OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change Volume 8, Issue 10 Agroforestry Practices and Carbon Sequestration Cost Estimates among Forest Land Dependent Households in Nigeria A Choice Modelling Approach Adetoye AM, Okojie LO and Akerele D Spatial Variability of Malnutrition and Predictions Based on Climate Change and Other Causal Factors A Case Study of North Rift ASAL Counties of Kenya Kipkulei Harison, Boitt Mark and Andrew Imwatis Review on Recent Global Warming based on New Geophysical Evidence Jeongyun Lee and Keunyoung Kim How Climate Changes The Man Khalidullin Oleg Study of Erosion and Sediment in the Zarak Catchment Area at Yazd Province Iran Using Modified PSIAC EPM and BLM Methods and Comparison of them Owfi RE