OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Community Medicine & Health Education Volume 7 Issue 4 Using Aggregate Data on Health Goals Not Disease Diagnoses to Develop and Implement a Healthy Aging Group Education Series Lamarche, Oliver D, Cleghorn L, MacDonaldWerstuck M, Pauw G, Bauer M, Doyle L, McPhee C, OrsquoNeill C,Guenter D, Winemaker S, White J, Price D and Dolovich L Study of Bacterial Spectrum in Patients of Chronic Dacryocystitis At a TertiaryCare Centre in Northern India Ahuja S, Chhabra AK and Agarwal J Prevalence of Stress among Junior Medical Students Taif University Atalla A and Altuwairqi YA The Trial of Ruby McCollum the Consequences of Trauma Segregation StressSyndrome Ruth ThompsonMiller Magnitude of Premarital Sexual Practice and its Associated Factors amongMizan Preparatory School Students in Mizan Aman Town South West Ethiopia Meleko A, Mitiku K, Kebede G, Muse M and Moloro N Sanitation and Hygiene Knowledge Attitude and Practices in Urban Setting ofBangalore A CrossSectional Study Rafiq Mohd and Itrat Malik Acceptance and Positive Attitude Increased Utilization of Long Acting andPermanent Family Planning Methods Among Reproductive Age Group Womenfrom Debre Berhan District Ethiopia Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Asegidew W,Tariku B, Kaba M, Getachew S and Ketsela K Community Health DecisionMaking The Power of Focus Groups in RuralCommunities Becker KL Bridging Literacy and Language Differences for Better Health OutcomesCharacterizing a Bilingual Health Specialist Vasquez LL and Garza EV Selfreported Hydration in Diabetic and Hypertensive Elderly Pinto ESS, Castro CCB, Campos IDS, Teles JBM, Mendes CMM and Pinto LSS Maternal Traits Associated with Poor MotherInfant Attachment and Poor MentalHealth of the Child Later in Life Tan Nguyen, Russell O Kosik, Ingrid Ko, Jia Chen, Dong Tran and Angela P Fan Beliefs and Attitudes Regarding Determinants of Health in Turkey andPalestine Menawi WA Knowledge Attitude Practice and Associated Factors of Voluntary BloodDonation among Undergraduate Students in Hargeisa University Abdirahman Omer Ahmed To What Extent can Chronic Diseases be Prevented in the UnitedKingdom and the Rest of the West Femi Balogun Assessment of Unmet Needs of Family Planning and Reasons for NonUseof Contraceptive Methods among Women in Reproductive Age in RuralCommunity Valekar SS, Pandve HT, Chawla PS and Mane AB Assessing Competences in Medical Students with a Newly Designed 360Degree Examination of a Simulated First Day of Residency A FeasibilityStudy Sigrid Harendza, Pascal O Berberat and Martina Kadmon Inequalities and Barriers to the Use of Health Care among Cancer Patientsin the Pacific A Systematic Review Mohammadnezhad M, Mangum T and Konrote A Sexual Behaviors and Lexicons of Words Used to Talk on Sexual Issuesamong Young People The Case of Debre Berhan University StudentsEthiopia Demie TG, Hussen MA, Huluka TK and Koricha ZB