OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Pharmacokinetics & Experimental Therapeutics Volume 1, Issue 1 Pharmacokinetics Evaluation is a Powerful Tool for Medicinal Chemistry Denis Pires de Lima Southern African Populations and the Search for the Genetic Basis of DiseaseSusceptibility and Drug Response Tiffany Oliver and Mongi Benjeddou Therapeutic Drug Monitoring An Important Parameter in Maintaining DrugEfficacy and Preventing Toxicity Sana Sarfaraz Application of PBPK Models in Personalized Healthcare Randhir Singh Dahiya Pharmacokinetics and Experimental Therapeutic Study of DNA and OtherBiomolecules Using Lasers Advantages and Applications A Heidari Combined Pharmacokinetic Model for Lacosamide and its Main Metabolitefor Integrated Pharmacokinetic Modeling in Humans Carina Schaefer and Willi Cawello Human Gut Microbiota a Component to Have in Mind during DrugDiscovery Taking the Interdisciplinary Road Juan Joseacute Gonzaacutelez Plaza and Natascarona Hulak Comparative Disposition Kinetics and Bioavailability of Ofloxacin afterExtravascular Administration in Buffalo Bubalus bubalis Calves Pratishtha Sharma, Ashok Gaur, Manmeet Singh and Satish K Garg Effect of Exogenous Phosphocreatine on Ito Ina And IcaL in IschemicVentricular Myocytes of Rat Shi XiangMin, Li TianDe, Wang YuTang, Chen Qi, Yang TingShu and Shan ZhaoLiang