OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Gerontology & Geriatric Research Volume 6 Issue 4 Is CostRelated NonAdherence to Medical Care Unique to the USA James X Zhang Body Mass Index Is Related to Cognitive Function in Chinese Older AdultsSo What Chongming Yang, Hui Hu , Ling Wang , Yating Ai , Hairong Ren , Xinxiu Dong , Fen Yang and Yuncui Wang Son Preference and Later Life in India Myth and Reality Harasankar Adhikari Predictive Value of Nutritional Risk Index in Prevalence of CoronaryArtery Disease in Chinese MiddleAged and Older Male Patients Shijun Li, Na Li, Xia Huo, Li Zhang and Xiaoying Li Endocrine Therapy in Older Women with EarlyStage Hormone SensitiveBreast Cancer Tina Hsu and Shelly Sud Multifaceted Factors That Influence the Housing DecisionMakingProcess A Pilot Study with Older Adults Vera Stara, Elisa Felici, Mirko Di Rosa, Paolo Olivetti and Lorena Rossi Psychological Adjustment of Elderly Caregivers of People with Dementia Elena De AndreacutesJimeacutenez , Rosa Mariacutea LimintildeanaGras and Manuel AtoGarciacutea Disturbances of Sleep Among Older People and its Influence on Cognitive Performance Alicja RoacuteykMyrta, Andrzej Brodziak, Estera Koat, Anna KomarowKumiska and Barbara Biakowska Integrate Literature Review of Delirium on the Elders ShuMing Chen and Ya Lie Ku Pattern of Pain and its Interference on Activities of Daily Life amongOlder Adults in Bharatpur Municipality Chitwan Nepal Shankar Nand Subedi Integrated Literature Review of Depression in Elderly People Ya Lie Ku and LiYu Chung Cerebral and Retinal Neurovascular Changes A Biomarker for AlzheimersDisease Karru Venkata Ravi Teja, Tos Berendschot TJM, Harry Steinbusch, Carroll Webers AB, Praveen Murthy R and Mathuranath PS