OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering Volume 7, Issue 1 Effect of Durable Superhydrophobic FSPS Using DCTES on Carbon Steel Rafik Abbas, Ahmed Hefnawy, Wael I ElDessouky, Asmaa ElHalag, Wagih A Sadik and Abdel Ghaffar M ElDemerdash sup29supSi and sup27supAl MAS NMR Characterization of the Structural Evolution of a Lateritic Clay under Acidic and Alkaline Treatments Herve GoureDoubi, Valeacuterie Montouillout, Gisegravele L LecomteNana, Benoicirct NaicirctAli, Leacuteon Koffi Konan and Agnegraves Smith PhysicoMechanical Behavior and Recovery of WoodPlastic Composite WPC Based on Recycled High Density Polyethylene HDPE Charaf Lazrak , Bousselham Kabouchi , Maryama Hammi , Abderrahim Famiri and Naseem Abbas Improved Wear Resistance of Boron Steels by Subcritical Annealing and Hardening with Production Cost Savings and Lower Environmental Impact Queiroacutes GW , Garca Snchez L , Goacutemez de Salazar JM and Criado Portal AJ A Study on the Effect of Surface Grinding on Chloride Induced Pitting Initiation of Austenitic Stainless Steel 304 under Thermal Insulation at Ambient Temperature Prema Sivanathan Structural Optical and Antimicrobial Analysis of Nickel Doped HAp Synthesized by Solgel Method for Biomedical Applications Saranya S , Muthuselvi S and Prema Rani M pH Triggered Curcumin Release from PMMAAA Coated ZnO Nanoparticles for Excellent AntiGastric Cancer Therapy Dhivya R , Ranjani J , Rajendhran J , Mayandi J and Annaraj J Effect of Glass Fibers Stacking Sequence on the Mechanical Properties of Glass FiberPolyester Composites Elsayed A Elbadry , Abdalla GA , Aboraia M and Oraby EA Characterization of 3D Printed PLAPCLTiOsub2sub Composites for Cancellous Bone Naacutejera S , Michel M , KyungHwan J and NamSoo Kim Synthesis of Chromium Doped Cobalt Oxide CrCosub3subOsub4sub Nanoparticles by CoPrecipitation Method and Enhanced Photocatalytic Properties in the Visible Region Hitkari G , Sandhya S , Gajanan P , Manoj K Shrivash and Deepak Kumar Eletroless Silver Coated NanocenospherePolymer Composite for EMI Shielding Effectiveness Vynatheya S , Bheema Raju V , Chandra Sagar L and Sushma US Vibration Study in HumanCar Seat System Overview and a Novel Simulation Technique Purnendu Mondal and Arunachalam S Theoretical Approach Towards Rational Design and Characterization of Benzo12b5Bdithiophene BDTBased ADA Small Molecules of Relevance for High Performance Solar Cells Khlaifia D, Mestiri T, Mabrouk L and Kamel Alimi Characterization and Analysis of Extraction Processparameter of emPandanus tectoriusem Screwpine Natural Fiber for Polymer Composites Afolabi Lukmon Owolabi and Puteri Sri Melor MegatYusoff Effect of Zirconium Doping on Oxidation of Single Crystal 946NiAl Serif Uran Mechanism of UltraFast ActinMyosin Sliding Producing Cytoplasmic Streaming in Giant Algal Cell Studied Using the Centrifuge Microscope Shigeru Chaen and Haruo Sugi Optimization of Moulding Technology of Polymer Concrete Used for Manufacture Precision Tool Machine Bases Header Haddad and Igor Sbarski