OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Evidence based Medicine and Practice Volume 2, Issue 2 Degrees of Recommendations and Levels of Evidence What you Need to Know Leonardo Roever, Elmiro Santos Resende, Giuseppe BiondiZoccai and Anaisa Silva Roerver Borges Glossary of Terms Used in Evidence Based Medicine Epidemiology andBiostatistics Leonardo Roever Modulations of Mammalian Brain Functions by Antidepressant Drugs Role ofSome Phytochemicals as Prospective Antidepressants Vivek Kumar Gupta and Bechan Sharma Study to Determine Prevalence of Patellofemoral Symptoms after TotalKnee Arthroplasty with NonResurfacing of the Patella Neeraj A and Harshal TP Is EvidenceBasedMedicine Always the Gold Standard in GeriatricNephrology Hideaki I EvidenceBased Medicine A Study of Signs and Signals of the Person inComa Gunnar Glauco DCT The Development of Breast Cancer Screening in Qatar January 2008 April 2015 Salha Bujassoum AlBader, Hekmet Bugrein, Mufid Elmistiri, Reena Alassam Does ClientTherapist Gender Matching Influence Therapy Course orOutcome in Psychotherapy Michael J Lambert The Effect of Socioeconomic Status on Vitamin D Level in Childrens andAdolescents Living at Jeddah Saudi Arabia Abdulmoein E AlAgha, Ahad A Alsharief, Manar S Ahmed and Asmaa Y Nassir Statins in Cirrhotic Portal Hypertension A Brief Review PolloFlores P, Leonardo Roever Evidence from Cochrane Systematic Reviews in Anesthesiology isInsufficient to Support or Reject the Studied Interventions and Highlightsthe Need of Further Research Reinaldo S Santos Jr, Regina El Dib, Antonio JB Pereira, Rodrigo L Alves, Vitor CS da Silva and Paulo do Nascimento Jr