OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Food: Microbiology, Safety & Hygiene Volume 3, Issue 1 Bacterial and Fungal Population Assessment in Smoked Fish during Storage Period Moon Dutta, Priyanka Rani Majumdar, Md RakebUlIslam and Debasish Saha Lactic Acid Bacteria from Marine Fish Antimicrobial Resistance and Production of Bacteriocin Effective Against L monocytogenes In Situ AR Sarika, AP Lipton, MS Aishwarya and RS Rachana mol Assessment of Antimicrobial Effect of the emArtemisia herbaalbaem Aqueous Extract as a Preservative in Algerian Traditional Fresh Cheese Adoui Faiumlza, Boughellout Halima, BenyahiaKrid Feacuterial Aziza, AissaouiZitoun Ouarda, Charrad Norhane, Haddouche Maroua and Zidoune Mohammed Nasereddine Validating the Efficiency of a Simplex PCR and Quantitative SYBR Green qPCR for the Identificationof Salmonella spp DNA Andrey Carlos do Sacramento de Oliveira, Matheus C Rosa, Jeacutessica L Borchardt, Yasmine A Menegon, Milena Martins Andrade Fernandes, Gabrielle Virgiacutenia Ferreira Cardoso, Andreacuteia Silva da Silva, Roberta S Sousa, Josyane Brasil da Silva, Faacutebio FL Leite, Talita Bandeira Roos and Carina Martins de Moraes Selective Medium for Aerobic Incubation of emCampylobacterem Arthur Hinton and Nelson A Cox Quality Assessment of Nutritional Value and Safety of Different Meat Nagwa T Elsharawy, Ali Meawad Ahmad and Hosny A Abdelrahman Condemened Meat and Offal from Different Slaughtered Animals160at Two Different Environments Ali Meawad Ahmad and Nagwa T Elsharawy Isolation of AntibioticResistant emMicrococcus aloeveraeem from Milk Powder Meera Sankarankutty and Juhi Damani Hostspecific Genetic Markers of Fecal Bacteria for Fecal Source Tracking in Food and Water Guolu Zheng and Zhenyu Shen