OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy Volume 9, Issue 10 A New Case of Primary Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix A Case Report and Review of the Literature Charfi L, Tounsi N, Rahal K, Slimane M, Mrad K, Boujelbene N, Driss M and Doghri R Serous and Mucinous Borderline Ovarian Tumours Evaluation of Clinical Outcome and Risk Factors for Recurrence Khaled Rahel, Hatem Bouzaine, Raoudha Doghri, Maher Slimane, Jamel Ben Hassouna and Nesrine Tounsi Identification of Potential Tumor Markers in Sudanese Breast Cancer Patients Using a Proteomic Approach Thomas Franz, Muntaser E Ibrahim and Amany Elamin Derivation of a Unique Body Surface Area Bsa Formula for Calculation of Relatively Safe Doses of Dog and Human Anticancer Drugs Saganuwan Alhaji Saganuwan Genetic Variations of Selected Genes Using Target Deep Sequencing in Colorectal Cancer Patients Mona Watany, Samah M Soliman, Lamis Mohamed, Marwa H Saied, Abdel Aziz A Zidan, Hesham Tawfik, Mohamed R El Shanshory, Fatma M Ghaith, Yahia S Abdou, Omnia Abdelfattah, Amira Y Abdelnaby, Gamal I Moussa, Said M Abdou, Enas A AbdulBaki, Mohamed L Salem, Gehan ElSharnobi, Fatma Gharib and Eman E Farghal A Mathematical Investigation on TumorImmune Dynamics The Impact of Vaccines on the Immune Response Neethi Dasu, Mahboob Qureshi and Jonathan Quinonez Clinical Significance of Disseminated Pluripotent Tumor Cell SignatureExpression in the Bone Marrow from Patients with Colorectal Cancer Tanja Grimmig, Andreas Rosenwald, Mia Kim, Romana Moench, Dr Ana Maria WaagaGasser, Roberta Rehder, Carmen Ribas, Natasha Frank, Bertram Illert, Markus Frank, Christoph Thomas Germer and Martin Gasser