OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology Volume 8, Issue 4 Falx Cerebri Giant Chondroma Case Report Mugurel Petrinel Radoi, Ram Vakilnejad, Lidia Gheorghitescu and Florin Stefanescu Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery Aneurysm Surgical or EndovascularTreatment in a Case Report Helbert de Oliveira Manduca Palmiero, Ricardo Chmelnitsky Wainberg, Ricardo Lourenccedilo Caramanti, Ceacutesar Augusto Ferreira Alves Filho and Feres Eduardo Aparecido Chaddad Emerging Role of Neurocognitive Sparing Radiotherapy Can it be the NewStandard of Care Swarupa Mitra and Sabeena Kataria The Relationship between Intracranial Pressure Increase and Volume ofBrain Compression Erik Ryding Dietary Intake and Intervention in Chronic Stroke Review of the Evidence Monica C Serra Benefits of Static Stretching Pliates and Elastic Bands Resistance Training on Patients with RelapsingRemitting Multiple Sclerosis A Longitudinal Study Ponzano M, Beratto L, Mazza C, Di Tommaso S, Abate Daga F, Allois R and Gollin M Evaluation of Effect of Posterior Dynamic Stabilization IntraSPIN Systemon Sagittal Spinal Balance using EOS XRay Imaging System Simona Bistazzoni, Michelangelo De Angelis, Manuela Dercole, Carmela Chiaramonte, Antonio Carotenuto, Giovanni Cardarelli, Francesco Ricciardi, Gualtiero Innocenzi and Giancarlo Guizzardi Visual Hallucinations and Ischemic Stroke Review of 5 Cases Songul Senadim, Zeynep Ezgi Balcik, Ersin Uygun, Mahir Yusifov, Betul Tekin Guveli, H Dilek Atakli Leading Transformation in Healthcare and the Role of EmotionalIntelligence Jacqueline A Hinds Arterial Vascular Variation of the Head and Neck and Its ClinicalSignificance Shikui Shi Brainstem Midline Assessed by Transcranial Sonography in ParkinsonsDisease Further Evidence of a Different Etiopathogenesis of Alexithymiaand Depression Roberta Di Giacomo, Vincenzo DrsquoAgostino, Maria Vittoria De Angelis, Francesco Cerritelli, Luciano Paolo Marchionno, Maria Chiara DrsquoAmico, Astrid Thomas1, Marco Onofrj, Laura Bonanni