OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Industrial Engineering & Management Volume 6, Issue 3 Environmental Performance Evaluation of Polycarbonates Production Processes Altuwair AI DeadlockDetection via Reinforcement Learning Mengmeng Chen and Luis Rabelo Configuration SELECTION PROCESS REVIEW Jaime Larumbe Lagrange Multiplier Method for Drilling Oil Reservoir Vasant P, Maung MT, Min YW, Tun HM and Thant KZ Impact of Agile Methodologies on Cost Estimation Techniques in Software Industry of Pakistan Arsalan Haider Integrated Fuzzy PROMETHEE and Fuzzy Linear Program for Functions Evaluation in Convergent Products Case for Digital Products Ermia Aghasi, Mansour Momeni and Mohammad Ali Shah Hoseini Application of TQM and TSM in UAE Construction Safety Management Adil Al Tamimi, Ali Al Ansari, Ghanim Kashwani and Abeer Sajwani An Investigation on the Dependency of Bursting Strength of Knitted Fabrics on Knit Structures Dereje Berihun Sitotaw Analysis of WageGender Discrimination in Connection with Higher Education in the Bahamas Audison Beaubrun and Nezamoddin N Kachouie Reduction of Excessive Trimming and Reject Leather by Integration of 7 QC Tools and QC Story Formula The Case Report of Sheba Leather PLC Haftu Hailu, Hideki Tabuchi, Hiroshi Ezawa and Kassu Jilcha Obtaining Reliability Insights during a Products Conceptual Design Process through Bayesian Network Modeling Luis Mejia Sanchez, Cummins Inc and Rong Pan An Effective Harmony Search Algorithm for Solving a NoWait Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Machine Availability Constraint Mohammad Rahmanidoust, Jianguo Zheng and Meysam Rabiee Lean Leadership PracticesA Literature Review Negarin Nooraei Ashtiani, Bhuiyan N and Zanjani MK A Rigorous Mathematical Approach to the Economic Rate of Return ERR and its Application to Economic Analysis Fadi Asrawi and Nazim Noueihed