OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Accounting & Marketing Volume 6, Issue 3 The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Employees Job Performance theModerating Role of Perceived Organizational Support nbspAkhtar W, Ghufran H, Husnain M and Shahid A The Impact of Perceived Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsement onPerceived Brand Personality nbspDissanayake DMR and Weerasiri RAS ActivityBased Costing Helping Small and MediumSized Firms Achieve aCompetitive Edge in the Global Marketplace nbspMehmet C Kocakulah, Abbas Foroughi, Ann Stott and Lionel Manyoky Impact Of Perceived Risk On Online Impulse Buying Tendency An Empirical Study In The Consumer Market Of Pakistan Kashif Abrar, Muhammad Naveed and Muhammad I Ramay Fidelity Behaviour of Very Small Craft Enterprises Customers ADANKANHOUNDE Thierry Mahougnon Brand Avoidance Motivators Stimulate to Brand Equity in the MediatingRole of Brand Hate A Case of Smartphone Industry of Pakistan nbspRizwana Abid and Aamir Khattak Panel Researching in Study of the Competitive Environment in ClothingMarket nbspHakimov Ziyodulla Ahmadovich Auditors Professional Specialization Role in Reducing the PotentialNegative Effects of Mandatory AuditFirm Rotation on Audit Quality nbspMohamed A Elshawarby The Positive Effect of Contradictory Information The Effect of VerbalNonverbal Discrepancy on Brand Attitudes in the Short Term and theLong Term Michal Shapira, Moty Amar and Tsfira GrebelskyLichtman Factors Affecting the Acceptance and Functioning of Foreign SubsidiaryPerformance Examining Environmental Conditions and Corporate andEthical Legitimacy nbspMohammad Ali Abdolvand and Maryam Jaberi