OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. International Journal of Waste Resources Volume 7, Issue 4 Equilibrium and Kinetic Parameters Determination of CrVI Adsorption by Hogla Leaves Typha elephantina Roxb M Moniruzzaman, MA Rahman, S Aktar and M Khan Biodegradation of Drilling Fluid used in Upstream Sector of the Nigeria Petroleum Industry in Marine Water Environment Renner Renner Nrior, David N Ogbonna and Alaumogute Edward Alabo Prevalence of Pathogenic Bacteria in Open Drains and its Public Health Implications for Water Resources in Port Harcourt Southern Nigeria David N Ogbonna and Blessing A Erheriene Synergistic Effect of Bacterial Consortium for Enhanced Laccase Productionby Submerged Fermentation Neha Sharma Removal of Lead and Copper Ions from Polluted Aqueous Solutions using NanoSawdust Particles Fathy ElSaied A, Saeyda AboElenan A and Fathia Elshinawy H Assessment of the Physicochemical and Heavy Metal Concentration from Effluents of Paint Industry in Addis Ababa Ethiopia Dessalew Berihun and Yonas Solomon Analyses of WeedingDisposal of Information Resources from UniversityLibraries of Rajasthan India Vinay Singh Kashyap and Satya Prakash Mehra Accelerated Leach Test for Lowlevel Radioactive Waste Forms in the Hungarian NPP Paks Gyorgy Patzay, Otto Zsille, Jozsef Csurgai, Gyula Vass and Ferenc Feil The Importance of Waste Management Knowledge to Encourage Household WasteSorting Behaviour in Indonesia Zakianis and Sabarinah Evaluating Methods of Composting on Date of Maturity and Quality of Compost in Assosa Western Ethiopia Biruk Teshome and Jabir Amza Regulation of the Private Sector Involvement to Achieve Sustainable Solid Waste Management Lessons from Five Ethiopian Cities Abdulkerim Ahmed Mohammed and Meine Pieter van Dijk Municipal Waste Landfill Site Selection Model for Bahrain Mariam Aamer Khalil and Saad MA Suliman Resource Conservation by Effective Composting of Municipal Solid Waste in Sri Lanka Optimum Moisture Range for the Biooxidative Phase Weerasinghe VPA, Upeksha Kaluarachchi and Sumith Pilapitiya Estimation of Bamboo Leaf Ash Waste as Partially Substitution in Ceramic Electrical Insulator Shanmugam Marimuthu, G Sivakumar and K Mohanraj Enhancing Catalyst Efficiency of Activated Carbon for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Air Cathode Microbial Fuel Cell Application Jean Pierre Muhoza, Hongzhi Ma, Loissi Kalakodio and Dzivaidzo Mumbengegwi Modified Desalination Scheme for Handling Reject Brines Hussein K AbdelAal, Maha Abdelkreem and Khaled Zohdy Evaluation of the Biogas Production Potential by Anaerobic Digestion of Fermentable Agricultural Residues in C244te d8217Ivoire Bodjui Olivier Abo, Loissi Kalakodio and Moussa Bakayoko Method to Fit Paris Agreement for Protection of Global Warming Shoichiro Ozaki