OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Research Volume 8, Issue 4 emSargassum vulgareem Extracts as an Alternative to Chemical Fungicide for the Management of emFusariumem Dry Rot in Potato Ammar Nawaim, Aydi Ben Abdallah Rania, JabnounKhiareddine Hayfa, Nefzi Ahlem, Rguez Safa and DaamiRemadi Mejda Chemical and Fisic Components of emShesh i Bardheem Grape Cultivar in Albania Edlira K, Onejda K, Fatbardha M and Krenar G The Effect of Age Form and Seed Cutting to the Growth and Production of Shallot emAllium ascalonicumem L at Dry Lands with Low Altitude Firmansyah AM, Liana T and Bhermana A Effects of Opportunity International Savings and Loans Credit Facility on Maize Production and Health Evidence of Techiman Municipality in Ghana Aphu Elvis Selase, Lu Xinhai and Adator Stephanie Worlanyo Morphological and Yield Assessment of Soybean emGlycine maemx L as Influenced by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Other Soil Amendments Afolayan ET and Eguavon MI Combination Effect of Different Insecticide Plants Against emAcanthoscelides obtectusem emColeoptera Bruchideaem Storage Pests of Common Bean emPhaseolus vulgarisem Tegegne B Investigating Effect of Bacterial Wilt Disease Blanching and Growing Environment on Potato Varieties emSolanum tuberosumem emLem and Processing Quality of Potato Chips Dagne T and Tigist A Agroforestry Potential of Dacryodes edulis G Don HJ Lam A Tool for Agro Industry Innovation in South West Nigeria Agwu OP, Akinyele AO and Aduradola AM Studies on Antifungal Activity of Siderophores Produced by emRhizobium sppem Isolated from Groundnut emArachis hypogaeaem Srinivasan T