OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Clinical Research on Foot & Ankle Volume 6, Issue 1 Effects of Carrying Out a LowIntensity Isometric Contraction of the Proximal Thigh Muscles on the Electromyographic Activity of the Leg Muscles when Simulating an Ankle Sprain Olga Borao, Antoni Planas, Antonio Susin and Francisco Corbi Stable versus Unstable Grade 2 High Ankle Sprains in Athletes A Noninvasive Tool to Predict the Need for Surgical Fixation DHooghe P, Bouhdida S, Whiteley R, Rosenbaum A, Khelaifi K and Kaux JF The Use of Variable Angle Locking SynthessupTMsup Plates in Foot Reconstructive and Fusion ProceduresA NonInventor Centre Report Perianayagam GR, Patel MS and Mangwani J The Overcoming of Calcaneal Fractures Associated with Skin Problems through a Minimally Invasive Surgery by Closed Reduction and Percutaneous Kwires Fixation Maaty MT and Khalek MA ClinicoSonographical Evaluation of Idiopathic Clubfoot and its Correction by Ponseti MethodA Prospective Study Sumit Chawla, Mallika Gupta, Varun Pandey, Abhishek Jain and Manoj Kumar A New Minimal Invasive Technique in the Treatment of Resistant Plantar Fasciitis by Percutaneous Partial Plantar Fasciotomy Drilling of the Calcaneus and Resection of Calcaneal Spur Maaty MT and Khalek MA IntraArticular Calcaneal Fracture in Patient of 11 Years What Treatment is the Most Adequate Pentildea Fernaacutendez MP and Quijada Rodrguez JL Walking Strategy Abnormalities in Elderly with Diabetic Neuropathy A Biomechanical Investigation through three Curves Analysis Xi Pan, Jiaojiao Bai, Jiao Sun, Ran Wu, Yue Ming, Lirong Chen and Zheng Wang Chondrosarcoma of Second Toe Distal PhalanxA Case Report Gurumoorthy PG, Dinkar Rai BK, Arvind Kumar SM and Chaitra V Lesser Talked of Factors Influencing Diabetic Foot Care in India Shankhdhar LK, Shankhdhar K, Shankhdhar U and Shankhdhar S The Avoidance of Soft Tissue Complications Following Treatment of Potts Fractures with Comminuted Lateral Malleolus in Diabetic Patients through a Minimal Invasive Surgery Maaty MT and Khalek MA Isolated Fracture Dislocation of Navicular Bone A Case Report Ashish Vinodkumar Batra and James OSullivan PostOperative Outcome of Achilles Tendon Injury Treated with Knotless Percutaneous Achilles Repair System Batra AV, OrsquoSullivan J, Nicholson D and Rao P