OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology Volume 9, Issue 1 Chemical Engineering Research and Latest Technology Nirupama Gopalaswami Use of Multivariable Analysis ANOVA to Compare Irradiation Sources on Diuron Destruction by Photocatalysis Using TiOsub2subP25 Impregnated with Smsup3sup Eusup3sup and Gdsup3sup Juan Carlos Areacutevalo Peacuterez, Jose Gilberto Torres, Adrian Cervantes Uribe, Hermicenda Peacuterez Vidal, Adrian Cordero Garciacutea, Armando Izquierdo Colorado, Adib Abiu Silahua Pavoacuten and Wilfrido Miguel Contreras Saacutenchez Process Simulation Economic and Environmental Sustainability Assessment of a GasToLiquids Process Huilong Gai, Kailiang Zheng, Julia Lin and Helen H Lou Synthesis of MgOZrOsub2sub Mixed Nanoparticlesem viaem Different Precursors Identification of their Destructive Action for Organic Pollutants Islam MI Moustafa and Mohamed R Abdelhamid The Involvement of the Wide Potential of Alternative Energy Sources of Central Asia the Key to Natural Resources Conservation and Environmental Improvement Parviz Normatov, Makhmadrezbon Idiev, Inom Normatov and Gulandom Norqulova Efficiency of Organic Draw Solutions in a Forward Osmosis Process Using Nanofiltration Flat Sheet Membrane Saleh O Alaswad, Sami AlAibi, E Alpay and Adel O Sharif Aspects of Occupational Safety Practices and Injury Analysis A Case Study Adzah G, Asamoah RK, Yamoah SA and Temeng VA