OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences Volume 7, Issue 2 Winter Boost of Ancient Times for Health and Wellness Evrendilek GA Nutrients Compositions and Phytochemical Contents of Edible Parts ofChrysophyllum albidum Fruit Ibrahim HO, Osilesi O, Adebawo OO, Onajobi FD, Karigidi KO and Muhammad LB Effect of Different Corn Processing Techniques in the NutritionalComposition of Nixtamalized Corn Tortillas Josefina Consuelo Morales and Rodrigo A Garcia Zepeda Nutritional Characterization of Selected Fodder Species in Abol and LareDistricts of Gambella Region Ethiopia Emana Megersa, Ashenafi Mengistu and Getahun Asebe Saturated and Unsaturated Fatty Acids Composition of Olive Oils Obtained from Less Salty Black Table Olives Preserved with Vacuum MAP and Gamma Irradiation Technologies Sahnur Irmak and Ozlem Tokusoglu The Effect of Blending Ratio of Tef Eragrostis Tef Zucc Trotter Sorghum Sorghum bicolor L Moench and Faba Bean Vicia faba and Fermentation Time on Chemical Composition of Injera Mihrete Y and Bultosa G Nutritional Composition of Quail Meatballs and Quail Pickled Eggs Bayomy HM, Rozan MA and Mohammed GM Antinutritional Levels of Tubers of Colocasia esculenta L Schott Taro and Dioscorea alata Yam Cultivated in Ethiopia Zelalem Kibret Akalu and Shisho Haile Geleta Study on the Prevalence and Distribution of Staphylococcus aureus in Raw Cow Milk Originated from Alage Atvet College Dairy Farm Ethiopia Derebe Tessema and Solomon Tsegaye Effect of Wood Charcoal Powder on Rate of Microbial Production of Lactic Acid in Dehulled and Undehulled Vigna unguiculata Pastes Ibegbulem CO, Ene AC, Nwanpka P, Chikezie PC and Igwe CU Effect of Fasting on Enzymes of Carbohydrate Metabolism Brush Border Membrane and on Transport Functions in Superficial and JuxtaMedullary Cortex of Rat Kidney Samina Salim, Zeba Farooqui, Mohammad Asghar, Syed Jalal Khundmiri, Farah Khan and Ahad Noor Khan Yusufi The Changes of Fecal Steroid Hormones and Bacterial Composition inDifferent Gestation Stages of Meishan Sows Yun Xue, Xueyuan Jiang, Suli Liu, Hulong Lei, Yang Lu, Naisheng Lu, Wen Yao and Dong Xia CrossTesting between Four Varieties HD 1220 HIDHAB ARZ MAHON X DEMIAS and ANZA of Constantine Wheat Letlout Hayet and Ouldjaoui Ahmed Performance Immunity Meat Composition and Fatty Acid Pattern in Broilers after Dietary Supplementation of Fermented Ginkgo biloba and Citrus junos YeJin Kim, Rubayet Bostami ABM, Islam MM, Hong Seok Mun, SeokYoung Ko and ChulJu Yang Perception of Athletes about Diet and Its Role in Maintenance of SportsPerformance Sami Ullah Khan, Alamgir Khan, Salahuddin Khan, Muhammad Khushdil Khan and Sajid Ullah Khan