OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Food Processing & Technology Volume 8, Issue 8 Effect of Peanut Addition on the Fatty Acid Profile and Rheological Propertiesof Processed Cheese Rafiq SM and Ghosh BC Osmo Dehydration of Pineapple Fruits An Overall Review Nazaneen NS, Senapati AK, Dev Raj and Mahanand SS Safety Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons PAHs in ColdSmoked Fish Mugil Cephalus Using GCMS Hafez NE, Awad AM, Ibrahim SM and Mohamed HR Synthesis and Characterization of Carboxymethyl Cellulose from SugarcaneBagasse Saeid Alizadeh Asl, Mohammad Mousavi and Mohsen Labbafi The Essence of Milk Butter World Trend and Production Analysis Wegene Getachew Andabo Assessment of Hygienic Practices and Microbiological Quality of Food in anInstitutional Food Service Establishment Aisha Idris Ali and Genitha Immanuel