OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology Volume 8, Issue 1 Study on the Effect of Modified Walnut Shell Filter on Oil Removal from Oilfield Yang Hang , Wang Xiujun , Jing Bo , Guo Shuya and Yin Xianqing Detection of N1deoxyDfructos1yl Fumonisin C1 C2 and C3 in Corn Powder by LC Orbitrap MS Yosuke Matsuo, Kentaro Takahara, Hidemi Hatabayashi and Hiroyuki Nakagawa Yield and Some MacroMorphological Characters of emPleurotus pulmonariusem Fries Quel Fruit Bodies Cultivated on HClOptimized Oil Palm Bunch Substrate Okwulehie IC, Nwoko MC, Achufusi JN, Onyeizu UR and Ezera VN Comparison Study of Toxicity Kohl and Black Stone Hair Dye Ahmed Shihata Biochemical Impact of Sludge Obtained from Wastewater Treatment Plant on Soil Properties within Port Harcourt Environment Amadi BA, Akaninwor JO, Igwe FU and Amadi EI Glyphosate Substitution for Glycine During Protein Synthesis as a Causal Factor in Mesoamerican Nephropathy Stephanie Seneff and Laura F Orlando Is Glyphosate a Key Factor in Mesoamerican Nephropathy Stephanie Seneff and Laura F Orlando Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solutions onto Rice Husk Ash Low Cost Adsorbent ElSaid AG, Badawy NA and Garamon SE SOC Effects on Diethyl Phthalate Sorption to Four Soils in China Jiabin Wang, Yanhua Wu, Weilin Shi and Juan Gao The Influence of Soil pH on the Uptake of Silver Nanoparticles in a Terrestrial System Sara A Pappas, Naveen Kumar, Uday Turaga, Seshadri Ramkumar and Ronald J Kendall Toxicity of Zinc PhosphideBased Rodenticide Formulated and Sold in Nigeria Enebeli Maureen Nneka , Boisa Ndokiari and Nwachoko Ndidi Metals Contamination in Face Powders and their Associated Health Risks to the Users in Mekelle Ethiopia Tadele Eticha , Hiyaw Getachew , Getu Kahsay and Hailekiros Gebretsadik Detoxification of Heavy Metals from Leafy Edible Vegetables by Agricultural Waste Apricot Pit Shell Bita TavakoliHosseinabady , Parisa Ziarati , Ebrahim Ballali and Krishnan Umachandran Organic Chemical Concentrations in Eggs and Nestlings of Cavity Nesting Birds at and around Los Alamos National Laboratory Shannon M Gaukler , Charles D Hathcock and Jeanne M Fair Environmental Toxins Found Historically in the Polycythemia Vera Cluster Area and their Potential for Inducing DNA Damage IrvinBarnwell EA, Benson KM, Lu M, Ragin A, Wheeler J and Hoffman R Impact of Cadmium on the Endocrine and Exocrine Sexual Activity in the Adult Male and Female Wistar Rats Determination of an Apoptotic Process Manel Boujelben , Raed Abdennabi , Fadhel Guermazi and Abdelfattah Elfeki Determination of PreHarvest Interval for Quinalphos Malathion Diazinon and Cypermethrin in Major Vegetables Prodhan MDH, Akon MW and Alam SN