OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Novel Physiotherapies Volume 7, Issue 5 AntiAging Medicine Combined with Adequate Axes of Physiotherapy Nutrition and Psychology would Bring BestAging Hiroshi Bando Cardiorespiratory Repercussions of Hot Tub Ofur in Preterm Newbornswith Low Birth Weight A CrossSectional Study Roberta Lins Gonccedilalves, Joaquim de Azevedo Machado Junior, Mayara Elisa Meneguini, Valeacuteria Padilha Ataiacutede, Sheila Maria Serratildeo Gama, Marcos Giovanni Santos Carvalho and Fernanda Figueroa Sanchez Perspective Early Sensorimotor Intervention in Neonatal Brachial PlexusInjury to Mitigate Developmental Apraxia Eileen Graessle Rehabilitation with Software Controlled Short Tension ImpulsesTherapy SoCoShort for Lumbar and Cervical Chronic Radiculopathy Raoul Saggini, Simona Maria Carmignano, Marco Supplizi, Emilio Ancona, Lucia Cosenza and Rosa Grazia Bellomo Chronic Neck Pain and how to Prevent Chronic Neck Pain in Bankers byUsing Ergonomics Gulraiz, Quratulain, Farjad Afzal and Sidra Manzoor Investigation of the Impact of Sports Exercise and Recreation serParticipation on Psychosocial Outcomes in a Population of Veterans withDisabilities Using the Sports Outcome Research Tool and ComprehensiveUniform Survey Sportacus A Longitudinal Study Justin Z Laferrier, Emily Teodorski, Nathan Sprunger, Rory A Cooper and Mark Schmeler The Phasic Influence of Vestibular Neural Inputs During SittoStand ACase Report Ali A BaniAhmad Nocturnal Enuresis Treatment New Perspectives Juliana Barbosa Goulardins, Rita Pavione Rodrigues Pereira and Clarice Tanaka