OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Community Medicine & Health Education Volume 8, Issue 3 Chronic Cough Caused By an IntraAbdominal Bronchogenic Cyst A Case Report and Literature Review Chandoo A, RuiSen Wu, Zeng Yun Peng, Liu Xin, Xie WangKai, Huang Xieling, Huang He, Ji Weiping, Huang Yingpeng and Shen X Evaluation of Pattern of Community Engagement in District Health Care in East Wollega Qualitative Study Melese Chego, Emiru Adeba and Amsalu Taye Evaluation of Health Literacy in Veteran Affairs Outpatient Population A Focus on Patient SelfPerceived Health Status Rasu RS, Bawa WA, Hu A, Sharma R, Stahnke AM and Burros S Knowledge and Use of Contraceptives among Female Adolescents in Selected Senior Secondary Schools in Ife Central Local Government of Osun State Tchokossa MA and Adeyemi BA Education for New and Expecting Mothers about Compatible Medications to Take During Lactation Parks LB, Stephenson ME and Uroza SF Compliance in the Peer Approaches to Lupus SelfManagement PALS Study Program Evaluation and Comparison to Existing Support Modalities for Patients with Rheumatic Conditions Faith TD, Rose J, Horton R and Williams EM Carcinoid of the Minor Duodenal Papilla Case Report and Review of the Literature Weiping Ji, Songb B, Chandoo A, Huang Y, Lu MD, Sun W, Jin G and Shen X Long Acting and Permanent Contraceptive Use in Arada Sub City Addis Ababa Ethiopia 2017 Teshome GS, Woldeyohanis FW and Deyessa N Efficacy Trial of an Innovative Group Theories and Practices and Body Image Academic Initiative for College Students Moria Golan and Wiessam Abu Ahmad