OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Neurological Disorders Volume 5, Issue 3 The Secret Lives of Human Herpes Virus 6 HHV6 Benjamin M Blumberg Difficulty Writing in a Patient with Multiple Sclerosis Manuel MeloBicchi, Jason Margolesky and Corneliu Luca Comparison Study of Clinical Presentation and Surgical Outcome betweenChildren and Adults with Craniopharyngioma A 22Year SingleCenterExperience in Southern Taiwan ChengWei Chu, YuFeng Su, AnnShung Lieu, ChihLung Lin, AijLie Kwan and JoonKhim Loh Successful ShortTerm Drug Exchange Protocol in Epilepsy Transient Addonof Intravenous AntiEpileptic Drugs Tomofumi Fukuda, Masayuki Shimono, Masahiro Ishii, Ayako Senju, Yumeko Matsuda, Shiho Takano, Naoki Shiota and Koichi Kusuhara Commentary on Management of Older Inpatients who Refuse NonPsychiatric Medication Eno Umotong A Review on Pharmacological Treatment of Idiopathic Parkinsons Disease Bhupendra Shah Hypocalcaemia as a Prognostic Factor of Mortality and Morbidity inModerate and severe Traumatic Brain Injury and its role with Protein S100b VinasRios JM, Kretschmer T, SanchezAguilar M, Roeller Y, SanchezRodriguez JJ, MedinaGovea Fatima Azucena,Heinen CPG CarboxyTerminus Tau Protein Hyperphosphorylation is Associatedwith Extracellular Deposits of Amyloid Fibrillary in a TripleTransgenicModel of Alzheimers Disease Miguel Angel OntiverosTorres, Leonel CastellanosAguilar, Jonathan Leacutennel Gutierrez Murcia, Nayeli MartiacutenezZuntildeiga, Paola Flores Rodriacuteguez, Iliana Atenas Figueroa Aacutevila, Berenice Dionisio de la Cruz, Jorge CisnerosMartinez, Charles R Harrington, Claude M Wischik, Azucena AguilarVazquez, Sofia DiacuteazCintra, Joseacute LunaMuntildeoz Acute Delirium and Subacute Cognitive Decline in a Patient withProbable Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy Related Inflammation YuMing Chen and KuanFei Chen Essential Tremor A Comprehensive Overview Bhupendra Shah Hypocalcaemia and Its Role in Traumatic Brain Injury VinasRios JM, SanchezRodriguez JJ , Kretschmer T, MedinaGovea FA and Heinen CPG Medullar Infarcts of the Posterior Cervical Spinal Area About an Observation in the Neurology Department of the University Hospital ofCocody Abidjan Ivory Coast Zakaria Mamadou, Kouassi Kouameacute Leacuteonard, Christian Tanoh, Okome Obiang Inegraves, Sidikou Soumaila and AkaAnghui Diarra Evelyne Treatment of Depression with Quantitative ElectroencephalographyQEEG of the TQ7 Neurofeedback System Increases the Level of Attention of Patients Valdenilson Ribeiro Ribas, Mariana Veriacutessimo De Souza, Viviane Wisnievski Tulio, Mariana De Souza Pavan, Gislaine Azzolin Castagini, Renata De Melo Guerra Ribas, Dieacutelita Carla Lopes De Oliveira, Jean de Almeida Noacutebrega, and Hugo Andreacute De Lima Martins