OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology Volume 9, Issue 4 The Future of Metabolomics and Individual Monitoring in AntimicrobialTherapy Bueno J Diverse Pattern of Cytokine Production their Functional Association andmRNA Expression in Tuberculosis Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and theirHousehold Contacts Meenakshi P, Ramya S, Madhavi Latha A, Lavanya J and Sumanlatha G Biofilm Production by Multi Drug Resistant Bacterial Pathogens IsolatedFrom Patients in Intensive Care Units in Egyptian Hospitals Elhabibi T and Ramzy S Commentary on Appropriate Wastewater Treatment System for a NaturalRubber Processing Factory Tanikawa D A Rapid and Efficient Dye Based Plate Assay Technique for Screening ofLAsparaginase Producing Fungal Strains Vaishali P and Bhupendra NT Bacteriophage Genome Sequencing A New Alternative to UnderstandBiochemical Interactions between Prokaryotic Cells and Phages Marco Tuacutelio Pardini G, Laiacutes Silva B, Luiz Augusto Aguiar A and Maryoris Elisa Soto L Development of Bacillus subtilis Mutants for Overproduction of Protease Mohsin I, Muhammad A and Fareeha B Antifungal Potential of Extracellular Metabolites from Penicillium spp andAspergillus spp Naturally Associated to Potato against Fusarium speciesCausing Tuber Dry Rot MejdoubTrabelsi Boutheina, Aydi Ben Abdallah Rania, Ammar Nawaim and Daami Remadi Mejda