OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Chemical Sciences Journal Volume 8, Issue 2 Antisense Cancer Therapy Do Antisense Oligonucleotides Hold Promiseas a Cure for Cancer Mohammad Innus HalfLife and Decay Law of Actinide Elements FazalurRehman M and Sana Akram Ethidium Bromide and SYBR Green I Interact with Lipid Micelles Garro AG, Velez PS, Miotti N, Alasino RV and Beltramo DM Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 2Aryl 6 7Difluorophenyl134Oxadiazolo 32a 135Triazine56H7HThiones Kiran Mishra Comments on Studies on Effective Decomposition of Monazite Mineralsby Variety of Phosphate Fluxes for Simple and Direct Determination ofUranium by LED Fluorimeter Rathore DPS Antimicrobial Assay of Newly Synthesised Copper Complex Derived fromTolylamine Lekha L and Kanmaniraja K DesignSyntheses Characterization and Biological Activity Studies of AzobenzenPPDi31Benzoxazin4One2yl and AzobenzenPPDi3 Substituted 34HQuinazolinone2yl Derivatives Zakaria H Aiube and Zainab A Jabarah Synthesis Characterization of Substituted 4Oxo3Phenyl34DihydroQuinazolin2ylMethyl Nitrite Derivatives and Evaluation of theirAntimicrobial Activity Chaitanya P, Guguloth R, Damodhar S and Ravinder AN 3DQSAR Studies of Isatin Derivatives with AntiCancer In Vitro AdvancedCoMFA CoMSIA and Docking Methods Elidrissi B, Ousaa A, Aouidate A, Zaki H, Ajana MA, Lakhlifi T and Bouachrine M Inhibitors of cGMP 35Cyclic Phosphodiesterase 10A A QSAR Study Claudiu Lungu