OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences Volume 8, Issue 2 Food Insecurity and Hunger Quiet Public Health Problems on Campus Michele R Forman, Lauren D Mangini, YongQuan Dong, Ladia M Hernandez and Karen L Fingerman Processing Methods Physical Properties and Proximate Analysis of Fermented Beverage of Honey Wine Booka in Gujii Ethiopia Teshome Bekele Elema, Bikila Nagasa Olana, Abite Bekele Elema and Habtamu Fekadu Gemeda Omega36 Fatty Acids and Learning in Children and Young People A Review of Randomised Controlled Trials Published in the Last 5 Years Kirby A and Derbyshire E Impact Assessment of Culturally Competent Nutrition Trainings on Diabetes Type II Control to Male LatinosHispanics Marcia Almuina Guemes, Yuliette Gonzalez and Yanelis Gonzalez Assessing the Bioaccessibilities of Some Elements in Fruit Based Complementary Baby Foods Umran Seven Erdemir, Yasemin Sahan and Seref Gucer Nutritional Physicochemical and Organoleptic Evaluation of Low Calorie Muffins Using Natural Sweetener Stevia emStevia rebaudianaem Bertoni Uswa Ahmad and Rabia Shabir Ahmad Acrylamide in Nutrition Ay351eguumll Ccedilebi Sugar Loss Attributed to NonEnzymatic Browning Corresponds to Reduce Calories Recovered in LowMolecularWeight Fraction Ningjian Liang, XiuMin Chen and David D Kitts Assessing the Toxicological Risk on Biscuits Consumers with Regard to Product Information and their Public Health Concern in the Douala Urban City Area of Cameroon Tekuh Achu Kingsley, Adiogo Dieudonne Desire, Yinyang Jacques and Essomba Minkoulou Serge Inconspicuous Fruits That Heal Iwona Rybakowska Effects of High Pressure Processing on Bioavaliability of Food Components Gulsun Akdemir Evrendilek Acceptance of a Protein Fortified Biscuit Recipe for Use among Geriatric Nutritionally Compromised Patients Michelle Eileen Johnson, William Andrew Clark, Kailey Riddle and Kaitlyn Maria Webb PhysicoChemical and Functional Properties Nutritional Value and Acceptability of Purple Yam emDioscorea alataemBased Jam Halaya Using Purple Sweet Potato emIpomoea batatasem and Purple Taro emColocasia esculentaem L Schott as Extenders Monien B Borela Food Patterns Diabetes and OverweightObesity and Some SocioEconomic Indicators in the Italy Regions Laura MorenoAltamirano and Elvira Sapienza Nile Perch emLates niloticusem The Promising White Meat of the World Wubshet Asnake Effect of Fermentation and Roasting on the Physicochemical Properties of Weaning Food Produced from Blends of Sorghum and Soybean Msheliza EA, Hussein JB, Ilesanmi JOY and Nkama I SkinMoisturizing Effect of Collagen Peptides Taking Orally Kazuhisa Maeda Effects of Soybean Based Supplements on Lamb Growth Performance and Muscle Fatty Acid Composition of Pasture Reared Lambs Finished on a Hgih Forage Diet Baptiste QS, Knights M and Felton EED emSalvia hispanicaem L Chia Seeds as Brain Superfood How Seeds Increase Intelligence Peter Onneken Buffer Therapy Buffer Diet Christian Pilot, Amit Mahipal and Robert J Gillies An Update on the Sense of Taste in Chickens A Better Developed System than Previously Appreciated HongXiang Liu, Prasangi Rajapaksha, Zhonghou Wang, Naomi E Kramer and Brett J Marshall Nutritional Assessment of the Immigrant Ecuadorian Population in Spain Based on a 24h Food Recall NeiraMosquera JA, SanchezLlaguno SN, PeacuterezRodriacuteguez F and MorenoRojas R