero Tobor and Festus Odubo John Oghenero Tobor, Festus Odubo The Main Principles of Tutoring in Education of Agricultural Laborers inMexico Elena Anatolievna Zhizhko Achieving Excellence in Kuwaiti Schools A School Leaders Viewpoint Aldaihani Sultan Ghaleb Analyzing Challenges Associated with the Implementation of CommunityBased Health Insurance CBHI in Rwanda Felix Rubogora ISIS in Pakistan A Critical Analysis of Factors and Implications of ISISRecruitments and Concept of JihadBilNikah Yunis Khushi Causes and Consequences of Gender Discrimination against Women inQuetta City Rukhshanda Zarar, Muneera Moula Bukhsh, Waheed Akbar Khaskheli Determinants of Project Sustainability beyond Donor Support Case ofCaritas Norway Supported Governance Project in Mansa Diocese Zambia Protazio Lungo M, Johnson Mavole and Otieno Martin Impact of Mobile Phones TV Commercials on Consumers Behavior Iqbal Ammara Who Owns God and Heaven A Critical Analysis of Fundamental Factorsof Religious and Sectarian Extremism Intolerance and Terrorism Yunis Khushin Leadership Challenges for Joint Force Commanders during the Transitionfrom a Highintensity to a Lowintensity Conflict Ole Boe, Johan Bergh, Rino Bandlitz Johansen Evaluating the Contribution of African New Pentecostal IndependentChurches on the Wellbeing of Church Members Case of Zion TempleCelebration Center in Rwanda Felix Rubogora Dynamics of Sectarian Violence in Pakistan Recommendations to thePolicy Makers Asma Khan Mahsood, Muhammad Kamran