OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology Volume 8, Issue 3 Magnetic Nanocarriers Enhance Drug Delivery Selectively to HumanLeukemic Cells Kheireddine ElBoubbou, Rizwan Ali, Hassan M Bahhari and Mohamed Boudjelal A Quality by Design Concept on Lipid Based Nanoformulation ContainingAntipsychotic Drug Screening Design and Optimization using ResponseSurface Methodology Mitali Patel and Krutika Sawant Evaluation of Effectiveness of Biologically Synthesized SilverNanoparticles of Eucalyptus globules Leaf Extract against Pathogenic andAcneinducing Bacteria Kalpana Thakur, Indu Bala, Rajeshwer, Mamta Devi and Arvind Kumar Bhatt Application of Dendrimerbased Nanoparticles in Glioma Imaging Sunalee Gonawala and Meser M Ali Enhancement of Luminescence Intensity in Dy3 Ions Doped YVO4Nanomaterials by Ba2 Ion Codoping and YVO42DyFe3O4 Nanohybrid forHyperthermia Application Laishram Priyobarta S, Ningthoujam Premananda S and Thiyam David S A Quantitative Description of Lipid and Extracellular Matrix ProteinaceousFibers in Hepatic Fibrosis of a Rat Model by ImageJ using NanoImages AbdelMajeed Safer Study of Degradation Processes of Feni Nanostructures Kozlovskiy AL, Korolkov IV, Borgekov DV, Ibrayeva AD and Zdorovets MV Proliposomes as Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery System A Brief Review Muneer S, Masood Z, Butt S, Anjum S, Zainab H, Anwar N and Ahmad N