OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Biochemistry & Analytical Biochemistry Volume 6, Issue 4 Mechanism of Propofols Action on MAP Rich Tubulin and Actin An emIn Vitroem Study Sahni P, Kumar M and Pachauri R Increased Levels of Inflammatory Marker hsCRP MDA and Lipid Profile in Nonobese Hypertension Subjects Nakkeeran M, Periasamy S, Inmozhi SR, Santha K and Sethupathy S Zoledronic Acid and Its Calciumcontain Complexes in Treatment of Experimental Osteoporosis in Wistar Female Rats Povoroznyuk VV, Grygorieva VN, Pekhnyo VI, Kozachkova OM and Tsaryk NV Effects of Some Selected Solvent Extracts of Avocado Pear emPersea americanaem on CholesterolHDL Ratio in Albino Rats Olagunju HT, Oruambo IF, Oyelowo HO and Obediah GA Lipidemic Properties of Sorghum vulgare Leaf Sheath on Oxidative Markers and Heart Function Enzymes of Dyslipidemic WistarAlbino Rats Akuru Udiomine B and Okoko Tebekeme Multiple Myeloma with Biclonal Gammopathy of IgA Kappa Variant A Case Report Anurag Yadav, Ramlinga Reddy and Malathi M A Study on the Binding of Loperamide to Human Serum Albumin Using Combination of Computational and Experimental Methods Komail Sadrjavadi, Fatemeh Rahmati, Fataneh Jafari, Sajad Moradi, Amin Nowroozi and Mohsen Shahlaei Investigation of Ethanol Stem Bark Extract of Treculia africana on the Haematological Parameters of Albino Wistar Rats Nwankpa P, Chukwuemeka OG and Ekweogu CN