OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering Volume 6 Issue 4 Taguchi Design of Internal Stress and Friction Measurements duringElectrodeposition Ebru Saraloglu Guumller and Ishak Karakaya Influence of Dopants on Mechanical Properties of Steel A SpinPolarizedPseudopotential Study Zavodinsky V and Kabaldin Y Proposed Link between the Periodic Table and the Standard Model Roberts JO Melt Infiltration Casting of Alumina Silicon Carbide and Boron CarbideReinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites Ali Kalkanli, Tayfun Durmaz, Ayse Kalemtas and Gursoy Arslan SizeExclusion Chromatography and Its Optimization for Material Science Netopiliacutek M and Trhliacutekovaacute O Synthesis of MgO Nanoparticles from Different Organic PrecursorsCatalytic Decontamination of Organic Pollutants and Antitumor Activity Islam MI Moustafa, Ihab A Saleh and Mohamed R Abdelhami Layered Double Hydroxides Tailoring Interlamellar Nanospace for a VastField of Applications Richetta M, Medaglia PG, Mattoccia A, Varone A and Pizzoferrato R Use of the Additive Based on Amorphous SilicaAlumina in the AdhesiveDry Mixes Loganina VI and Zhegera CV Design and Manufacture of Optimized Continuous Composite FiberFilament Using Additive Manufacturing Systems De Vivo Luca Reduced Graphene Oxide Thin Films with Very Large Charge CarrierMobility Using Pulsed Laser Deposition A Bhaumik, A Haque, MFN Taufique, P Karnati, R Patel, M Nath and K Ghosh Nanoparticle Shape and Thermal Radiation on Marangoni Water EthyleneGlycol and Engine Oil Based Cu Al2O3 and SWCNTs Nur Atikah Adnan, Kandasamy R and Mohammad R The Effect of Grain Boundaries on the Elastic Acoustical and ThermoPhysical Properties of MetalCeramics Composites Abramovich A LowCycle Fatigue Behaviors of PreCorroded Q345R Steel under Wet H2SEnvironments Luo YunRong, Fu Lei, Zeng Tao, Lin Haibo and Chen Yanqiang Thermodynamic Evaluation Using the Law of Mass Action underConsideration of the Activity Coefficients in the System NdCl3HCl orNaOHH2ODEHPAKerosene Scharf C and Ditze A Autothermal Reforming of Sulfur Doped Diesel Surrogate over StrontiumTitanate Based Perovskites Kais Hbaieb, Rashid KKA, Kooli F, Liu Y and Tan SX