OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology Volume 9, Issue 6 Enhancement of Cellulose Degradation Potential of Bacillus sp Hcb21through Mutagenesis Bhatia RK, Kumar R, Rathour RK, Kumar V, Sharma V, Rana N, Thakur S and Bhatt AK Comparison of IAA Production by Shallot Rhizosphere Isolated Bacteria in Solid and Liquid Media and Their Effect on Shallot Plant Growth Kafrawi , Nildayanti , Zahraeni K and Baharuddin Production of Protease Showing Antibacterial Activity by emBacillus subtilisem VCDA Associated with Tropical Marine Sponge emCallyspongia diffusaem Rachanamol RS, Lipton AP, Thankamani V, Sarika AR and Selvin J Antibiotic Resistance Pattern of emEscherichia coliem and emKlebsiellaem Species in Pakistan A Brief Overview Arif Mand Sohail Afzal M Effect of Retting of African Breadfruit Pulp on the Oil Characteristics of the Seeds Uzoh CV, Oranusi SU, Braide W, Orji JO, Onuoha CO, Okeh CO, OkataNwali OD and EgwuIkechukwu MM Isolation and Identification of Urinary Tract Infectious Bacteria and Exploring their Antidrug Potential against Some Common Antibiotics Karzan Mohammed K, Faeza Burhan O and Shahida Nooruldeen Y The Antimicrobial Activity of Leaf Extracts of Myrtus communis Besufekad SY, Mekdes M, Abebech M, Delesa D, Tekalign D, Demitu K and Birtukan B Action Mechanism of Molecular Iodine Complex with Bioorganic Ligands Magnesium and Lithium Halogenides on Human Tuberculosis Strain With Multiple Drug Resistance Ilin A, Kerimzhanova B and Yuldasheva G Decoding Complex Soil Microbial Communities through New Age Omics Girish R Nair and Suresh SS Raja Molecular Identification and Nickel Biosorption with the Dead Biomass of Some Metal Tolerant Fungi Nourah Hassan Alzahrani, Khadijah Hussain Alamoudi and Mervat Morsy Abbas Ahmed ElGendy Antibacterial Activity toward Streptococcus mutans and Antioxidant from Traditional Betel Chew Formulation of Indonesia Endang Verawati, Tri Wardani Widowati, Budi Santoso, Siti Rusdiaana Puspa Dewi and Rindit Pambayun Molecular Diagnosis of emChlamydia trachomatisem and emNeisseria gonorrhoeaeem in Women at High Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections Manisha G, Anima S and Shravan Kumar M