OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Aging Science Volume 5, Issue 1 Editor Note Journal of Aging Science Carmeli E Diagnosis of Macrovascular Complications in Diabetes Mellitus Using Arterial Stiffness Measured by the CardioAnkle Vascular Index Mao Takahashi, Kazuhiro Shimizu, Takuo Iizuka, Shyuuji Satou, Mahito Noro, Tomoaki Shiba and Kohji Shirai Good Mental Health in Old Age is A Real Possibility Roberto Volpe, Gianluca Sotis, Stefano Predieri and Massimiliano Magli Hematopoietic Aging Biomarkers in Peromyscus leucopus Mice Zenghua Lin, Sachiko Kajigaya, Xingmin Feng, Jichun Chen and Neal S Young Klazomania A Rare Case of Compulsive Screaming Complicating MajorDepression Effectively Treated with Electroconvulsive Therapy ECT Prashanth Pillai, Nithin Krishna and William Regenold Insulinlike Growth Factor System and Aging Ping Li, Xuefeng Sun, Guangyan Cai and Xiangmei Chen Could Excluded Patients Make a Change to the Research Results Comment onMusic does not Alter Anxiety in Patients with Suspected Lung CancerUndergoing Bronchoscopy A Randomised Controlled Trial European ClinicalRespiratory Journal Elisabeth Jeppesen and Klaus R Larsen A Proposal of The New Mechanism on Remnant Lipoprotein Formation andClearance after Food Intake Katsuyuki Nakajima and Akira Tanaka Improving Longevity with Metadichol by Inhibiting the BCAT1 Gene PR Raghavan Protective Effects of Cerebrospinal Fluid With The Intake of Xixin Decoction on Hippocampal Neuron Apoptosis Induced by A142 Diwu Yongchang, Meng Tingting, Wang Fang, Gu Zan, Zeng Jian, Yang Ke, Cui Na and Gu Jie Novel Medication Supply Model Guarantees Adequate Management and HighAdherence to Polypharmacy in Older Opioid Users Preliminary Results withOutpatients Isabelle Arnet, Samuel S Allemann, Kenneth M Duumlrsteler, Johannes Strasser, Marc Vogel and Kurt E Hersberger Current Understanding on the Beneficial Role of Nutrition in ParkinsonsDisease An Overview Muralidhara, Yenisetti SV and Yenisetti SC Gender Differences in SelfPerceived Personal Resources of Older Adults with Generalized Anxiety Symptoms Friederike H Boehlen, Wolfgang Herzog, Dieter Schellberg, Imad Maatouk, KaiUwe Saum, Hermann Brenner and Beate Wild