OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology Volume 8, Issue 2 ShortTerm Exposure to Haze Air Pollution Induces Acute Airway Inflammation and Lung Function Reduction in Healthy Adult Subjects Haibin Li , Yanqin Liu , Sanqiao Yao , Yuefei Jin , Yixin Luo , Wenyang Li , Chengyu Song , Chonglun Liu , Ziye Wang and Weidong Wu Elucidating the Regulatory Functions of emMlrAem Originated from emNovosphingobiumem sp THN1 in MicrocystinLR Degradation Jieming Li , Ruiping Wang and Ji Li Biologically Essential and NonEssential Elements Causing Toxicity in Environment Swarn Lata Bansal and Sanjay Asthana Pollution from Small and Medium Size Enterprises Less Understood and Neglected Sources in Nigerian Environment Sridhar MKC , Coker AO and Achi C Plasmid Encoded Toluene and Xylene Degradation by Phyllosphere Bacteria Undugoda LJS , Kandisa RV , Kannangara S and Sirisena DM Utilizing Powder XRD Technique to Analyze Polluted Soil Ashish Chauhan and Bharti Mittu Physicochemical Parameters and Planktonic Species as Indicators to Assess Water Quality of River Basin and Winam Nyanza Gulf of Lake Victoria Catchment Kisumu County Kenya East Africa S Manohar Accumulation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls PCBS in Soil and Water from Electrical Transformers Installation Sites in Selected Locations in Jos Metropolis Plateau State Nigeria EG Ibrahim , JS Gushit, SJ Salami and MB Dalen PhysicoChemical Analysis of Drinking Water Quality Parameters of Galore Area in Lower Himalayan Region India Sharma RK , Sharma MR and Chauhan SC Characterisation of Oil Properties from a Niger Delta Crude Ofodile SE , Boisa N , Obunwo CC and Frank OM ThiocyclamInduced Reproductive Toxicity Oxidative Stress and Genomic DNA Damage in Testicular Tissues of Rats Protective Effects of Green Tea Extract Amr A Abd Allah , Eman A Ibrahim , Eldesoki S Ibrahim, Naglaa F Mahmoud and Mostafa M Afify Effects of Tropospheric Ozone Osub3sub on Yield and Nutritional Quality of Mung Bean emVigna radiata Cv MN 98em Evidence from Pakistan Inayatullah Jan Determination of Heavy Metals Pb Zn Cd Cu in Coastal Sediments and Fish Urban Area of Semarang Indonesia Aymin Abobakir Almiqrhi